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Shocked Central Commission for Discipline Inspection handling staff!

Shocked Central Commission for Discipline Inspection handling staff!
Recently, the party’s website posted a video, the depth of investigation | qinghai bank chairman wang li “luxury” life “of the disclosure of the original, chairman of the bank of qinghai, President wang li corruption case in detail.

A closet full of Hermes scarves, more than 40 designer bags… “Accepted a large number of luxuries, but only dared to secretly enjoy them in the house.” “Treasures hidden in the gold house, only to know after her husband’s crime.”

She took a lot of bribes and had a house where she hid the money and goods. It was only when she fell from her horse that she woke up to the fact that these things were nothing more than passing.


On February 21, 2020, the website of the CPC Central Commission for Discipline Inspection (CCDI) published an announcement: “Wang Li, former Party member, inspector and deputy director of the Qinghai Provincial Local Financial Supervision Administration, has been expelled from the CPC and removed from public office.”

Wang Li, female, Han nationality, was born in December 1962. I started to work in Xining Branch of People’s Bank of China as soon as I entered my job. Since 2005 Ms. Wang has served as the president of Xining Commercial Bank, now known as Qinghai Bank. He served as Chairman of the Board of Directors from 2008 until July 2018 and as President of the Bank for 12 years and Chairman for 10 years respectively.

“Admired” was the word the top brass in the financial world used to describe her

According to the CCDI, Ni Yu Heyun, deputy director of the Third Inspection and Investigation Office of the Qinghai Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision, “I have come into contact with some of her people involved in the case, including some top figures in the financial sector, and they all use the word ‘admire’ to describe her.”


Wang Li’s strong business ability is what she shows in front of people. But there is another side to the “back” that is not known.

“She is a very greedy person, in terms of the amount of bribery, the big is two to three million yuan in a single bribe, but the small one hundred thousand yuan, as long as someone gave her money, she will accept. In the evaluation of Wang Li, some comments said that she did not hold the bottom line, but we think Wang Li has no bottom line at all.” “Said another investigator.


A private residence

Specializes in hiding stolen money and goods

Wang Li had a private residence where she hid stolen money and goods. Gao Wei, deputy director of the case supervision and management office of the Qinghai Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision, said in an interview: “All the decoration of her residence was to achieve the highest quality, including her wallpaper. She didn’t paste wallpaper at all, but had a painted pattern made to match the overall layout of her house.”

Shocked Central Commission for Discipline Inspection handling staff!

During an on-site investigation of Wang’s private residence, the discipline inspection and supervision authorities found a cabinet full of Hermes scarves and more than 40 designer bags, the highest of which was worth more than 400,000 yuan. In addition, the items involved in the case also included around 500,000 yuan commemorative banknotes, some gold products (one gold bar per kilogram), musk prohibited for sale and so on.


“We have been handling cases for more than 20 years, and we have done a lot of searches. It is true that she, as a lesbian, is also a leading cadre, when her house opened, we all felt shocked. Then there were brand-name bags, of which there were about 40, and the highest value was a custom-made one. At that time, we understood the value was more than 400,000 yuan.”

The real estate that shocked the investigators was Wang Li’s private residence. Her husband only knew that Wang Li had bought a house in this community, but he did not know the specific house number at all. Such a house also became the main place where Wang Li hid the money and goods involved in the case.

Receive a large amount of luxuries

Only in the house wearing a mirror to admire

Rampant convergence of luxury, but dare not wear out of the house. For Wang Li, the luxuries piled up in her room are nothing but vain images, which make her get psychological compensation.


After being investigated, Wang told investigators that her twisted life made her a particularly conflicted personality. “She used to have a pair of pants altered and asked her assistant (to help),” the investigator said. They weren’t designer pants, and she said they fit. But with all these luxuries and dresses and so on, she hardly ever gets out of her own room.”


“She said that her greatest sorrow was to find peace in her own room, and her greatest joy was to look at herself in the mirror. Put these luxuries on and put them on. Some are like jewel necklaces, these clothes are worn on the body, in the mirror to take a look. In fact, she said she was very conflicted and very bitter.” “Said the investigator.


“Powerful woman” at work, “loser” in life

At the same time, family disharmony is also a big reason. For a long time, Wang Li and her husband’s only contact, only a paper marriage certificate.

