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The cloud conference market is turning around

Recently, Tencent released its third-quarter financial report.
In the quarter, Tencent achieved revenue of US$125.447 billion, an increase of 29% year-on-year; net profit (non-IFRS) was US$32.303 billion, an increase of 32%. Whether it is revenue or net profit, Tencent Data’s data exceeded market expectations.

From the perspective of revenue structure, the main source of revenue still comes from the game sector, among which the daily activity of “Glory of the King” has reached 100 million.

However, the beautiful financial report data attracts more market attention, but it is a new product of Tencent that has been online for less than a year.

This new product that has been online for 245 days and has exceeded 100 million users is the Tencent Conference.

Star products hidden in financial reports

The initial epidemic has accelerated the company’s awareness of digital transformation. The uncertainty in supply, production, market, channels…business operations has been infinitely amplified, and companies need to use digital means to reduce the uncertainty in their operations. Sexuality, and telecommuting is one of the first methods to be practiced.
Public data shows that during the first month of resumption of work after the epidemic period, there were tens of millions of companies across the country, with nearly 200 million people working from home at the same time, and 1 billion students taking classes online. A large number of online video conferencing products have ushered in the first “big test” in the market since then. Cloud video conferencing products represented by Tencent Meeting, Zoom, DingTalk, etc. have successively entered the public eye, and Tencent Meeting is the most eye-catching among them. One of the products.

The financial report shows that since January 29th, the Tencent Conference has been expanding resources every day. The average daily expansion of cloud hosts is close to 15,000, and the total expansion of more than 100,000 cloud hosts in 8 days involves a total of more than one million core computing resources. Consumption, setting an unprecedented record in the history of cloud computing in China. With a steady stream of resource input and technical support, within two months of the launch of the Tencent conference, the daily activity exceeded 10 million.
With the rapid control of the domestic epidemic and the post-epidemic era when offline work resumes, cloud video conferencing products have differentiated, and a large number of products have faded out of public view. Only a few products such as Tencent Conference are still active in the market.

Since the end of February this year, after 245 days of launching, Tencent Meeting users has exceeded 1 billion, making it the most popular video conferencing product in China. At the same time, the international version of VooV Meeting has been launched in more than 100 countries and regions around the world. It even won the 75th anniversary of the United Nations, the Canton Fair and other international organizations and large-scale conferences.

For a product that was established less than one year ago, Tencent Conference stands out among multiple remote office products. Because the company has a more intuitive understanding of digital chemicals, the tool represented by remote office collaboration helps companies greatly Reduced the uncertainty in the operation; the merger also stems from the fact that Tencent Meeting is more adapted to China’s usage habits and excellent audio and video quality, and eventually grew into a “national tool” with 100 million users.

In the final analysis, the Tencent Conference’s understanding of user pain points in remote office scenarios and its precise grasp of user needs are the reasons why it is still outstanding in the post-epidemic era and has become the focus of market attention.

Telecommuting redefined

It can be said that during the initial epidemic prevention and control period, various products have undergone a round of market inspection around remote office and online meetings. The pain points of telecommuting have also been exposed.

The weaknesses of remote office products such as unfreedom, deviation, and unreality have been fully reflected.

In the process of remote communication between enterprises and external customers or partners, switching communication software often leads to information fragmentation, which reduces communication efficiency.

In addition, a large number of remote office software has the problem of network instability, and the stability and fluency of conference audio and video are good and bad, which reduces the quality of communication.

The most important thing is that it is easy to copy an offline meeting scene online, but it is difficult to copy the arrangement that should be in an offline meeting. Participants behind each video window are in an uneven environment, which makes it impossible to achieve a true online experience and a sense of ritual that occurs in offline meetings. This has become the biggest weakness of remote office products.

These pain points are not only the current needs of enterprises, but also reflect the future development direction of online meeting products. The reason why Tencent Conference can overcome this round of market testing is inseparable from the understanding of these user needs.

On the surface, telecommuting is a type of product on the ToB side, but its essence is still an effective connection of powerful information, with strong social attributes. And Tencent just started from social networking. If communication is Tencent’s genes, then connection is Tencent’s mission.

Tencent Conference was initially used within Tencent. The reason why it became so popular after it went online was inseparable from the connection with WeChat, enterprise WeChat and other mature products. On the basis of the WeChat terminal with more than 1.2 billion users, participants can join the conference through a small program, login and register on WeChat, etc., and easily connect to Tencent meetings. Cross-enterprise and cross-departmental remote communication can be achieved through Tencent meetings, which greatly improves the freedom of remote office.

Join the Tencent meeting through the WeChat applet

Join the Tencent meeting through the WeChat applet

In order to ensure the stability of video conferencing, Tencent has been increasing its technical strength. Comparing zoom and other internal video conferencing products, Tencent Meeting relies on Tencent Cloud’s 1300+ acceleration converters deployed globally, using the scheduling system to enable users to obtain the content they need in the nearest budget, effectively reducing access delays and ensuring video Resolution and fluency of the meeting. Therefore, Tencent Conference is not only the most used video conference product in China, but also the first choice of many conference organizers.

To be continued..

In September of this year, Tencent Meetings officially upgraded across the board, with the release of Tencent Meeting Enterprise Edition, Meeting Room Connectors, Tencent Meeting Rooms and other products to create exclusive meeting capabilities for enterprises and achieve high efficiency between people and meeting rooms The connection enables online meetings to truly realize the sense of ceremony and hierarchy of offline meetings.