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“Grabbing coal”spot: No credit sales, 80% deposit must be paid first

After 8 hours of rushing, Xu Lan finally drove a large truck from Shandong to Henan with her husband, but she did not dare to rest. Instead, she rushed to a coal yard in Xinmi at a price of RMB 600 per ton. Fill the empty truck with coal.

“I have to hurry back now. The ships in the port (Shandong) are still waiting for the coal.” Xu Lan said.

On the afternoon of December 15, a reporter from China Business News found during an interview in Xinmi, Henan that many of the entrances and exits of coal mines were crowded with trucks coming and going.

Xu Lan’s husband also said that he and his wife ran long-distance transportation together, and they also pulled many goods, but this was the first time that he came out to help customers pull coal. “I heard from customers that besides us, he also found a lot of big cars.”

“Grabbing coal” is becoming the most urgent choice for some downstream customers in the coal industry. “The customer is in a hurry. They say that coal is priced at a price per day, and coal can be obtained in one minute, which saves money.” Xu Lan just said this, and jumped into her husband’s truck and drove towards Shandong.

Staring at the big truck going away, Zhang Lin, an executive of Henan Aneng Industrial Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Anneng Company”), smiled and said to a reporter from China Business Bank that now, a big truck that can pull more than 30 tons of coal at a time like this , They sit in the company every day and have to accommodate nearly 30 cars.

Aneng Company is a company that mainly sells clean coal. clean coalThe so-called clean coal refers to powdered coal that is made from black raw coal after washing, magnetic separation, and other steps.

“This matter, a few months ago, I can hardly think about it.” Zhang Lin said that in recent years, the price of coal has not been high. In March and April, when the price was the lowest, the price per ton of raw coal was only more than 300 yuan. The price of the clean coal sold has also fallen to around 350 yuan, which is close to the break-even line.

In order to sell more clean coal, Aneng company organized a group of business personnel to promote sales all over the country, and even allowed credit sales. Even so, only hundreds of tons were sold every day. Now, even if they sit in the office every day, customers from all over the country take the initiative to place orders.

“Now, there is basically no credit sales. If customers want to buy coal, they must first make a deposit. Otherwise, it is very likely that the car will come, and there may not be coal available.” As for the percentage of deposit, there are 80% and 40%. , “It depends on the relationship between the customer and the boss.”

Jin Cheng is also smiling. “Buy coal? It’s 500 yuan a ton now.” As soon as he got on the phone, Jin Cheng shouted to the customer on the other end: “It really can’t be cheap. It’s all at this price now. We are still cheap. You. If it feels expensive, why don’t you wait?”


Jin Cheng is the sales manager of a coal mine in Yuzhou, Henan. He said that the rise in coal prices has only happened in the past few days. In November, the raw coal in his coal mine was still 350 yuan/ton. As soon as December entered, it rose to 500 yuan/ton. “Looking at this momentum, coal prices have to continue to rise.”

Data from Baichuan Yingfu shows that domestic thermal coal market prices are rising. Today, coal prices in Shanxi, Shanxi, Yulin, and Inner Mongolia have all increased, ranging from 10-25 yuan/ton.

A person in charge of the Chaohua Coal Mine of Zhengzhou Coal Group also said that the price of coal in their mine has also risen. Many employees are very motivated now. “They are all hoping to make up for the arrears of wages by the end of the year. “He said that from July to now, they have not paid wages for several months. Now, the coal situation is improving. I hope that the company can repay these wages before the Spring Festival.

In the coal yard of Chaohua Coal Mine, a reporter from China Business News found that there were only a few piles of coal that had been piled up in the past, and most of the coal was sold out by customers from all over the country. The small train on the coal yard is transporting the remaining cinder from the screening to the landfill.

Why did coal prices soar? Zhang Lin analyzed that the skyrocketing coal price this winter should be caused by a combination of multiple factors. One of the reasons may be that the coal industry has been in a downturn in recent years. Many coal mines have been in a state of semi-stop production. Coupled with the shortage of funds, many coal mines have not started construction in time, causing the supply side to be more tight than in previous years. At the same time, this year In winter, it is colder than in previous years, and the people’s demand for heating is also stronger, which eventually caused a burst of demand on the demand side.

In addition, the reduction in coal imports including shipping, the de-capacity of domestic coal and the gradual withdrawal of production capacity in old mining areas, as well as the continued purchase of coal in the steel, building materials, chemical and cement industries brought about by the domestic economic recovery, have driven The huge increase in coal demand may also be an important factor in this round of coal price increases.