As a “strong woman” in work and a “loser” in life, Wang Li is very face-conscious and sensitive. She never wants to let her subordinates or colleagues see her lost side, which gives people the impression that they are a good couple. The absence of family distorts her whole mind and has a great negative effect.

According to the investigators, during the search, her lover couldn’t stay in the middle of it. He said, “This is not going to go on, can I just leave?” His lover left with tears in her eyes. Although we talk about this kind of relationship between husband and wife seems to exist in name only, when we really see this kind of situation, I estimate that the first one is very sad for his wife, the second one is also shocked to his wife, I did not expect to really use the word crazy to describe, crazy to such a point.


Homo habilis is the epitome of corruption

Wang Li has strong business ability, including some top people in the financial industry, who use the word “admiration” to describe her. What is it about such an excellent person that makes her corrupt?

Wang Li is the epitome of corruption in an able person. The asset scale of Qinghai Bank was only 1 billion yuan at the beginning of preparation, and reached more than 100 billion yuan when she left, ranking among the top commercial banks in China in some indicators. Wang Li once played an important role in the development of Qinghai Bank.

However, after witnessing the extravagance of some business owners in the “financial circle” and the so-called “financial crocodiles”, the thinking began to change gradually.

Wang Li felt that her income did not match the value she had built up and achieved. At first, Wang Li also felt that it was wrong to take money, but then she thought, everyone else can get it, so why can’t I? In this unbalanced state of mind, she gradually began to pursue a life of luxury, unscrupulous embezzlement.

“When I left through the door, I felt like a turtle.” This is Wang Li to the case investigators the deepest impression of the sentence.

The file runs to more than 15,000 pages

Wang Li’s case file contains about 70 volumes, including about 50 volumes for violations of laws and 20 volumes for violations of discipline. These volumes add up to more than 15,000 pages in total.

It is reported that Wang Li has worked in a financial institution for many years and has a wide network of contacts. After many times of consultation and verification, part of the report was made public on the Internet by the informant. As a result, Wang Li has been mentally prepared and has considered the countermeasures to the relevant problems.

In 2013, two loans of Qinghai Bank led by Wang Li had a loan principal of 370 million yuan. There were major problems in these two loans before they were issued. However, under Wang Li’s arrangement, they were all handled and the loans were not recovered after they were issued.

In 2017, the provincial commission for discipline inspection checked the problem again and handed over the relevant clues to the public security department. In the same year, the boss who accepted the loan was investigated on suspicion of loan fraud by the public security department. In 2019, on the basis of the simultaneous investigation by the judicial authorities, the discipline inspection and supervision authorities acted quickly, launched a detailed investigation, and identified Wang Li’s suspected abuse of power through the key handling personnel in the loan processing process.

Gao Wei, deputy director of the case supervision and management office of the Qinghai Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision, said, “Because this time we have also learned some lessons from the previous experience, we targeted two of her associates, whom we identified as her close friends. From this point of view, we can quickly approach the truth of the case, but we can not disturb her.”

On February 21, 2020, the Qinghai Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision released the news that Wang Li had been placed on file for investigation of serious violations of discipline and law.

‘In her work, Wang ignored organizational principles, made important decisions on her own, abused her authority and caused huge losses to state assets,’ the statement said. In life, they are self-indulgent, pursuing personal fame and wealth and material enjoyment, and willing to be “hunted”; In terms of economic greed, he regarded state-owned financial enterprises as personal “withdrawal boxes” and set up “small coffers” to withdraw funds at will for personal use. He illegally used state-owned funds for other purposes and sought benefits for others. Abuse of power, take advantage of his position in loan issuance, project construction, employee recruitment and other aspects, engage in power for money, power for personal gain, illegally accept huge amounts of property.

Wang li in the self confession also said, “in the whole process of career development, is that some of the ego, I put the development of Banks, more in other people’s compliment, others puff, as his own skill, as their abilities, in fact it is given into the power of the platform, the organization gives”.


‘When I leave the organization and my work, I feel like a person has no soul and spine,’ Ms. Wang said. ‘It’s like a pile of skin lying in the ground.’ Everything lies in their own did not cherish, no treasure, also do not know the depth, this is my greatest sorrow and despair, but also the greatest sorrow and despair of life.


The warning sheet believes that the financial industry power operation is closed, business transparency is not high, professional and technical, the actual work of long-term regulatory blind spots and gaps. After Wang Li’s case, the Qinghai Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision issued a recommendation for discipline inspection and supervision, urging the enterprise to conduct in-depth rectification.

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