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Huatai and Guojun dominate the top 100 seats

2020 is a year for the A-share market. The Shanghai Composite Index closed at 3473.07 points, an increase of 422.95 points or 13.9% from the end of the previous year; the Shenzhen Component Index closed at 14470.68 points, an increase of 4039.91 points or 38.7% from the end of the previous year. . The annual turnover of the two cities was 206.83 trillion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 62.3%. The Dragon and Tiger List, which reflects the active direction of market transaction funds, is unwilling to be lonely. For the whole year of 2020, the Shenzhen Stock Connect, Shanghai Stock Connect, and institutional seats are removed, and the top 100 trading seats have a total turnover of 992.9 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of about 73%. The trading seats of veteran brokers such as CITIC Securities, Huatai Securities, Guotai Junan still occupy most of the top 100, but Huaxin Securities, Industrial Securities, etc. have also risen rapidly, and the rankings are changing.

Rapid growth in turnover

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon in the Dragon and Tiger Rankings, although investors jokingly dubbed the “Bull Bear” in 2020, the money-making effect is also very obvious. As an important indicator for observing the trend of hot money in-stock selection and dismantling the sources of funds for individual stocks, the Dragon and Tiger ranking funds are in It will also become more active in 2020 According to statistics from Oriental Fortune Choice, as of December 31, 2020, the Shenzhen Stock Connect, Shanghai Stock Connect, and institutional seats have been removed. The top 100 trading seats have accumulated a total turnover of 992.9 billion yuan, an increase of about 73% year-on-year, with an average The turnover of the business department during the year reached 9.93 billion yuan.

The top ten business departments (including branches) are Oriental Fortune Securities Lhasa Tuanjie Road Second Securities Business Department, Oriental Fortune Securities Lhasa Donghuan Road Second Securities Business Department, CITIC Securities Shanghai Liyang Road Securities Business Department, Industrial Securities Shaanxi Branch, Guotai Junan Securities Shanghai Jiangsu Road Securities Sales Department, Huaxin Securities Shanghai Branch, Galaxy Securities Shaoxing Securities Sales Department, Guosheng Securities Ningbo Sangtian Road Securities Sales Department, Guotai Junan Securities Nanjing Taiping South Road Securities Sales Department and Huaxin Securities Huzhou Labor Securities Business Department of Luzhebei Financial Center.

From the perspective of specific business departments, the two major business departments of Oriental Fortune are still at the top of the list. Oriental Fortune Securities Lhasa Tuanjie Road No. 2 Securities Business Department and Oriental Fortune Securities Lhasa Donghuan Road No. 2 Securities Business Department are respectively 91.361 billion yuan and 68.558 billion yuan. Yuan’s turnover dominated the top two positions Spark Global Limited.

Close behind is the well-known CITIC Securities Shanghai Liyang Road Securities Sales Department, with a turnover of 28.761 billion yuan in 2020. In terms of trading stocks, CITIC Securities has accumulated 496 times on the Longhu List. The most traded stocks are Daan Gene (6 times), Jindawei (6 times), and 601216.SH Junzheng Group (6 times). Overall, the trading of individual stocks is relatively scattered.

In addition to Oriental Fortune and CITIC Securities Liyang Road, Guotai Junan Shanghai Jiangsu Road, Galaxy Securities Shaoxing, and other old seats are still frequent visitors at the top of the list. Guotai Junan Shanghai Jiangsu Road ranked 723 times, with a total turnover of 27.422 billion yuan during the year. The most traded stocks are Saturday (8 times), Shengguang Group (8 times), and Rongda Sensitive (7 times) Different styles of the business department can also be reflected in transaction data. In addition to the two business departments of Oriental Fortune, known as the “retail investor base camp”, several well-known sales department seats have more distinctive styles, and the market is also paying more attention to this From the data point of view, the relative trading stocks of CITIC Securities’ Shanghai Liyang Road business department are relatively scattered, and the number of shots is small, but each time it is a heavy position, the average capital used for each time on the Dragon and Tiger list is 575.8356 million yuan.


