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Longi shares entered Tesla’s “backyard”

After the market on March 4, LONGi issued an announcement stating that it plans to spend 1.635 billion yuan to acquire 27.25% of the shares of Center Shixing Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Centre shares”, 603098.SH) at a price of 12.50 yuan per share. .

The price of 12.50 yuan per share is 30.75% higher than the closing price of Sente shares on March 4.

Longi shares entered Tesla's "backyard"

It is understood that the parties to this transaction include Liu Aisen, the controlling shareholder and actual controller of Sente, Beijing Shixingshengya Investment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Shixingshengya”, wholly-owned by Liu Aisen and his wife Li Guiru), and another Huayong Investment Group Co., Ltd. held by natural person Li Yong.

Of the approximately 131 million shares transferred in total, Liu Aisen and Shixingshengya accounted for 63.30%, which means that Liu Aisen and Li Guiru will cash out about 1.035 billion yuan in this transaction.

Affected by this news, on March 5, Sente shares bid up to the limit of 10.52 yuan, a record high in the past five months, with a market value of 5.050 billion yuan.

After the completion of the share transfer, Liu Aisen and Shi Xingshengya will reduce their total shareholding ratio from 57.43% to 40.18%. They will remain the controlling shareholder and actual controller of Sente. Longji will become the company’s second largest shareholder with a shareholding of 27.25%. .

According to data, Sente was established in December 2001 with a registered capital of 480 million yuan. Its main products are new building materials. It mainly undertakes metal enclosure system engineering (roofing system, wall system) and sound barrier system engineering, and provides secondary engineering Engineering contracting services from consulting, design, supply of special materials and processing to installation and construction. At the end of 2016, the company successfully landed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange.

Longi shares said that this acquisition will help promote the business integration of both parties, give full play to the advantages of Cente shares in the design and maintenance of building roofs, and combine Longi’s advantages in BIPV product manufacturing, and the two parties will jointly develop the large-scale public building market. business development. It will help the company expand the scope of distributed markets and expand the application scenarios of photovoltaic products.

According to the “Technology Innovation Board Daily” report, as the current domestic photovoltaic industry integration leader, Longi announced its entry into the BIPV (Building Integration of Photovoltaics) market in 2019. At the same time, it plans to achieve BIPV revenue of 10 billion yuan by 2024. Successfully released the first prefabricated BIPV product “Longding” in July last year, mainly for the roofs of industrial and commercial plants.

Changjiang Securities Research pointed out that LONGi’s positioning in BIPV construction is mainly based on building materials. Although BIPV-related products were also available in the early market, they did not achieve widespread promotion due to the relatively high cost at that time. With the long-term downward trend of component manufacturing costs, BIPV products are gradually recognized by the market in terms of economy and aesthetics, and are expected to open up the domestic blue ocean market.

In China, earlier than Longji, the BIPV project at the Jintan base in Jiangsu Province had been connected to the grid and put into operation; Hanergy released the first-generation BIPV product Hantile in July 2017, mainly for industrial and commercial roofs.

Globally, Tesla has done better in this area. It acquired SolarCity, a leading company in the installation of household solar energy systems in the United States in August 2016.

In 2019, Tesla’s energy business relied on SolarCity to achieve revenue of 1.53 billion yuan, accounting for 6.2% of total operating revenue. In the conference call after the announcement of the earnings report, Musk made it clear that he would turn the solar roof into a major business of Tesla. According to him, there is a growing demand for glass solar roofs. In the North American market, Tesla’s annual orders are 4 million new roofs.

“BIPV is one of the most important fields of photovoltaic applications in the future. LONGi intends to acquire 27.25% of Sente’s shares at a premium and become the second shareholder. It will form a strong alliance in the BIPV field to solve the problem of the separation between the photovoltaic circle and the construction circle in the past, and to expand the distribution The scope of the market, forming strong competition with Tesla and other competitors.” Independent economist Wang Chikun said.

