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Comparison of Baidu and Google’s Hot Words List in 2020

2020 is an extraordinary year, destined to remain in human memory forever. Every year, two search engines, Baidu and Google, publish annual hot vocabulary search lists. Towards the end of the year, the 2020 Baidu Boiling Point’s annual list is released, and Baidu Boiling Point’s annual video is also released. Prior to this, Google also launched the annual hot search list, and released the “Year in Search 2020” promotional video.


Google’s promotional video revolves around a big “Why”, while Baidu’s Boiling Point’s promotional video says at the beginning, “In the extraordinary 2020, we have all encountered the answers we are looking for in our hearts.” To a certain extent This can also be seen as a manifestation of the state of the people of China and the United States. Through these two lists, we may be able to see what the people of China and the United States are most concerned about, and the different economic and social aspects of the two countries reflected behind it. development trend.

There is no suspense, the hot word in 2020 is “new crown epidemic”, whether it is Baidu hot word or Google hot word, “new crown epidemic” tops the list. What the epidemic has changed is the entire world. In the face of tremendous force majeure, “the whole world is as hot and cold as this.” However, in the same difficult environment, there will always be differences in individual choices, which also determines the direction of the final situation. Although we live in the global village, the focus of concern and the economic and social development we are experiencing are different.

The sudden epidemic, unemployment caused by the epidemic, and the death of George Perry Floyd have become the three landmark events recorded in the Google “Year in Search 2020” video. Under the epidemic, Chinese people’s lifestyle, economic and social development, and individual values ​​have also undergone tremendous changes. Chinese young people seize opportunities, actively embrace changes, realize their personal values, and resonate with the times. In addition, because of the effective prevention and control of the epidemic, the Chinese people’s sense of identity and pride in the motherland is increasing day by day, and they are paying more attention to technological and cultural progress. This has prompted China’s economy, society and individuals to develop steadily in a beautiful and promising direction.



Under the epidemic, online life has become mainstream

The annual search term given by Google is “Why”. This year is the year when Americans searched for “why” the most. People want to know “Why the epidemic occurred”, “Why is it called Covid-19”, “Why the epidemic caused more than 1.5 million deaths”, “Why schools are closed”, “Why toilet paper is sold out”, etc. .


In addition, the search volume of search methods starting with “How” has increased significantly, such as how to get a haircut at home, how to dye hair at home, how to wash hands, how to work at home, how to maintain good health at home, how to arrange time at home, how to teach children to learn, etc. .

Almost all of these searches are related to the impact of the epidemic. It can be said that the epidemic has changed the way of life of the American people and has affected even today. As the opportunities for people in the epidemic to face each other are becoming less and less, some Americans have begun to choose cloud dating, cloud love and other methods; because they cannot travel far, “sunset near me” has also become one of the hottest searches and cannot travel far. Of people are eager to find a nearby environment to relax.


“Pandemic” is also the annual keyword of Baidu’s 2020 boiling point list. “Working from home”, “online online classes”, “cloud socialization” and “haircutting at home” have become new ways of life for Chinese people under the epidemic. For consumption, people began to “refuse game” and choose “domestic tourism.” However, in stark contrast to the long-term poor control of the epidemic in the United States, China has effectively controlled the epidemic in a relatively short time. “Mask” and “Returning Overseas Students” also appeared in the annual keyword list, which shows that in the face of the complex international epidemic situation, Chinese people all over the world yearn for a stable and orderly domestic environment.



Online economy unleashes potential, China embarks on dual-cycle development

Changes in lifestyles directly or indirectly affect economic development trends. “Fiscal stimulus plan” and “unemployment” boarded Google’s annual news list. The new crown pneumonia epidemic has hit the US economy severely, and the US government has introduced the largest fiscal stimulus plan in history, but this has not alleviated the unemployment situation. On the contrary, the unemployed population has become more and more. On March 27, the United States issued a fiscal stimulus plan totaling approximately US$2 trillion; more than eight months later, on December 10, the US Department of Labor released data showing that the number of people applying for unemployment benefits for the first time last week unexpectedly soared to 853,000. There were 137,000 more people than the previous week, far more than market expectations and the highest level since September. This not only shows that expanded restrictions to contain the new crown epidemic may trigger a new wave of unemployment, but also shows that the fiscal stimulus plan implemented by the United States before has achieved relatively limited results.


Look at China again. The epidemic has also slowed down China’s economic development. However, thanks to the extensive layout and deepening of early express delivery and other related businesses, both the “live delivery of goods” and the “takeaway economy” have developed rapidly, which has promoted the rise of more emerging industries. Not only ordinary people live broadcast the goods, but also celebrities live broadcast the goods, and even Zhu Guangquan, Sa Bening, Kang Hui and Nigmaiti, and the four CCTVs also participated. “Resumption of work and production”, “domestic tourism”, “new infrastructure”, etc., these hot words in Baidu’s boiling point list with high user search volume are a concentrated expression of China’s innovation-driven and turning crisis into opportunity under the epidemic. Affected the context and trend of China’s economy.

In the big test of the epidemic, China has restored stable economic growth in a relatively short period of time, from gradual resumption of production to full resumption of production through scientific prevention and control and precise measures. The new economy and new industries have effectively facilitated the smooth flow of the domestic supply and demand cycle, and have also injected innovation momentum into China’s resumption of work and production throughout the second quarter and accelerated economic start-up. It can be said that the vigorous development of the new economy and new industries has greatly contributed to the good start of the internal and external cycles. China has also become the first major economy to resume growth after the outbreak.