Zheng Shuang and Zhang Heng’s 20 million yuan

Zheng Shuang and Zhang Heng are performing “Changing and arranging chaos.”

And this entanglement will not only last until 2021, but also become more dramatic.

Just when Zheng Shuang’s “surrogacy crisis” was raging due to Zhang Heng’s self-confidence, the WeChat public account of the Shanghai Second Intermediate Court issued a news on January 19 that the Shanghai Second Intermediate Court had proceeded with the case of Zheng Shuang v. The second instance trial.

The Beijing News Shell Finance reporter combed and noticed that since 2020, with the label of Zheng Shuang’s ex-boyfriend, Zhang Hengpin has become a focal point due to negative news. During this period, he was not only sued for allegedly owing employees’ wages, but also restricted from high consumption. In addition, Zheng Shuang was sued to the court to demand the return of the 20 million yuan loan and the corresponding overdue interest.



According to news from the Shanghai Second Intermediate Court on January 19, on November 12, 2019, the court of first instance accepted the case of the plaintiff Zheng Shuang suing the defendant Zhang Heng in a private loan dispute. The plaintiff requested to order the defendant to return the loan of RMB 20 million and pay corresponding overdue interest. On November 9, 2020, the court of first instance decided to support all the claims of the plaintiff Zheng Shuang. After the judgment of the first instance, the defendant Zhang Heng refused to accept and appealed to the Shanghai Second Intermediate People’s Court, requesting the rejection of all Zheng Shuang’s claims or remand for retrial.

The Shanghai No. 2 Middle School said that the entrusted litigation agents of both parties attended the second instance trial, the appellant Zhang Heng provided new evidence, and both parties provided sufficient evidence and cross-examination around the focus of the dispute.

The tearing of the two was due to their original love. Spark Global Limited

On August 26, 2020, Shell Finance reporter learned that Zhang Heng was sued for allegedly owing wages to employees. The label “Zheng Shuang’s ex-boyfriend” put it directly on the hot search.

According to industry and commerce information, the company involved in the lawsuit is Shanghai Jingguaguai Artificial Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Whaleguagua Company”), which was established on January 18, 2019. The legal representative is Zhang Heng and the registered capital is 10 million. yuan. The company’s business scope includes technology development, technology consulting, technology transfer, and artificial intelligence public data platform in the field of artificial intelligence technology.

The company’s major shareholder is Shanghai Whale Valley Artificial Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd., with a shareholding ratio of 72% and a subscribed capital of 7.2 million yuan.

Zheng Shuang appears behind Shanghai Whale Valley Artificial Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd. This company, established on December 20, 2018, has a subscribed capital contribution of 20 million yuan, the legal representative is Zhang Heng, the major shareholder is Zheng Shuang, the shareholding ratio is 68%, and the subscribed capital contribution is 13.6 million yuan. The second shareholder is Zhang Heng, who holds 32% of the shares and subscribes to the capital of 6.4 million yuan.

