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AstraZeneca’s new crown vaccine is highly effective

After Pfizer and BioNTech announced that the effectiveness of the new crown vaccine they developed reached 95% and 94%, respectively, the new crown vaccine AZD1222 developed by AstraZeneca in conjunction with Oxford University is said to have an average effectiveness of 70%. This is a great achievement in the global new crown vaccine competition.



“The general vaccine protection rate is between 60% and 85%. 70% is already a good data and can be used in the crowd.” An expert in immunization planning told a reporter from China Business News.

On November 23, AstraZeneca announced the above results. AstraZeneca introduced the effectiveness of the two dosing regimens. When half the dose of AZD1222 is administered, and the full dose is given at least one month apart, this dosage regimen shows 90% vaccine efficacy.

Another dosage regimen, two full doses, at least one month apart, showed 62% efficacy. A comprehensive analysis of the two dosing regimens yielded an average efficacy of 70%.

In terms of safety, AstraZeneca said that serious safety incidents related to the vaccine have not been confirmed, and the two dosage regimens are well tolerated to AZD1222.

After passing the test of effectiveness and safety, the most important part of the new crown vaccine is the use of a wide range of people. Price and convenience of storage and transportation have become the key to popularization.

“Pfizer’s vaccine needs to be stored at minus 70 degrees Celsius, and each dose is five people. The vaccination must be completed within 20 minutes after the vaccine is taken out. This operation at the grassroots level is very difficult and difficult to popularize.” The expert said.

At the transportation level, minus 70 degrees Celsius is also a challenge, “especially in the transfer link of transportation, this temperature is difficult to guarantee.” A medical logistics company official said.

The new crown vaccine of AstraZeneca and the previous American Moderna company only requires storage conditions of 2 to 8 degrees Celsius, which is relatively easy to meet, so there will be no major problems in storage and transportation.