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Three meals a day are free

“If you have money or no money, go home for the new year”. However, this year, various localities have successively issued the proposal of “do not go home unnecessarily during the Spring Festival” to encourage employees of enterprises and institutions to celebrate the new year on the spot. This is an important way to cut off the spread of the epidemic on a large scale. In the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta, where migrant workers are concentrated, how can they celebrate the new year on the spot?


“Going home is an adventure, and your wallet will be flat.” the hard core slogan called for Chinese new year on the spot

Three meals a day are free, and you can get a red envelope of 5000 yuan to celebrate the new year on the spot!

With the strong recovery of China’s economy in the second half of the year, many factories in Dongguan are doing well. Celebrating the new year on the spot not only reduces the risk of infection of workers returning home, but also stabilizes orders and guarantees production capacity. It can be said that it can kill many birds with one stone. Therefore, many enterprises have come up with their own incentive measures,


The retention bonus ranges from a few hundred yuan to a maximum of 5000 yuan.


Humen Town, a large communication connector manufacturing enterprises, factory launched a 1000 yuan “retention Award”, during the Spring Festival, three meals a day are free of charge. The number of employees who didn’t go home for the new year rose from 30% to 60%.


A semiconductor manufacturing enterprise in Chang’an town has more than 1700 employees. Just one month after 2021, it received a huge order, which directly increased the turnover of this year to more than three times of that of 2020. At present, more than 300 sets of equipment are in full production. They gave 4000 yuan to employees who didn’t go home for the new year.


In 2021, the company plans to expand its recruitment to 2000 people to meet the following production orders. Therefore, it is a cost-effective business for the company to spend money to retain people during the Spring Festival to avoid labor shortage, and the employees have their own plans.


Qi Beibei, a native of Zhoukou, Henan Province, has calculated an account for her return to her hometown. The expenses on the way back and forth plus the cost of going home are three or four thousand yuan. But when she stayed in the factory for the new year, bonus and overtime pay together, she could earn more than 9000 yuan. Her three roommates also chose to stay in the factory for the new year.


If you stay in the factory for the new year, you will not only get bonus, but also receive red packets. On New Year’s Eve, the enterprise will organize everyone to get together and hold activities. Even the Wi Fi network in the dormitory has been upgraded this time.


According to the estimate of the Ministry of transport, the total number of passengers sent during this year’s Spring Festival transportation will be more than 60% lower than that in 2019. In this extraordinary year, celebrating the new year on the spot is for the safety of the family and also helps the steady development of society and economy.


In 2020, China’s GDP will reach one million billion yuan for the first time. In December 2020, China will have the highest monthly trade surplus ever. The export volume of that month will increase by 18% year on year. In order to live up to the efforts of the left behind people, local governments have introduced measures one after another, such as issuing subsidies or consumption vouchers, sending traffic, sending points, enriching cultural activities, and striving to retain people with posts and heart.


In Pingyang County, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, an enterprise producing auto parts is holding a professional training course for lathe workers and fitters. The trainees are all employees who celebrate the new year on the spot this year.


In order to encourage local Chinese new year, Pingyang County Government, where the enterprise is located, takes out real money to support employees to participate in skills improvement training, and gives subsidies to enterprises according to the proportion that the actual training cost of industrial enterprises does not exceed 95%. This one alone has been subsidized by nearly 150000 yuan, and more than 100 such professional trainings have been paid by the government during the Chinese New Year.


In addition, the company also prepared warm heart red envelopes and gifts for the left behind employees. Wenzhou municipal government has also specially issued the “plan to encourage and support enterprises to keep employees in stable jobs”. For Li Wei, who can’t go home to visit her parents this year, one of the most hard core points is that she and her husband can each get 5 new resident bonus points, while enterprise employees can only accumulate 1 point every year.


