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New development of domestic vaccines

According to the white paper recently released by international logistics giants DHL and McKinsey, after the advent of the new crown vaccine, the global orders will exceed 10 billion doses, and the price of syringes will rise more than two times compared with that before the epidemic.


After Sinopharm vaccine, the conditional listing application of Kexing Xinguan vaccine was accepted by the State Food and drug administration. In February 3rd, Kexing Zhongwei announced that the New Coronavirus inactivated vaccine, which was developed by Kerr, formally submitted the conditional listing application to the State Food and Drug Administration on the same day, and was accepted. According to the industry’s prediction, if the approval speed of Sinopharm Beijing Xinguan vaccine is followed, the Kelaifu vaccine submitted for listing yesterday will be approved as soon as before the Spring Festival. Before the vaccine was officially launched, the company was urgently recruiting personnel for vaccine production on a large scale.

New development of domestic vaccines

Production capacity of new crown vaccine increased significantly


Syringe prices more than doubled


In addition to the shortage of vaccine production personnel, vaccine syringes also encountered similar problems. Recently, Chinese syringe manufacturers warned that the global new crown vaccination program has brought unprecedented pressure on their production. At present, all manufacturers are greatly increasing their production capacity, but it is expected that it will not be until May this year to gradually meet the orders. It is understood that China and India are the world’s largest producers of medical syringes, accounting for more than 70% of the world’s production capacity.


At present, the annual vaccine production capacity of Kexing in 2021 has been increased to 1 billion doses. With the production capacity of more than 1 billion doses of new coronavirus inactivated vaccine of Sinopharm, the annual production capacity of the two new coronavirus vaccines has exceeded 2 billion doses. According to the white paper recently released by international logistics giants DHL and McKinsey, after the advent of the new crown vaccine, global orders will exceed 10 billion doses, which will require about 200000 pallets, 15 million cooling boxes and 15000 full load Boeing 747 freighters. However, the world’s vaccine production capacity is limited, so we want to produce so many vaccines Miao, it’s hard to do it in a short time.


Guo Chun, general manager of Zhejiang Kangkang medical device Co., Ltd., said that as a result of the overseas vaccination program, the company has received export contracts for 10 million to 20 million syringes each since December, compared with about 5 million syringes per contract before the outbreak.


Guo Chun said that the price of syringes has more than tripled from 0.1 yuan per syringe before the outbreak to more than 0.3 yuan. A manager of Qiaosen, a supplier of Becton Dickinson in Zibo, Shandong, said that orders received by the factory this month must wait until May or June to be completed. Before the outbreak, more than 90% of Qiaosen’s orders came from China, but now foreign orders are also increasing.


Net profit of 5 concept stocks is expected to double


Data treasure rough statistics show that there are 14 companies in the A-share market layout of syringe related business. In December last year, wanbond said that the first phase of the new plant of its health technology China Africa Industrial Park has passed the completion acceptance, and the intelligent automation expansion project of medical devices has entered the final equipment installation stage. The planned design capacity has reached 1 billion syringes, 2 billion injection and puncture needles, and 250 million infusion sets. Small volume syringes of 1ml and below produced by sun Kangkang medical company can be used for vaccine injection.


Kant Lai has a complete medical puncture equipment industry chain. The company said on the interactive platform on February 4 that the small-size syringes produced by Kant Lai have cooperation with European and American customers in the field of Ophthalmology. At present, there are sufficient orders. In 2019, the company’s output of syringes will reach 1.515 billion.

New development of domestic vaccines

Sanxin medical injection products are mainly used for clinical vaccination, intramuscular injection and subcutaneous injection. The company said on the interactive platform on January 11 that the production capacity of vaccine syringes and other related products is sufficient. The above products have obtained the domestic medical device registration certificate, EU CE certification and us fda510 (k) marketing license, and can normally accept orders at home and abroad.


Secondary market performance point of view, the concept stock overall bright spot is not much. Only Kant Lai and Tianhua super net shares rose by more than 10%. Kant Lai’s cumulative increase of 19.95% ranked the first. The stock was trading at a limit on Thursday, and the turnover of the day was enlarged to 460 million yuan.


New development of domestic vaccines! Syringe prices have risen more than 2 times, concept stocks exposed

According to the performance data, there are eight concept stocks with an expected net profit increase of more than 20% in 2020, among which Yangpu medical, Tianhua ultra clean, dongfulong, truking technology, Huaren pharmaceutical, etc. are expected to double. The net profit of Yangpu medical is expected to increase by the highest margin. It is estimated that the net profit last year will be 160 million yuan to 180 million yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 514.81% to 591.66%. From the perspective of valuation level, the rolling P / E ratio of the five syringe concept stocks is less than 30 times, which are Yangpu medical, Xinhua medical, Med medical, Weier pharmaceutical and dongfulong respectively.