Explore the post epidemic era to promote economic recovery

Steady appreciation of entrusted assets of insurance protection fund
In 2020, the entrusted assets of insurance protection fund will increase steadily, and the risk management ability will be further improved. By the end of October this year, the balance of insurance protection fund was 160.448 billion yuan, property insurance fund was 100.129 billion yuan, accounting for 62.41%; the balance of life insurance fund was 60.319 billion yuan, accounting for 37.59%. At present, the entrusted investment management fund is 19.12 billion yuan, and the annualized investment return rate of that year is 4.4%, which has achieved the goal of maintaining and increasing value.
China’s top 500 new economy enterprises list released in 2020
Recently, China Enterprise Evaluation Association released the “2020 top 500 new economy enterprises in China”. Alibaba Group Holding Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Tencent computer system Co., Ltd. and Huawei Investment Holding Co., Ltd. ranked the top three.
Banking profits will rebound next year, the report said
According to the “2021 economic and financial outlook report” released by the Bank of China Research Institute on November 30, the year-on-year growth rate of assets and liabilities of China’s banking industry will be 10% – 11% next year, and the growth rate will be slower than that in 2020. The report predicts that China’s banking net profit will hit the bottom and rebound next year, and the year-on-year growth rate is expected to change from negative to positive, achieving a growth rate of 2% – 3%.
The loan balance of the whole pig industry chain of ABC exceeded 50 billion yuan
Since this year, the Agricultural Bank of China has thoroughly implemented the decision and deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council on the stable production and supply of pigs, made every effort to do a good job in pig financial services, and continuously increased the credit support for the pig industry, and achieved positive results. By the end of September this year, the balance of loans for the whole pig industry chain of ABC reached 52.5 billion yuan, an increase of 29 billion yuan or 123% over the beginning of the year.
BOC Research Institute report: the global economy may present the characteristics of “three low and three new” in the post epidemic Era
The 2021 economic and financial outlook report released by the Research Institute of Bank of China on November 30 pointed out that in the post epidemic era, the global economy may present the characteristics of “three low and three new”, that is, brewing new forces, new trends and new order in low growth, low interest rates and low investment. The report predicts that the impact of the epidemic will continue in the first half of next year, and the global economy will not really recover until the second half of next year.
The fifth “one belt, one road” Summit Forum was held to explore the post epidemic era to promote economic recovery.
The fifth one belt, one road summit, one belt, one road jointly opened by the Hongkong SAR government and the Hongkong Trade Development Council, opened in November 30th. Participants from around the world focused on the “one belt” development opportunity to explore ways to promote economic recovery in the post epidemic era. The theme of the two-day forum was “insight into business opportunities and building a sustainable and inclusive future”. Affected by the novel coronavirus pneumonia, the forum was held online.

The Dow soared by more than 300 points

Market Pulse

The positive news of the new vaccine on Monday once again boosted investor confidence. The S&P 500 index closed up 20.10 points, or 0.56%, to 3,577.60 points; the Nasdaq index closed up 25.70 points, or 0.22%, to 11880.63 points; the Dow Jones index closed up 327.80 points, or 1.12%, to 29591.27 points.

New energy automobile stocks rose sharply, Tesla rose 6.5%, Xiaopeng Motors rose nearly 34% to 72.17 US dollars, the total market value exceeded 50 billion US dollars. Ideal cars rose by more than 14%, and Weilai rose by more than 13%, reaching new highs.

Economic Calendar:

The fifth “1+6” round table dialogue

15:00 Germany’s final quarterly adjusted GDP quarterly rate in the third quarter (%)

17:00 Germany November IFO Business Climate Index

19:00 UK November CBI retail sales difference

22:00 US September FHFA house price index monthly rate (%)

23:00 Consumer Confidence Index of the US November Consultative Chamber


►►On November 23, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao Lijian presided over a regular press conference. A reporter asked a question. According to a draft US list disclosed by the media, the Trump administration is about to announce that 89 Chinese companies are “related to the military” and will restrict them from purchasing a series of US products and technologies. What is China’s comment? Zhao Lijian said that China firmly opposes the unprovoked suppression of Chinese companies by the US and has stated its solemn position on this many times. What the U.S. has done seriously violates the market competition principles and international economic and trade rules that the U.S. has always advertised, and will inevitably harm America’s national interests and its own image. Chinese companies have always adhered to operating in compliance with laws and regulations, and strictly abide by the laws and regulations of various countries, including US laws, in their international operations. The United States should stop generalizing the concept of national security and suppress the wrongdoings of foreign companies.

►►The China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission has recently approved in principle Baoshang Bank to enter bankruptcy proceedings. The China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission’s Reply on the Bankruptcy of Baoshang Bank Co., Ltd. stated that Baoshang Bank should carry out follow-up work in strict accordance with the requirements of relevant laws and regulations, and promptly report to the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission in case of major situations.

