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Utilize precious metal silver trading skills to greatly increase your profits!

Spark Global Limited reports:

In the safe-haven market this year, which investment product has performed well, the precious metal spot silver must not be ignored, and its investment value has also doubled. How many people have made a lot of money in the silver market, and many novice investors are gearing up. , Ready to enter the market. However, before officially entering the market, we must first master the precious metal silver trading skills in order to better achieve the profit goal.

Precious Metal Silver Trading Skill 1: Make Use of Margin Trading System

Like spot gold, precious metal spot silver trading also uses a margin trading system, which uses leverage trading to achieve the effect of small gains. In other words, we only need a small amount of capital, and we have the opportunity to obtain generous returns. For example, the current price of spot silver is around 26.8 US dollars per ounce, and 1 lot of silver is 2500 ounces, and the total price is 67000 US dollars. In fact, we only need to advance the deposit of 1000 US dollars, which can improve the utilization rate of funds.

Precious metal silver trading skills 2: understand the profit calculation model

In addition to fully understanding the details of the margin trading system, investors should also understand the profit calculation method of spot silver. Since 1 lot of spot silver represents 2500 ounces, when buying 1 lot of spot silver, if the price rises by $1, the profit can reach $2500. However, when it falls by one dollar, the loss of silver will also be as high as $2500. It can be seen that in the trading process of silver, it is more necessary to control the position and set the stop loss strictly. In order to ensure that the stop loss can be effectively executed at any time, it is recommended to use a limit price platform with no slippage.

Precious metal silver trading skills 3: master the active trading time, seize short-term opportunities

Although spot silver can be traded 24 hours a day during the trading hours, the market performance of different time periods is also quite different. The spot silver market, like spot gold, is mainly divided into Asian, European and US markets. The Asian market tends to be relatively thin, and there are not many profit opportunities; in the afternoon, the market volatility increases significantly, but the direction may still be unclear; when the US market opens, the time to enter the European and American superimposed market is one day When the volatility in China is the greatest, there are more opportunities for operation, and investors should focus on this opportunity. However, high-frequency short-term operations may cause cost accumulation. It is recommended to use a small spread account to reduce costs from the root cause and increase profitability.

Although the potential rate of return of investing in silver this year is quite impressive, it is necessary to learn to use precious metal silver trading skills in order to achieve better profitability. Of course, in addition to this, we can also work hard on position control and cost control. Only by entering the market with reasonable positions can we effectively balance the benefits and risks. Only by making good use of the micro-spread account can we save costs in frequent short-term transactions. , Increase the profit in hand!