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Thousands of games removed from Apple App Store in China

Wall Street Journal: Thousands of games removed from Apple’s China App Store

As the Chinese government has increased its supervision of app products, Apple has removed thousands of game apps from its App Store in China.

The Chinese government required four years ago that game apps need to be approved before they can be put on the shelves, but Apple’s app store has loopholes that allow a large number of unapproved game apps to be put on the shelves for download.

Currently, there are about 272,000 game applications in the Apple China App Store. In 2020 alone, about 94,000 applications were removed from the shelves, far exceeding the 25,000 last year.

Affected by this, Apple’s app store revenue growth in China this year is expected to slow down.


Nikkei Asian Review: TSMC’s US plant starts large-scale recruitment

TSMC’s US$12 billion 5-nanometer chip factory in the United States is hiring about 600 engineers and executives.

It is reported that about 300 existing engineers and management personnel will be deployed from TSMC’s existing staff. The United States will provide sufficient work visas for these employees.

Another 300 will be recruited from the United States. These newly recruited employees will be sent to TSMC’s factory in Tainan for about one year of training.

After TSMC’s US investment and construction plan was approved by the Taiwan authorities on the 22nd of this month, it is expected to start construction next year and start production in 2024.


Bloomberg: The Brexit Agreement is expected to be signed on Christmas Eve

On Wednesday, Britain and the European Union negotiated again overnight to determine the details of the agreement. The main framework of the agreement will ensure duty-free trade in goods between the UK and the EU and maintain cooperation between the two parties in the field of security.

Although the negotiation process began to accelerate after EU President Von der Lein and British Prime Minister Johnson personally intervened this week, this week’s negotiations still focused on fishing rights and fair competition.

According to reports, the UK’s fishing quota will likely increase from half to two-thirds before Brexit. The agreement will be announced as early as Christmas Eve morning.

The Straits Times: Singapore’s first case of COVID-19 confirmed

This morning, Singapore confirmed the first case of the new coronavirus variant (B117). Another 11 quarantined patients initially tested positive for B117.

These patients were all from Europe and began a 14-day quarantine after arriving in Singapore. Their close contacts have also been quarantined.

The Ministry of Health of Singapore stated that there is currently no evidence that B117 initially spread in Singapore.

Currently, Singapore long-term and short-term passport holders who have a record of entering the UK within 14 days are barred from entering Singapore.

Nikkei Asian Review: Japanese prosecutors decided not to prosecute Abe

On Sunday, Japanese prosecutors said they would no longer sue former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe for failing to record the income and expenses related to the dinner party.

Since the scandal broke out in November, Abe has stated that he is innocent, and then blamed others for concealing it on Monday.

But Abe may still be prosecuted for denying the incident.

In addition, Yoshihide Suga may also be affected. Suga Yoshihide served as Abe’s Chief Cabinet Secretary and defended Abe at a press conference.