100 people are handled by an epidemic prevention document

This is an ordinary multi-storey old residential building in Shanghai without elevator. Two people carried a bundle of sugar cane upstairs, leaning on their sides. The house is in a small corner on the third floor. Unlike other rooms in the corridor, it has a screen door. The screen door is sealed in the middle, and only the bottom can transmit light.

After knocking on the door twice, a man in his 50s and 60s asked vigilantly at the screen door, who is it?

One and a half months ago, in mid-November, this building was listed as a key surveillance target, and the man’s son was diagnosed as positive for the new crown. Next, the incident is far beyond their control, and this is no longer a matter of tune or isolation.Spark Global Limited

The size of the house, ID number, travel trajectory… all the information of a large family is published on the Internet. The information of a man’s son eating with a girl has become a post-dinner joke on social platforms, with topics ranging from epidemic prevention and control to marriage and love, mixed with ridicule and abuse.

The man’s phone was blown up. He manually blocked the unfamiliar numbers one by one, and new unfamiliar numbers came in constantly. During the day, he would keep the windows tightly closed. But there is always no sense of security, and feels ashamed, like a sinner.

Relevant departments apologized to him, saying that the information may have been leaked by hackers. He felt puzzled and turned to anger, “We are just cooperating with the flow, and we are not celebrities. Why are we leaked out, and why are we subject to so much condemnation and malice?”

He is not the first, nor the last.

Who is the perpetrator?

Ms. Zhou tried to recall the places she visited within 14 days. The clearer the memories, the more conducive to the control of the epidemic. She is one of 77 newly confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia in Shijiazhuang City on January 10.

On January 11, news about her visit to more than 30 places in 7 days was overwhelming. Customers who have her WeChat Moments also posted screenshots of her Moments on social networks. “A woman is going everywhere”, “the hard-working drug scavenger”… In the suffocating comments of netizens, they began to analyze whether she was divorced or married, and other speculations related to her private life.

She only explained and did not apologize-even if someone pulled her into a WeChat group and forced her to apologize, she did not.

A month ago, Zhao, a girl from Chengdu who had a similar experience with her, chose to apologize publicly.

Previously, she cooperated with the epidemic prevention department to do the circulation work as soon as she was diagnosed. Because of the circulation information, the information that went to multiple bars in one night quickly fermented. In less than a day, her personal information was on multiple social platforms. Was forwarded on the website, including his name, ID number, home address, photo, etc.

“A 20-year-old girl with no fixed occupation, except for going to nail salons, there are all kinds of bars?” “Who is going to such a place for serious girls?” Her phone was blown up, and six calls came in at the same time in one minute. , Even the phone calls of the prevention and control staff could not get in.

When the public opinion was fermented most intensely, she spoke through social media, explaining that her job was bar atmosphere marketing, and publicly apologized to the people of Chengdu and the whole country, “bringing trouble to everyone and breaking everyone’s original peaceful life.”

Merck sells Moderna shares

On Wednesday, the US House of Representatives passed a US bill to restrict the listing of Chinese companies in the US.

The bill stipulates that companies listed in the United States must accept the review of US regulatory agencies and disclose whether they are held or controlled by the government, otherwise they will be prohibited from trading on the New York Stock Exchange and the Nasdaq.

The bill was unanimously approved by the Senate in May, and it will be signed by Trump after the House of Representatives passes it.


Bloomberg: America welcomes new peak of death from new crown
Financial Times: The number of hospitalizations in the US for the new crown breaks 100,000

On Wednesday, according to data from Johns Hopkins University, the number of deaths from the new crown in the United States reached 2,700 in a single day, ushering in the largest number of deaths since the outbreak.

At the same time, the number of COVID-19 hospitalizations in the United States has reached 100,000, and hospitals in some places are close to saturation.

Since millions of people traveled in the United States during Thanksgiving, the number of infections will continue to increase in the coming weeks. By then, the cumulative number of deaths from the new crown in the United States will most likely reach 300,000.

The CDC in the United States recently lowered the requirement for home isolation, changing the isolation requirement from 14 days to 10 days.

According to CDC officials, this is just to make people feel that it is not that difficult to isolate and to get more support.

