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The first hydrogen powered passenger train in Europe

The first hydrogen powered passenger train made by Alstom will be unveiled in Germany in March next year and build a foothold in Europe.

The first hydrogen powered passenger train in Europe

Carmen Schwabl, managing director of German railway operator lnvg, said commercial operation of the train will start in March next year after a long trial run on a 123 km track in Lower Saxony, Germany. The 14 coradia ilint passenger trains produced by Alstom will run on the branch line between Buxtehude outside Hamburg and Cuxhaven, a coastal town.

For five years, Alstom has been promoting fuel cell trains as an alternative to carbon emission diesel engines. In addition to the German project, the world’s second-largest railway equipment supplier won an order for a hydrogen electric double power train from French National Railway earlier this month, as well as other contracts in Germany and Italy.

Its competitor Siemens (85.01, – 0.24, – 0.28%) is also developing hydrogen powered trains. As emission regulations become more stringent, the European market is expected to grow to tens of billions of dollars in the next few years.