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Japan’s largest online brokerage follows suit

SBI securities, Japan’s largest online securities company, announced that it will exempt customers under the age of 25 from stock trading fees, becoming the first online securities company in Japan to exempt handling fees regardless of daily trading volume.

Japan's largest online brokerage follows suit

Prior to this, the major online securities companies in the United States have announced the exemption of handling charges, which will be promoted in Japan in the future. Japan’s online securities companies will have to change their revenue models.


SBI Securities said that from April 20, customers under the age of 25 will be exempted from the handling charges for spot trading of domestic stocks in Japan. The scope of applicable customers will be gradually expanded, and strive to realize the complete exemption of handling charges by 2022. In the past, when the total daily trading volume of the package was less than 1 million yen, the stock spot trading, system credit trading and ordinary credit trading were exempted from handling charges.