Reuters: Electrification has given birth to new forms of gas stations

As countries vigorously promote the electrification of automobiles, and major crude oil companies spend hundreds of billions to deploy new energy battlefields, gas stations will likely become new profit growth points for energy retailers.

Although the income of gas stations mainly comes from the sales of traditional energy, the profit margin of convenience stores in gas stations is actually much higher than that of oil products.

Only at traditional gas stations, consumers usually only stay for a few minutes. After entering the electrification era, consumers often have half an hour or more to spend after entering the gas station to charge.

For example, Shell has begun to deploy, and strive to increase the number of existing gas stations by 20% to 55,000 by 2025. BP also plans to increase the number of gas stations by 50% to 29,000 by 2030.

Reuters: Boeing 737Max completes its first passenger go-around

A few days ago, Boeing 737Max completed its first passenger go-around after a 20-month no-fly.

About 90 reporters were carried on this go-around, and the flight time was 45 minutes.

At the same time, there is news that European budget airline Ryanair will order about 75 Boeing 737Max.

Faced with the substantial discounts offered by Boeing and the reputation of saving their 737Max fleets, other airlines have also begun to place orders for new 737Max models to enhance market confidence.

Reuters: Merck sells Moderna shares

The world’s top pharmaceutical giant Merck announced on Wednesday that it has sold its stake in Moderna.

This year, Moderna’s stock price has risen more than seven times, and as of Tuesday’s closing price, the company’s market value reached 55.8 billion U.S. dollars.
Merck has made considerable gains through its investment in modern, especially in the development of this year’s vaccine, which is expected to make some gains in the fourth quarter of this year.
However, the two companies will not end their cooperation. Merck said that it will indirectly retain its investment in moderna through investment in venture funds.

Reuters: London Stock Exchange’s $27 billion acquisition of Refinitiv is expected to be approved

According to a person familiar with the matter on Wednesday, EU regulators will approve the request of the London Stock Exchange to acquire Refinitiv for US$27 billion.
In order to obtain regulatory approval, the London Stock Exchange proposed to allow competitors to obtain data fairly within ten years, and sold the Italian Stock Exchange to Euronext and two Italian banks.
The European Commission will make a final ruling before January 21 next year. If the transaction is reached, the London Stock Exchange will become the main leader in market data.

Nikkei Asian Review: Investors are no longer optimistic about Hong Kong

With the promulgation of China’s National Security Law, investors are worried about China’s increasingly strict regulations and are considering abandoning their investment in Hong Kong.

Especially this year’s IPO of Ant Group in Hong Kong was postponed, which aroused investors’ concerns.

Hong Kong’s status as the Asian financial center is threatened, and Tokyo and Singapore may take their place.


Talking about the market

Yesterday, A shares rose, and US stocks also began to exert strength. A shares ended due to the Baoshang Bank’s affairs. This may be a short-term positive stimulus for financial stocks. It may only be a matter of time before it finally breaks through the left shoulder. Many people say that their stocks have not yet started. Under normal circumstances, large-cap stocks take the stage first, and individual stocks then perform.

Yanghe Liquor Industry reduced its shareholding last night, what’s the matter? Looking at Midea, it’s probably clear at a glance. If the leading stocks are reduced by 1%, it should be fine…

The procyclical sector once again strengthened, and the dye sector made a substantial increase at the opening of the market. Zhejiang Longsheng’s 50 billion intraday daily limit was set, and non-ferrous, chemical, coal, paper, cement and other stocks were all rotating. In this direction, there was a daily limit wave during the session, and some funds began to redeem profits. Jinpu Titanium failed to turn over, Zhejiang Longsheng, Xin’an Co., Ltd., Mingtai Aluminum, Zhongjin Lingnan, Yuguang Gold and Lead, China Aluminum, Tianqi Lithium industry and others have exploded. In the short-term, the differences continue to increase.

Because there is a large amount of money in it, there is still a chance for one or two days to repeat.

