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Efficacy data of new coronavirus vaccine modified by AstraZeneca

On Wednesday, the company updated its data on phase III trials of its new coronavirus vaccine after the accuracy of the results of the U.S. trial released by the company was questioned.


The company now says its vaccine is 76% effective in preventing symptomatic new coronavirus cases, instead of the 79% previously reported. Novel coronavirus pneumonia is still a 100% of the new severe pneumonia patients.


In the latest days, some U.S. health officials, AstraZeneca, criticized it for carefully selecting test data in order to make the results more favorable.


The National Institute of allergy and infectious diseases said on Tuesday that it had been told that AstraZeneca may have provided “incomplete efficacy data” in its U.S. study results.


At that time, AstraZeneca said it was “based on the latest analysis of the data in the next few days” and promised to share the latest results.


The latest results released on Wednesday included data collected from 190 symptomatic cases, an increase of about 50 symptomatic cases compared with the data set released on Monday.


The latest data show that the effective rate of the vaccine for patients aged 65 and above is 85%, higher than 80% reported previously.


AstraZeneca reiterated on Wednesday that the vaccine was “well tolerated” among the participants and found no safety issues.