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Xiaomi has four more models facing “elimination”

As we all know, Xiaomi 6 is the strongest “nail user” in Xiaomi mobile phones. Now, four years after its release, “pulling out the nail” is a matter of certainty. However, unexpectedly, in addition to Xiaomi 6, three models will face “elimination”.


Xiaomi has four more models facing "elimination"

Recently, Xiaomi has launched battery replacement activities. The models that Xiaomi mobile phones can participate in include: Xiaomi 5C, Xiaomi max2, Xiaomi 6x, Xiaomi max3, Xiaomi 8 youth version, Xiaomi 9, Xiaomi 9 se, Xiaomi play, Xiaomi cc9, Xiaomi cc9 Meitu, Xiaomi cc9e, Xiaomi mix3, Xiaomi 9pro 5g, Xiaomi cc9 pro, Xiaomi 10, Xiaomi 10pro and Xiaomi 10 supreme commemorative version.



Careful Netizens found that among these Xiaomi models, Xiaomi 6, Xiaomi 8, Xiaomi mix2 and Xiaomi mix2s are missing. This also means that the battery replacement activities of Xiaomi will cancel the support for these four models. It is not difficult to see that Xiaomi is ready to “eliminate” these four models.



As Xiaomi 6 and mix2 that have been released for four years have been “eliminated”, I believe you will not be surprised, but Xiaomi 8 and mix2s that have only been released for three years have also been “eliminated”, which is still a bit unexpected. So, among the four models, do you have your mobile phone