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The Kwai is in the trillions. Two founders worth more than 100 billion

Relying on the old fellow, -W, a short video player, made a miracle. The market value of the dark market closed yesterday reached HK $1 trillion and 380 billion, and the Kwai hang and laugh were worth over HK $100 billion.


Kwai tiktok tiktok is a new wealth feast. The Internet dividend is still being released. Since the sharp hands of the buffet are able to give such valuations, people have reason to look at the jitter.

The Kwai is in the trillions. Two founders worth more than 100 billion

HK $1.38 trillion


In February 4th, the HKEx announcement showed that the Kwai Kong Hongkong IPO was priced at HK $115 per share, and the company estimated that the net proceeds would be about HK $41 billion 276 million, which means that the market value of the Kwai IPO will reach HK $472 billion 400 million, which is equivalent to over sixty billion US dollars.


However, this is only the starting price, and soon began to fly fast, Kwai Fu secretly rose 193%, the total market value of nearly HK $1 trillion and 380 billion, after the intraday rose to 266.08%, the stock price reached HK $421, and soon stopped trading in Huiri secretly, Huali secretly access to many Hongkong coupons, but limited technical support, too many orders and sales.


Kwai Chi securities closed the price at 325 Hong Kong dollars, up 182.61%; Huali securities closed the Kwai lap price of HK $310.60, up 170.09%; OTC closing price was HK $266, up 131.3%.


This Kwai Chung can earn 20 thousand Hong Kong dollars, but hitting new shares is not easy. The rate of signing of individual investors is only 4%.


As a result of oversubscription, the number of shares issued for retail investors increased from 9.13 million to 21.9 million under the call back mechanism. The number of shares issued to institutional investors decreased from 356.1 million to 343.3 million, and institutional shares were over subscribed about 39 times.


According to the calculation of futu’s dark market, the institutional investors will have a floating profit of HK $78 billion just for this new share.


This subscription obviously focuses on institutional investors and is not friendly to individual investors. The number of individual subscribers exceeds that of ant financial services, which is the largest in history, but the number of equity that institutional investors get is more than 10 times that of individual investors.


The price range of the Kwai Fu was HK $105 per share -115 Hong Kong dollar before, and the price of the stock price was too low from the stock price increase.


The market is approaching a crazy moment. Kwai has been equivalent to 1/5 of Tencent’s market value, ranking seventh in all A share listed companies, ranking eighth in Hong Kong stock, and over the old China Mobile, agricultural bank, Jingdong and other companies.


Over the past 10 years, the fastest player has been based on short video core positions, with nearly 500 million monthly activity scale and an average daily live user reaching 85.3 minutes. Kwai is the head game player in the short video track.


Kwai has developed three core businesses: live broadcasting, online marketing and online business. Kwai’s revenue was 40 billion 677 million yuan in the first three quarters of 2020.


100 billion rich


Prospectus shows that before IPO, the founder of fast hand, chairman and CEO Su Hua, the fastest co founder and chief product officer Cheng Yi laughed, and the management share of silver Xin and Yang Yuanxi reached 25.093%, of which 12.648% were Kwai Kwai holdings and 10.023% were Cheng Yi Xiao.


Suhua and Cheng Yixiao hold 427 million shares and 339 million class A shares respectively


Yesterday, Kwai Fu’s quick closing price was HK $336.6, which calculated the value of Kwai Wah and Cheng Yi laugh respectively to HK $143 billion 700 million and HK $114 billion 100 million, and the rapid listing of the company increased two billion billionaire.


Institutional investors, Tencent holds 21.567%, Kwai Chung’s largest shareholder. Wuyuan capital held 16.657% of the shares, while other investors held 34.614% of the shares.


According to public reports, Tencent joined Kwai Kwai C, and every quick financing of the company quickly found Tencent. In March 2017, the fast hand announced that it won the Tencent $350 million war. In August 2019, Tencent again hit $1 billion 250 million, and Kwai Kwai estimated its value after the investment was $25 billion. In December 2019, Kwai completed the F round of about $3 billion in financing, which was invested by Tencent, Bo Yu capital, Yunfeng fund, Temasek and Sequoia. Tencent invested about 2 billion dollars, and Kwai Kwai’s valuation was over 28 billion yuan. Tencent’s rapid rise in the share market was once again promoted.


Prospectus shows that the six month of June 30, 2020, the average daily active users and average monthly active users of China’s application and small programs were Kwai 302 million and 776 million respectively.


Kwai Kwai’s application nearly 8 billion users were concerned about each other in the six months ended June 30, 2020. The active users of the Kwai Yong used more than 85 minutes a day, and the average daily visits exceeded 10 times. The content developers of fast app accounted for about 26% of the average monthly active users.