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Japan’s machine tool export orders to China in March

According to the March machine tool order data released by Japan work machinery industry association on April 20, orders for China increased 2.3 times over the same period last year, reaching 37.3 billion yen, a new high since November 2017. Due to the production increase of pure electric vehicles (EV) and the vigorous investment in infrastructure, the enthusiasm of equipment investment in manufacturing industry is high.

Japan's machine tool export orders to China in March

Japan’s total machine tool orders increased by 65.1% in March to 127.8 billion yen, a new high since March 2019. Driven by the growth of pure electric vehicles, high-speed communication standard “5g” and data center, the negotiation and purchase of production equipment is very strong. Because all countries in the world are investing in infrastructure, the hydraulic press used in construction machinery also performs well.


Judging from the situation of Japanese enterprises, the production facing the Chinese market has obviously recovered. In March, the overall operating rate of industrial robot giant Yaskawa electric reached 150% (100% of normal working hours without overtime). In China, the operating rate of servo motor manufacturing plants used for machine tools and semiconductor manufacturing equipment has reached 260%, “production workers are working on two shifts and overtime, and are still considering changing to three shifts”.


The order volume of Muye milling machine manufacturing Institute, which is engaged in processing center and other businesses, increased by 56% in March to 5.7 billion yen, which is the highest level since August 2019. The export increased by 96%, driving the overall growth. With the purchase of IT equipment such as personal computers as the center, China’s orders increased significantly. Zhipu machinery said that “since around February, China’s negotiation and purchase for the use of smart phones has been increasing.”.


In March, Japanese machine tool export orders to North America increased by 32%, orders to Europe increased by 95%, and orders to South Korea increased by 62%.


Japan’s domestic machine tool orders have increased year-on-year for the first time since November 2018. Domestic orders of Mitsubishi Heavy Industry increased by 40%. There are a lot of orders for automobile mold processing and semiconductor related large machining centers.