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Tesla’s Model Y stocks soared across the board

Tesla's Model Y stocks soared across the board
Tesla’s concept stocks surged on the first trading day after the New Year holiday on Jan 4, with many suppliers’ shares rising by the daily limit, boosted by the official sale of tesla’s domestic Model Y.

As of the close of business on January 4th, nearly 30 stocks such as Youde Precision (300549.SZ), Ganfeng Lithium (002460.SZ), Kaabeiyi (300863.SZ), Xiangfenghua (300890.SZ), Sanhua Zhihong (002050.SZ) increased by the daily limit, while Ningde Times (300750.SZ) increased by 15.09%.

On January 1, Tesla officially launched the domestic Model Y, with the starting price of the dual-motor all-wheel drive Model at 339,900 yuan and the high-performance Model at 369,900 yuan. The starting price of the two models is 148,100 yuan and 165,100 yuan, respectively, lower than that of the domestic Model.

According to China Business News, sales of tesla’s chinese-built Model Y Model soared to nearly 200 units per store on the first day of sales.

The sharp increase in domestic Model Y orders has also brought special attention to the situation of its suppliers, and the capital market has responded accordingly. Public information shows that Tesla’s current suppliers in China mainly include new energy vehicle thermal management suppliers, lightweight aluminum alloy chassis suppliers, battery suppliers, shock absorber suppliers and so on.

On January 4, a number of companies cooperating with Tesla responded to their cooperation on the interactive platform. For example, Tianqi Mold (002510.SZ) said that Tesla is one of the company’s important customers, and the mold orders undertaken by the company are progressing in an orderly way. The overall amount of the order is not large, which will not have a significant impact on the company’s current performance. Jifeng (603997.sh) said that the company supplies the rear center armrest and armrest supports and other products to Tesla’s domestic Model Y. Nanjing Julong (300644.SZ) said that a small number of its polymer modified materials were applied to Tesla new energy vehicles, which accounted for a small proportion of its main business and had little impact on the company’s performance.