►►Notice of the State Administration of Radio and Television on strengthening the management of online show live broadcasts and e-commerce live broadcasts. The online show live broadcast platform shall implement real-name management for network anchors and “rewarding” users. Users who have not registered with the real-name system cannot give rewards, and minor users cannot give rewards. Measures such as real-name verification, face recognition, and manual review shall be adopted to ensure that the real-name system requirements are implemented and the reward function of underage users is blocked.

►►At around 18:30 on November 23, 2020, the Long March 5 Yaowu carrier rocket began to fill with liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen cryogenic propellant. It is planned to launch the launch mission from 4 am to 5 am on the 24th. This is the second applied launch of the Long March 5 series of carrier rockets. It will transport the lunar exploration project Chang’e 5 probe to the Earth-Moon transfer orbit, and implement my country’s first extraterrestrial celestial body sampling and return mission. The launch window time of the Long March 5 Yaowu rocket is based on comprehensive consideration of the earth-moon position relationship and other factors, and the best launch time is selected after orbital design.

►► Qinghai Barley Wine responded to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange’s concern letter, stating that the company, controlling shareholders and actual controllers do not have major matters that should be disclosed but not disclosed about the company, or major matters that are in the planning stage. The company’s controlling shareholder, Huashi Investment, reduced its holdings of 720,000 shares during the stock transaction period, accounting for 0.16% of the company’s total share capital. On July 30, it disclosed the “Announcement on Pre-Disclosure of Controlling Shareholders’ Share Reduction.” Highland barley wine has six daily limit in the past nine trading days.

►►Hangzhou Hi-tech announced at night that the company could not get in touch with the company’s actual controller, Lu Junkun, and he was in a state of disconnection. Up to now, the company has not been able to understand the specific reason why Lu Junkun lost contact. Lu Junkun has resigned from the company’s chairman, director, and strategic committee member on September 11, and no longer holds any position in the company. At present, the loss of contact has not affected the company’s production, operation and management stability.

►►According to the Shanghai Clearing Exchange’s announcement, Yongcheng Coal and Electricity Holding Group Co., Ltd.’s seventh phase of ultra-short-term financing bonds (20 Yongmei SCP007) and the fourth phase of ultra-short-term financing bonds (20 Yongmei SCP004) in 2020 should Cashed on November 23. As of the end of the payment due date, Yongcheng Coal and Electricity Holding Group Co., Ltd. failed to raise full payment funds as agreed, and failed to transfer the payment funds to the custodian institution on time and in full.

Haitong Securities: During the bull market, funds alternate between the main road and the auxiliary road due to the gradual change in fundamentals. In the first half of this year, technology and consumption led the rise, the early cycle of the third quarter rose, and the cycle after the fourth quarter is beginning to exert force. The pattern of the bull market has not changed. In the short and medium term, post-cyclical finance is better, and the main line of the medium and long term is still technology and domestic demand that represent transformation and upgrading.

Galaxy Securities: Looking ahead to A-shares, the current market’s upward momentum has shifted from liquidity-driven to fundamental-driven. The game of stock funds has caused hot spots to rotate rapidly, and the price-performance ratio of buying is particularly important. It is expected that short-term fluctuations will continue within a narrow range to accumulate momentum. , The long-term upward direction has not changed. The end of the year and the beginning of the year are a good time for the layout of high-quality white horse stocks to be adjusted in depth. In the context of economic recovery, performance is still an important support for the future long-term layout.

Kaiyuan Securities: The market continues to fully interpret the cyclical market, the pro-cyclical low-valuation sector has become the main force, and the changes in the macro economy have begun to enter the cognitive vision of more and more investors. The global economy is entering a post-epidemic recovery. The real estate recovery in the United States, the implementation of stimulus bills, and corporate inventory replenishment are on track; supply recovery is often slower than demand during economic recovery, and global re-inflation transactions are emerging; supply and demand patterns are reshaping after the epidemic , China’s manufacturing industry is showing resilience and expansion capabilities in the global industrial chain turmoil.

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