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The differences of society and culture between the US and China


The racial discrimination in the United States and the awakening of personal values ​​in China

In the U.S. election year and the COVID-19 pandemic, no one expected that the black American man George Perry Floyd’s plea for “I can’t breathe” before his death brought the United States into a “painful moment” and triggered the nation. Anti-racism movement. This is bound to be recorded in contemporary American history for a long time.

“Black people’s fate is also fate” on Google’s annual news list. The number of searches for “Black Lives Matter” has increased five times over last year, and it has become a global search issue for the first time. Moreover, the number of searches for “anti-racism” is more than “how to become a millionaire”, and the number of searches for “how to change the world” is twice that of “how to return to a normal life”.

The trigger points of major events often come from ordinary people. It is this ordinary person who has lifted the veil of discrimination against people of color behind American freedom and democracy-the injustice of police law enforcement and the broader criminal justice system. What is even more sad is that according to statistics, African Americans have been hit harder than whites in the US public health and economic crisis triggered by the new coronavirus. This shows that the medical resources available to various ethnic groups are different, and it shows the inequality between races in American society.

In China, there are also ordinary people who have gained attention. In the year of the epidemic, countless brave “retrogrades”, mortal heroes who silently showed love, and outstanding figures in all walks of life-84-year-old Zhong Nanshan rushed to the front and gave the people of the whole country a meal. Dingxinwan; During the flood, Chen Lu, the political instructor of the Fire Rescue Brigade of Lujiang County, Hefei City, Anhui Province, fought bravely and rescued and evacuated 2,655 people; 95-year-old Gu Deming raised the national flag at home for 54 consecutive years, expressing sincerity to the country with persistence The love of…All Chinese are the main body in the fight against the epidemic, and they are all realizing their self-worth and social value. The anti-epidemic and struggle of the whole people interprets the patriotic spirit of every Chinese and the strong cohesion of the Chinese nation.

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In addition to the characters in the highlights, every individual who works hard should also be “seen”. In the context of changes and innovations of the times, every individual is reflecting on self-worth. The hot word of Baidu Boiling Point’s annual knowledge in 2020 may be the most resonant among young people. Behind the “involved” is one after another hardworking “workers”; “715 work system” and “workplace PUA” represent a new generation of workplace People’s thinking about work; “Versailles Literature” is widely spread, which interprets people’s emotional release under work pressure.

The times are developing, the economy is turning to a dual cycle, and the destiny of individuals has also ushered in opportunities and turning points. Mountain darkly, vista. The new generation of young people in China, from deep in the “fog” feeling confused and anxious, suddenly realized the self-worth behind the development of the times. “Youth is strong, the country is strong.” The awakened Chinese are the core source of power for China to burst into greater creativity.


Americans are more concerned about politics and entertainment, and Chinese are concerned about more diversified content

The “election result” was ranked second in Google’s 2020 hot word list and annual news list. At the same time, “Joe Biden” was on Google’s 2020 Hot Words list. It can be seen that the American people are very concerned about their own elections. The US election seems to be a foregone conclusion, and Biden’s “election victory” is just around the corner. Although there is no “constitutional crisis” that the outside world is worried about, the large number of voting disputes and related lawsuits in this general election still intensively exposed the authenticity and democracy of the US electoral process, highlighting the fragility of its system itself. This U.S. election has further subverted some basic perceptions of American politics and society. The maturity and stability of the American political system have been questioned to a certain extent.

Many objective facts show that American society seems to be on the verge of losing control. Political polarization, racial discriminatory conflict, social unrest, coupled with the increasingly serious new crown pneumonia epidemic, have caused panic and anxiety in the lives of the bottom Americans. However, there are also quite a few American people who don’t care much about the epidemic and its impact, and their attitude towards life has not changed much.

Behind the turbulent society, there is always the shadow of “Renaissance”. “Infectious Diseases” filmed nine years ago seemed like a prediction, almost completely reflecting the chaos in the United States today. This film also made it to Google’s annual movie list. In addition, “Parasite” and “1917” and other films that reflect the times and reality have rushed to the first and second places on Google’s annual movie list. Society goes down, literature goes up. Perhaps these literary arts are just the “exit” that people find in order to soothe the trauma of the soul.

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Unlike Americans who are more focused on politics and entertainment, Chinese people are more diversified. The epidemic has aroused the patriotic enthusiasm of the Chinese people, and at the same time made the Chinese people pay more attention to the development of science and technology. “Mask face recognition” technology came into being under the background of the epidemic, helping epidemic prevention and control, and ranked first in the annual technology hot words; “quantum computing”, “virtual people”, “unmanned taxis” and others were on the annual technology hotspot List of words…Chinese people are very concerned about China’s technological development, and their sense of identity and pride is gradually increasing. TV dramas, variety shows, novels and movies are blooming in all directions, and the daily life of the Chinese people is rich and colorful. Behind this is the concentrated expression of the stability, health and harmony of Chinese society.

Of course, the Chinese are also very concerned about national affairs. Key words such as “Geng Shuang”, “Chinese Diplomatic Mission”, “Chinese Fire Detection” and “Beidou Launch” are hotly discussed by the Chinese people. The Chinese people are concerned about the development of national diplomacy, and they also pay attention to the development trend of sophisticated technology. These major events in China have filled the Chinese with confidence and pride.


The epidemic is still raging around the world, the American people are still deeply affected by the epidemic, and the Chinese people have basically got rid of the impact and entered a stage of normalized economic internal cycle development. However, the global epidemic is still unstable, and China’s national defense epidemic must not slack in the slightest, and the public needs to remain vigilant at all times. As the world is shrouded by the pandemic crisis, people in China, the United States and all countries in the world are praying that the pandemic will end as soon as possible, and are still optimistic about the future amidst sorrow.

The two lists of Baidu and Google are a concentrated expression of the focus of attention of the Chinese and American people, and reflect the economic and social development status and trends of the Chinese and American people. With the help of big data, we can see the true posture of a society. Through analysis and research on these two lists, we may have some “feedback” value and significance for our future economic, social and individual development.