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15 pure electric vehicles

Toyota (157.57, 0.26, 0.17%) said on Monday it plans to launch 15 BEVS worldwide by 2025, thereby expanding its EV portfolio to achieve its carbon neutral goal by 2050.

15 pure electric vehicles

The company launched a new pure electric vehicle Toyota BZ series at the Shanghai auto show on Monday, which will be sold to Chinese, American and European markets.


Toyota also said it plans to launch more than 20 new energy vehicles in China by 2025.

BMW plans to build pure electric vehicles in 2025

Jochen goller, head of BMW’s China business, said on Monday that the company plans to increase the share of pure electric vehicles in its Chinese market sales from about 4 per cent last year to 25 per cent by 2025.

BMW plans to build pure electric vehicles in 2025

Goller told reporters during the Shanghai auto show. He said BMW will sell 12 electric vehicles in China by 2023.


BMW has previously said it expects pure electric vehicles to account for half of its global sales by 2030.

Cooperative production of electric vehicles

According to people familiar with the matter, Xiaomi (14.7%, 0.00%, 0.00%) group plans to use Great Wall Motor’s factory to produce electric vehicles, becoming the latest technology company to join the smart mobile travel competition.


Xiaomi is in talks with great wall motor to use a great wall motor factory in China to produce its own brand of electric vehicles, the source said.


Two people familiar with the matter said that Xiaomi’s electric vehicles will be aimed at the mass market, which is consistent with the overall positioning of the company’s electronic products.


One of the people familiar with the matter said Great Wall had never provided manufacturing services to other companies before and would provide engineering consulting this time to speed up the project.


Both companies plan to announce the partnership as early as early next week, one of the people familiar with the matter said.

Talking about the market

International events
Surging news: get rid of “menstrual poverty”! Scotland has become the first region in the world to provide free menstrual supplies.
China News Network: Pakistan prime minister approved draft legislation on chemical castration of rapists.
World Wide Web: trump announced a pardon for former national security adviser Michael Flynn.
Observer: UK GDP is expected to shrink by 11.3% this year, the biggest contraction in 300 years.
Global network: Ethiopia’s prime minister said that 72 hours after the ultimatum, the army had been ordered to march into Tigre state capital.
Talking about the market
Yesterday, the U.S. market was closed… The day before yesterday, a wave of killing was not enough. Yesterday, another wave was killed in the day.
Look at the end of the day before yesterday that look for life and death of children, yesterday morning, the second kill fall is not unexpected.
But what happened? It also provides an excellent opportunity for foreign investors to copy the bottom.
Yesterday’s such a good opportunity, people are really rude. They have been flowing in all day and accelerating again in the end of the day. By the end of the day, the net inflow was as high as 8.1 billion, which was a match with the tens of billions on Monday.
It has to be said that domestic funds are still wasted, which can not be compared with overseas funds.
At the end of the year, the central bank should be able to raise the stock market by a large margin.
Even the Asia Pacific stock market is against you, including Hong Kong stocks, which are close to each other. At the end of the year, it is the time for major funds to rush performance. Looking at the recent plate performance, traditional industries are obviously stronger, such as wine making, finance and several major cycle sectors. New energy vehicles are one of the few emerging industries that contribute to performance. This shows that funds tend to be conservative in order to maintain their rankings near the end of the year.
Ali joined hands with SAIC to build a car
In November 26th, SAIC and the government of Pudong New Area signed a strategic cooperation agreement at the Shanghai center. SAIC’s high-end smart electric vehicle project was officially named “Chi Chi car” and settled in Pudong. At present, Zhiji automobile has completed the initial round financing of more than 10 billion yuan, which is jointly built by SAIC Group, Pudong New Area and Alibaba group.
Under the market orientation, only two types of new energy vehicles have real competitiveness, that is, low-end vehicles compete with cost and high-end vehicles compete with intelligence.
Obviously, in order to develop new energy vehicles, high-end models full of intelligent technology are indispensable puzzles; coincidentally, high-end brands are just the fields that almost all Chinese automobile enterprises have been pursuing, but have not been able to. In recent ten years, the two major strategies of China’s automobile industry, electrification and high-end, have been deeply overlapped, and high-end intelligent electric vehicles are imperative.
So many car makers need batteries? Obviously, Ningde and BYD have big opportunities.
Important information of individual stocks
Baoxin Technology: Jiangsu jiedeng will become the controlling shareholder of the company by transferring 5% of the company’s shares at a premium
Qin’an Co., Ltd.: the hybrid products developed by the subsidiary are in the early stage of research and development, and there are no mature and applicable products at present

