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Apple wants to launch self-driving cars in 2024

Financial Times丨Wall Street Journal丨New York Times: New Coronavirus mutation causes global stock prices to fall

With the occurrence of the mutation of the new crown virus and its spread in parts of the UK, the market generally expects a new wave of lockdowns and travel restrictions to follow, and global stock markets will fall randomly.

The Fuji Global Index fell 0.8% on Monday, its worst day in the past three weeks. The European STOXX 600 index fell 2.3%, and the London FTSE 100 index fell 1.7%.

In comparison, the Wall Street stock market fell more gently. The S&P 500 initially fell 2% and then gradually recovered and eventually fell only 0.4%, while the Nasdaq index, which is more technology companies, fell only 0.1%.


Bloomberg丨Reuters: Apple wants to launch self-driving cars in 2024

It is reported that Apple is currently studying new battery technology to reduce battery costs and increase cruising range. Apple currently declined to comment.

In addition, Apple is not only developing its own lidar technology, but also connecting with external lidar teams and real-time 3D technical teams.

One of Apple’s plans to build cars is to use foundries equipped with its own autonomous driving technology to enter the market, but it is still unclear which traditional car companies will OEM for Apple.


Nikkei Asian Review: Toyota’s European plant will stop production

Toyota will suspend its car plants in the UK and France on Tuesday to deal with the risks of a new wave of virus mutations.

Toyota originally planned to stop production on Thursday and start the winter vacation, but due to changes in the epidemic situation, it decided to advance the time by two days.

Toyota stated that due to its sufficient inventory, the suspension will not cause major problems. The logistics between Britain and France is almost suspended due to blockade and congestion, so the suspension of production can help Toyota avoid unnecessary losses.

Before the current round of the epidemic, a large number of companies were stocking up to avoid the impact of the collapse of the Brexit negotiations. This has resulted in a large number of trucks currently stuck in the UK or on the way back to France.


Wall Street Journal: Pfizer’s new crown vaccine approved in the EU

On Monday, the European Medicines Agency approved Pfizer’s new crown vaccine, a week ahead of schedule.

The EU has ordered 300 million doses of vaccines from Pfizer, which will benefit 150 million people.

In addition, 160 million doses of vaccine were ordered from Moderna. The European Union is expected to decide whether to approve the vaccine on January 6.

In addition to these two vaccines, it may take several months for the European Union to approve Alicecam’s vaccine.

Although the vaccine is now approved, the committee must first investigate all 27 EU member states, and some countries will not start vaccination until December 29.


Nikkei Asian Review: Mirae Group fails to sue Amazon

Previously, Mirae Group sold its retail business to Reliance Group for US$3.4 billion and was opposed by Amazon. Mirae Group asked the court to prevent Amazon from interfering in this transaction.

Although this lawsuit involving two billionaires-India’s richest man Ambani and the world’s richest man Bezos won by Amazon, it does not mean that Amazon has the first opportunity.

In fact, the New Delhi High Court also found that the transaction contract between Mirae Group and Reliance Group was valid. The court only supported Amazon’s right to object to it based on Amazon’s existing shares in the Future Group.


Reuters: Shell Oil writes down assets again

Royal Dutch Shell said on Monday that the value of oil and gas assets will fall by US$3.5 billion to US$4.5 billion. The news caused Shell’s share price to fall by about 4% in early London trading.

This year, Shell has written down its assets several times. In the second quarter, it wrote down US$16.8 billion, and in October it wrote down nearly A$1 billion.

The weak oil demand caused by the new crown epidemic and the closure of the Gulf of Mexico platform have affected the company’s oil and gas production.

Although the profit of Shell’s marketing business hit a record high in the third quarter, oil and gas profits in the fourth quarter will fall sharply.