In Taizhou, 150 kilometers away from Wenzhou, Wu Juncheng and his wife, who run a door and window factory, chose to celebrate the new year on the spot. He has been in Taizhou for 28 years. Although the couple had given their parents a big red envelope for the new year, they could not accompany the old people. They always felt that they still had some shortcomings.


On this day, several professional photographers from the Photographers Association of Huangyan District, Taizhou city came to the house to record the smiling faces of the three members of Wu Juncheng’s family. After professional production, they will send them to the old people in Anhui and Hubei respectively. Taizhou Municipal government issued a series of warm-hearted measures such as “nine ones” for people celebrating the Chinese new year on the spot. One of the services is to take pictures of the whole family on the spot.


Merchants do not close, the government is busy with reserves, the new year on the spot is not panic


Taizhou has a total of 1.75 million migrant workers, of which 830000 will celebrate the new year on the spot this year, nearly double the number of last year; Wenzhou will also have 1 million migrant workers on the spot, double the number of previous years; and Dongguan, known as the “world factory”, is expected to have 3 million to 4 million more people staying in Dongguan for the new year than in previous years, which is the first time in the history of the city In an unprecedented situation, how to ensure a stable market supply has undoubtedly become a huge challenge.


Hengkeng community, Liaobu Town, Dongguan City, is a typical community with a large floating population. Among the more than 30000 permanent residents, there are only more than 5000 local people. Seeing that more and more people are celebrating the new year on the spot, the members of the community working committee persuade the food market, barber shop and other businesses to stay in Dongguan for the new year, and at the same time consider how to make these people rest assured.


At 9 o’clock every morning, the designated slaughterhouse in the center of Dongguan is very busy. Trucks carrying pigs come from all directions. As the largest designated slaughterhouse in Dongguan, the slaughtering capacity of more than 2500 pigs is maintained every day.


The material support department of Dongguan City mobilized live pigs from Shaoguan, Heyuan and other places in advance, which can supply more than 5600 pigs a day to ensure the supply of pork during the Spring Festival.


In order to meet the market demand of the Chinese new year, the storage capacity of Dongguan municipal government’s meat reserve is also increasing in Jiangnan agricultural batch market, which is not far from the slaughterhouse. There are about 3000 tons of pork on file, at least doubling from last year. In terms of the current consumption of the city’s citizens, the meat reserves of this warehouse alone can last for a week.


Jiangnan agricultural products wholesale market is one of the largest agricultural products wholesale markets in Dongguan City. The agricultural products sold include rice, flour, cereals and oils, fruits and vegetables, meat and other foods covering the common people’s table. The whole market has more than 2000 shops and stalls. This year, the market is not closed, and merchants are also in business.


Deng Peng, a native of Ankang, Shaanxi Province, did grain and oil business with his wife in 2012. This year, the whole family was in Dongguan for the Spring Festival, so they brought their parents to Dongguan early. The orders in his hand have been arranged to the beginning of March, and the supply of goods is also sufficient. He has signed supply contracts with many customers during the Spring Festival, promising not to run out of goods during the holidays, and to deliver goods to the door 24 hours if necessary.


At present, Dongguan municipal government has issued guidance to large-scale farmers’ markets and major supermarkets in the whole city, calling on enterprises to open for business during the Spring Festival holiday. To ensure not only the channel, but also the supply, the local government assigned the Municipal Bureau of Commerce to take the lead and specially set up the second group of material support.


As the government’s Grain Reserve warehouse, there are 5000 tons of rice waiting for market deployment at any time. The staff will check whether the quantity is sufficient on a regular basis. They will also take multiple samples from the raw grain warehouse and finished product packaging for sampling and inspection.


According to the current living standard, each person consumes about half a catty of rations every day. Dongguan’s 8.47 million resident population consumes 1.5 million tons of rations every year. As a grain distribution center, Dongguan has an annual grain import and export volume of more than 21 million tons, and its storage capacity is as high as 7 million tons, providing sufficient confidence to stabilize prices and protect the market.!