Mercedes Benz: to create the most desirable automobile and service brand

Stick to luxury and innovate constantly. The Chinese market has become an important camp for Mercedes Benz to practice the brand-new strategy, and Mercedes Benz has entered a new round of luxury concept leading period in the Chinese market

What is luxury?
For a car brand, there are many definitions of luxury: luxury can be the exquisite workmanship and technical reserve that can be touched; luxury can be the attentive service and considerate care that we feel; luxury can be the heritage of noble blood and gene; luxury can also be the taste and elegance of keeping pace with the times.
“For us, redefining luxury means setting our own benchmark in every market segment.” Mr. Yang Ming, President and CEO of Beijing Mercedes Benz Sales Service Co., Ltd., explained the definition of luxury in an interview with Caijing.
In fact, luxury has always been a part of the essence of Mercedes Benz brand, and is also its inherent attribute. Facing the future, Mercedes Benz has issued a “new strategy” to continuously strengthen the positioning of luxury brand through the “new luxury” high-quality products with rich power selection and the “heart luxury” service experience of seamless online and offline links.
Looking at the present, Mercedes Benz has entered a new round of luxury concept leading period in the Chinese market, and its concept is showing on the constantly innovative products. On November 20, Mercedes Benz presented 28 models of its sub brands at Guangzhou Motor Show 2020. Among them, the lineup of one global first launch and 10 models on the market showed customers confidence in “sustainable luxury” personalized travel experience.
“Our vision is to build the most desirable automobile and service brand in China. This goal is grand and beautiful. To realize this vision, everyone needs to work together, especially the colleagues who serve the front line, because they carry the expectations of the brand.” Yang Ming said.
In fact, in addition to upgrading its product lineup and service experience, Mercedes Benz is also committed to bringing real luxury quality to customers in terms of electrification, software driving and sustainable development, so as to establish a close connection with the whole scene of car life of Chinese users. Yang Ming stressed that the implementation of Mercedes Benz’s new strategy in the Chinese market is crucial. Based on this, Mercedes Benz will create the most desirable automobile and service brand in China.

Mercedes Benz has always been one of the leading luxury brands in the world. At the same time, in the process of transforming from sales growth to profit growth, the brand has not fully realized its potential. As a result, Mercedes Benz launched a new brand strategy in October this year.
According to the new brand strategy, Mercedes Benz will focus on achieving profitable growth in the luxury car market in the future. Specifically, the strategy will strengthen Mercedes Benz’s luxury brand status, enhance the positioning of product lineup and optimize the product matrix, focus on the substantial growth of sub brands of Mercedes AMG, Mercedes mebach, Mercedes Benz G-class cars and EQ electric technology brands, and accelerate the development of the brands in the fields of electric drive and Automotive Software.
“In terms of strengthening brand positioning, Mercedes Benz, as a luxury car brand with more than 100 years of history, should not make subversive changes, but continue to release the charm and potential of each sub brand and strengthen the uniqueness of these sub brands.” Yang Ming believes that the product is the best evidence of Mercedes Benz brand positioning.
As the main battlefield of the “new four modernizations” and the sales volume of Mercedes Benz, the Chinese market is also an important position for Mercedes Benz to practice its new strategy. At the Guangzhou auto show, Mercedes Benz also highlighted Maybach brand, AMG brand, G-class car and EQ electric technology brand.
It is worth mentioning that, on the eve of the 2020 Guangzhou auto show, the new Mercedes Maybach S-class sedan was launched in Guangzhou globally. At the same time, the new Mercedes Maybach GLS SUV also officially landed in the Chinese market. “Finance and economics” reporter learned that the Chinese market has become the main sales market of Mercedes – Maybach S-class cars. According to the data, since its launch in 2015, about 60000 Mercedes Maybach S-class cars have been delivered around the world, and the sales volume in China accounts for more than 2 / 3 of the global market.

New Mercedes Maybach GLS SUV
With the arrival of the new Mercedes Maybach GLS SUV, Mercedes mebach’s concept of “reaching luxury” is extended to the field of SUV for the first time. The sub brands, including Maybach, AMG, EQ and G-class cars, are helping Mercedes Benz continuously meet the personalized car and service needs of different user groups.
According to Yang Ming, in addition to strengthening the uniqueness of sub brands, the brand-new strategy also emphasizes Mercedes Benz’s leading position in the field of digitalization and electrification. At present, Mercedes Benz is transforming into a more agile enterprise, and its digital value chain covers R & D, production, vehicles, retail network and user solutions. Among them, China’s local R & D team has more than 1000 people, and the Chinese team will play a crucial role in exploring the future digital luxury experience.