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Musk to SpaceX launch base

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla (635.62, 24.33, 3.98%), announced on Tuesday that he would donate $30 million to the area where the SpaceX factory and rocket launch base are located in Texas.

Musk to SpaceX launch base

In a social media post, musk said he would donate $20 million to a school in Cameron County, Texas, and $10 million to Brownsville, Texas, to transform the city center. Details will be released next week.


SpaceX’s rocket launch site is located in the village of BOCO chica, near Brownsville.


Musk also encouraged people to move to Brownsville to work for SpaceX, saying the company is expanding rapidly and needs engineers, technicians, builders and all kinds of necessary support staff.


Musk had previously said that he intended to expand his business in Texas and vowed on March 2 to create “Starbase in Texas”, a proposal that attracted the attention of local officials.