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How Brands Occupy Users Under The Intellectual Controversy

Recently, Jiang Nanchun, chairman of Focus Media, attended the “King of the New Economy” conference and reviewed the rapid rise of China’s new economy with a number of market participants, including Internet giants, investment institutions, local governments and traditional enterprises. The economy for the next decade. Years of impossibility.

In a discussion titled “A Decade of Mind Controversy,” Jiang Nanchun, Chen Xiaohua, chairman and CEO of Swan Daojia, and Bai Rubing, co-founder of Che Haoduo, discussed the new economic decade, how the company is positioning itself and how brands are taking over users’ minds.


“Go back to today, go back to ten years ago, when you couldn’t use the Internet for food and taxis, and I’m sure everyone couldn’t go back. I believe that the whole consumer’s life has changed dramatically. The last ten years seem to change every year, a little bit, but the sum of ten years is a huge change. During this decade, there have been many changes, and many have not. Lots of changes, lots of Internet stories. There’s a lot of constant, maybe 10 years, 20 years, and even a place that continues to go deep and deep, but there’s also a lot of opportunity.” “Said Jiang Nanchun, chairman of the board of directors of the media.

As for the frequent traffic wars between Internet companies, Jiang Nanchun said: “At present, promotion is effective in the short term and can be increased in the short term. However, if it is not promoted later, it will not be sold. Transportation has to go with promotions, and transportation is getting more and more expensive. The trouble for many Chinese companies is that they have entered a state of double murder, with transport costs continuing to rise, unit prices for customers continuing to fall and margins getting thinner. Only by moving towards the brand can it change from quantity to quality.”

As for the difference between brand advertising and performance advertising, Nan Chun Jiang offers an interesting analogy. “The advantage of results advertising is that it produces results quickly, so you can see results quickly because it sees results, so trust it,” he said. Brand advertising may often need to be see and believe, so the effect of advertising often arouses your emotions, trigger some kind of behavior, is a kind of behavior, but the brand advertising depends on whether you have the common understanding of the brand advertising is therefore in shaping consumer awareness, and traffic advertisement is to arouse your emotions, two to three seconds after reading you must get a point, if you don’t click it, you’ll pass, so I think the difference between the two is not the same.

“In the ten years of the new economy, my biggest experience is to have rules,” said Jiang. To create a brand in the new economy, you have to create a category or identity, and therefore have a distinctive value. Society, we must seize the time window, in the time window, saturation attack, using its brand in consumers’ minds is a preconceived, I look forward to the future, in the critical period of transformation and upgrading of China’s economy, focus media can provide you with help more companies out of the homogeneity competition and price competition, the most effective way to use your unique brand infiltrate into the hearts of consumers, and create tens of billions and billions of a brand.”