The new energy automobile industry chain continues to be active. At present, with the core of the supplementary gains of vehicle stocks, Xiaokang shares have shrunk on the board, BAIC Blue Valley and JAC have their daily limit, and Changan Automobile, Guanghui Group, BYD and Jiangling Motors rose nearly 5%. Lithium batteries have also performed well. Currently, the organization is more optimistic about the upstream raw materials. According to the current situation of new energy vehicles, the prosperity of this direction will increase next year. You can focus on whether the subdivisions such as lithium hexafluorophosphate without expansion will usher in price increases. expected.

Important information

Wang Zi New Material: Acquiring 51% of CLP Huarui’s equity for 150 million yuan to enter the field of military technology

Milkewei: intends to acquire 100% equity of Xinneng Zhangjiagang to deploy hazardous waste treatment industry

Xiaokang shares: there is no significant information that should be disclosed but not disclosed

Jinfeng Liquor Industry: No major events that should be disclosed but not disclosed

Wonderful daily limit revealed

Penghui Energy Lithium Iron Phosphate
Driving factor: Lithium iron phosphate battery installed capacity doubled for three consecutive months
A leading domestic enterprise that produces lithium iron battery products on a large scale; the company’s main products include lithium cobalt oxide series products, lithium iron phosphate series products, ternary materials and multiple composite lithium materials series products, lithium iron batteries, lithium manganese batteries, etc.

Red Polaroid Propylene Oxide
Driving factor: Propylene oxide plant is currently at full capacity
The company is mainly engaged in the development, production and sales of propylene oxide derivatives, including polyurethane rigid foam combination polyether, special polyether, isopropanolamine series products, and emerging materials polyurethane insulation board

Jinniu Chemical Methanol
Driving factors: East China methanol prices rose sharply by 200 yuan/ton to 1,900 yuan/ton
The holding company Jinniu Xuyang has a methanol production capacity of 200,000 tons per year, accounting for about 0.23% of the national production capacity

South Bearing Integrated Circuit
Driving factor: planned to increase capital and hold Shanghai Zhencheng to get involved in the integrated circuit industry
Shanghai Zhencheng is a professional fabless integrated circuit design company, focusing on smart IoT and smart audio wireless connection technology

JAC New Energy Vehicle
Driving factors: Hefei plans to exceed 100 billion yuan in the scale of the new energy automobile industry by 2025
The company has a joint venture with Weilai Automobile and Volkswagen to produce electric passenger cars, and the company is developing new models equipped with Huawei’s Hicar vehicle system.

COSCO Shipping Port Shipping
Driving factor: The epidemic has caused container prices to rise, and the supply is concentrated in the country
The company is a central enterprise, and the actual controller is China COSCO Shipping Group; the main special ship transportation business; the transportation scope radiates the world, and the routes include the Far East to the Mediterranean, Europe, the Persian Gulf, the Americas, etc.

Fengyuan shares lithium iron phosphate
Driving factor: Lithium iron phosphate battery installed capacity doubled for three consecutive months
The company has covered two mainstream products, lithium iron phosphate LFP and ternary material NCM, which can be widely used in power batteries, energy storage, consumer lithium batteries and other emerging fields

Zhongjia Bochuang Rich Media
Driving factors: the three major operators may announce the commercial use of 5G news at the end of the year
Its subsidiary, Chuangshi Mandao, is mainly engaged in intelligent transmission of information and is a leading enterprise SMS platform service provider

Yongtai Technology Fluorochemical
Driving factors: the turning point of recovery after the global economic epidemic may be approaching procyclical market continued
The company is the leading enterprise of fluorobenzene series fine chemicals with the most complete product chain and the largest production capacity in the industry

Juli rigging
The military industry’s “replenishment” + “quality improvement” dual-drive year-end orders will be released intensively
The company is one of the largest rigging manufacturers in China, and also the manufacturer with the most complete rigging product categories and specifications in the world

Xinxiang Chemical Fiber Viscose Staple Fiber + Polyester
Driving factor: Viscose staple fiber 10833.33 yuan/ton rose 20.10% in 60 days on November 15
my country’s large-scale first-class enterprises producing chemical fiber textile raw materials, the production scale and economic benefits are among the best in China’s viscose fiber industry