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Set up private placement! Weiya and his wife enter venture capital

Recently, Weiya’s affiliated company set up a private equity fund management company. Its business scope includes private equity fund management, venture capital fund management services, etc., but it has not been put on record in the China Association for basic investment.

Set up private placement! Weiya and his wife enter venture capital

“Queen of goods” via enters private placement


Just set up a venture capital company


Tianyancha data show that Qingdao qianmiao Private Fund Management Co., Ltd. was established on January 28. Its business scope includes private equity investment fund management, venture capital fund management services, etc., with a registered capital of 10 million and a legal person of Zhao ran.



It is understood that Qingdao qianmiao Private Fund Management Co., Ltd. is 100% owned by Qianxun (Hangzhou) Holding Co., Ltd. and its suspected actual controller is Weiya’s husband, Dong Haifeng.



However, according to the inquiry on the website of China Securities Investment Fund Association, Qingdao qianmiao Private Fund Management Co., Ltd. has not been found yet, and the company has not yet completed the filing and registration in the Fund Association.



Weiya and his wife’s Capital Territory continues to expand


It is worth mentioning that Qianxun (Hangzhou) Holding Co., Ltd. has a bright future. It is a new content e-commerce live broadcasting organization. It was established in October 2019, and its business scope covers many industries, including film and television, conference services, domestic advertising, wholesale and retail (including online sales). The company belongs to the business service industry.


Through the equity penetration chart, we can see that Weiya’s husband Dong Haifeng is the actual controller, accounting for 47.22% of the shares. In addition, Shanghai Sizhen enterprise management center (limited partnership) holds 18.89% of the shares, and the ultimate beneficiary is Weiya’s younger brother Huang Tao. Xie Xiaowei, the third largest shareholder, is the general manager of Qianxun live broadcasting, accounting for 18.61%. It is worth mentioning that Suzhou junjunde equity investment partnership (limited partnership) under Junlian capital is also among the shareholders.



In the hot market of live broadcast with goods, the capital territory of Weiya couple is also expanding.


It is understood that as the first female anchor of Taobao, Weiya’s “man behind” Dong Haifeng is the executive director and general manager of Qianxun. At present, Dong Haifeng is the legal person of 14 companies, including Qianxun (Hangzhou) Holding Co., Ltd., Qianyu (Hangzhou) entertainment media Co., Ltd., Qianxun (Hangzhou) culture media Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Qianyi business management partnership (limited partnership), etc. At the same time, there are 20 companies with actual control rights, most of which involve e-commerce, commercial retail, cultural media, etc.



In January 2021, Hangzhou fengweipai Food Co., Ltd. was just established. Its business scope includes retail of edible agricultural products (5.600, 0.00, 0.00%), food business, wholesale of edible agricultural products, wholesale of kitchenware, sanitary ware and daily necessities, Internet sales, etc., which means that Weiya and her husband and wife cross the border into the food field.


Weiya is also a shareholder of five companies and a senior executive of four companies, holding 100% of Yunnan Yazhi e-commerce Co., Ltd.

Set up private placement! Weiya and his wife enter venture capital


Weiya sold 20 billion yuan last year


Comparable to the annual sales of offline shopping malls


In the list of live broadcast celebrities with goods in 2020 recently released by Phoenix E-Commerce Research Institute, Weiya won the championship with annual sales volume of 181 million pieces and dehydration sales volume of 20.208 billion yuan.


In terms of commercial value, the direct economic benefits and market influence of a single anchor with goods are no less than that of a medium-sized offline retail chain. It is reported that the sales volume of SKP, the most expensive shopping mall in Beijing, in 2020 is only 17.5 billion yuan, which is 2.7 billion yuan less than the Gmv achievement created by Weiya. According to the achievement of 20.2 billion yuan, if it is placed in a shares, it can also rank in the forefront of the retail industry, and the ability to carry goods is amazing.


In addition, as a super head anchor, Weiya also cooperated with many stars to bring goods in 2020. According to incomplete statistics, more than 30 stars including Cai Ming, Li Yifeng, Lu Han, Huang Zitao, Wang Yaoqing, etc. participated in Weiya’s live show.


