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Pay attention to the document of platform anti-monopoly

Today(11.11)’s market also confirms our judgment. Our judgment is to describe a fact. The fact is that the market fluctuates in a range and is now on the upper edge of the range.

The so-called selling high and buying low is not just selling at the resistance level and buying at the support level?

Newton’s first law says that everything is in motion unless there is an external force that makes him stop or change direction. In fact, there are similar descriptions in technical analysis. Among the three premises of technical analysis, one is that prices evolve in the direction of the trend. What is the trend of the current market is sideways.

A sideways trading is a sideways trading in a bull market. The sideways trading can only assume that the trend will continue. If the trend continues, it means that the sideways will continue to exist. If the sideways continue to exist, it means that the upper edge resistance must be effective. .

Therefore, it doesn’t hurt to lighten up.


The discrepancy is still very serious. I also said in the report yesterday that the valuation of technology stocks is too high, and institutions will switch to things with low valuations.

I want to emphasize that everyone must pay enough attention to the document on platform anti-monopoly issued by the State Administration of Market Supervision yesterday.

The market is reacting now, but it is not particularly strong.

In fact, many corresponding companies, at least on Friday, the 27 companies convened by the three departments, including Meituan, Didi, JD, Ali, etc., will be affected, and it is a double kill, killing performance while killing valuation, these Things affect the mood of technology stocks.

Hard technology may be the direction of development, and the platform type will kill it more powerfully. Because of the need to strengthen supervision, what you actually see on Ant Financial will soon see it happen to other companies. However, although hard technology is the direction of development, there are also high valuation factors, so semiconductors have risen for a day, and then a little sluggish.

Therefore, we still have to avoid some high valuations and try to buy some low valuations. Of course, you can also wait until the market stabilizes.

The decline of the broader market is relatively slow, including the Shanghai Stock Exchange’s turnaround this morning, mainly driven by cyclical stocks including finance, coal, steel, cement, etc. Their plate is still relatively large and can drive the index. However, the GEM fell 2% today, which should be regarded as a sharp drop. The Science and Technology 50 is not good either. These do not carry an index, so it does not seem obvious, but the differentiation will continue. At this time, it is going to lighten up or change direction.

The fact is here. We must first admit the fact and then follow the fact.