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Sino-U.S. Semiconductor Industry

According to the news on the website of the China Semiconductor Industry Association on March 11, after several rounds of discussions and consultations, the Chinese and American Semiconductor Industry Associations announced today that they will jointly establish the “Sino-U.S. Semiconductor Industry Technology and Trade Restriction Working Group.” The industry establishes a timely communication information sharing mechanism to exchange policies related to export control, supply chain security, encryption and other technologies and trade restrictions.

The two associations hope to strengthen communication and exchanges through the working group to promote deeper mutual understanding and trust. The working group will follow fair competition, intellectual property protection and global trade rules, resolve the concerns of the Chinese and American semiconductor industries through dialogue and cooperation, and make joint efforts to establish a stable and resilient global semiconductor value chain.

The working group plans to meet twice a year to share the latest developments in technology and trade restriction policies between the two countries. Based on the areas of mutual concern of both parties, the working group will explore corresponding countermeasures and suggestions and determine the content that needs further research. This year’s working group meeting will be held online, and face-to-face meetings will be held in the future depending on the situation of the epidemic.

According to the results of the consultation, the two associations will each appoint 10 semiconductor member companies to participate in the working group to share relevant information and conduct dialogues. The two associations will be responsible for the specific organization of the working group.