In addition to Weiya, Li Jiaqi and Xin Youzhi are also the leading forces of live broadcasting. Double 11 Kwai 2020 also brought a small wave of live goods, data show that nearly 300 million of the eleven tiktok live broadcast, Taobao, jitter, fast TOP50 anchor sales data, the ranking of Vya still ranked first. According to fat ball data, Weiya sold 38.62 million pieces of goods, with a turnover of 8.76 billion yuan. Li Jiaqi, who ranked second, sold 30.7 million pieces of goods, with a turnover of 7.06 billion yuan; Xin Youzhi, with a total sales of 3.65 billion yuan, ranked third, with 25.06 million pieces of goods, with a slightly lower single price.


Capital distribution of Li Jiaqi and Xin Youzhi


As the leading force in the live broadcasting industry, Li Jiaqi, Xin Youzhi, etc. in addition to live broadcasting with goods, also continue to layout in the commercial field.


Tianyancha data show that Li Jiaqi wholly owns the shares of Shanghai Kaiwang brand planning studio, Shanghai Li Jiaqi cultural media studio and other companies. As a legal person of five companies, as many as 10 companies have actual control rights, and most of them have been established since 2019.



According to public information, Li Jiaqi’s MCN company is meiwrist (Shanghai) Network Technology Co., Ltd., which was established in December 2014. Its legal representative is Qi Zhenbo, and its registered capital is RMB 2 million. Tianyancha app equity penetration data shows that sina Weibo affiliated company Beijing minimally invasive investment and venture capital center (limited partnership) and well-known portfolio Hu Haiquan’s Beijing is giant Investment Management Co., Ltd. hold shares in the company indirectly.


In addition, Li Jiaqi also holds 49% of the shares in Shanghai cosmetic e-commerce Co., Ltd., where Qi Zhenbo is the legal representative.



Xin Youzhi is a live broadcast of a brother, although the fever has been reduced after the Kwai Nei incident, but the level of carrying goods by Xin Youzhi is still considerable, and there are new moves in the capital market. According to the data, Xin Youzhi currently serves as a legal person in two companies and has the actual control of 10 companies. One of the most noteworthy is Guangzhou Xinxuan Investment Co., Ltd., which was established in April 2020 with a registered capital of 250 million yuan and its business scope covers many industries.


Recently, Shenzhen shengxun yunshang Technology Co., Ltd. has undergone industrial and commercial changes, adding Xin Youzhi as the chairman. According to the company’s shareholder information, Xin Youzhi’s affiliated company, Guangdong Xinxuan Holding Co., Ltd., is one of the shareholders of Shenzhen shengxun yunshang Technology Co., Ltd.


Live e-commerce is booming


Run on all platforms


Recently, 36 krypton Research Institute released the Research Report on China’s live broadcasting e-commerce industry in 2020, which said that the live broadcasting e-commerce industry is booming, and the major platforms run into the market, resulting in intensified competition in the industry.


The report points out that the live e-commerce ecology is multi-faceted and diversified. After five years of rapid development, the diversified development trend of live e-commerce ecology is becoming more and more obvious: more and more businesses start live broadcasting, and live broadcasting has become the “standard configuration” of e-commerce businesses; from the traditional e-commerce platform and shopping guide community platform which rely on live broadcasting to expand customer channels and improve user stickiness, to the entertainment content platform which uses “live broadcasting + e-commerce” to explore a new path of traffic transformation, the platform participants are more active The team is growing; MCN organizations are speeding up the layout of e-commerce, in order to get a share in the existing live broadcast e-commerce industry; the types of anchors are continuously rich, with the participation of stars, celebrities, entrepreneurs, etc., further driving the penetration of live broadcast e-commerce into all circles of consumers.


Capital investment banks, businesses, platforms, MCN organizations and anchors are the main participants in the live e-commerce industry, in which each performs its own duties. Businesses provide the product foundation, while anchors and MCN organizations behind them use live broadcasting as the media to transmit commodity information, and realize the touch of commodities to consumers through the platform.


The report shows that to build a healthy business format, we can’t do without the joint efforts of all parties in the industry. The regulatory department strengthens the industry standard of live broadcasting e-commerce, and builds a perfect top-level legal system for the healthy development of the industry; businesses, platforms and MCN institutions jointly promote the establishment of flexible supply chain, maintain private domain traffic, incubate and cultivate compound live broadcasting talents, realize the refinement of operation, gather high-quality industry resources, and continuously inject new momentum into live broadcasting e-commerce.