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Huatai and Guojun dominate the top 100 seats

2020 is a year for the A-share market. The Shanghai Composite Index closed at 3473.07 points, an increase of 422.95 points or 13.9% from the end of the previous year; the Shenzhen Component Index closed at 14470.68 points, an increase of 4039.91 points or 38.7% from the end of the previous year. . The annual turnover of the two cities was 206.83 trillion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 62.3%. The Dragon and Tiger List, which reflects the active direction of market transaction funds, is unwilling to be lonely. For the whole year of 2020, the Shenzhen Stock Connect, Shanghai Stock Connect, and institutional seats are removed, and the top 100 trading seats have a total turnover of 992.9 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of about 73%. The trading seats of veteran brokers such as CITIC Securities, Huatai Securities, Guotai Junan still occupy most of the top 100, but Huaxin Securities, Industrial Securities, etc. have also risen rapidly, and the rankings are changing.

Rapid growth in turnover

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon in the Dragon and Tiger Rankings, although investors jokingly dubbed the “Bull Bear” in 2020, the money-making effect is also very obvious. As an important indicator for observing the trend of hot money in-stock selection and dismantling the sources of funds for individual stocks, the Dragon and Tiger ranking funds are in It will also become more active in 2020 According to statistics from Oriental Fortune Choice, as of December 31, 2020, the Shenzhen Stock Connect, Shanghai Stock Connect, and institutional seats have been removed. The top 100 trading seats have accumulated a total turnover of 992.9 billion yuan, an increase of about 73% year-on-year, with an average The turnover of the business department during the year reached 9.93 billion yuan.

The top ten business departments (including branches) are Oriental Fortune Securities Lhasa Tuanjie Road Second Securities Business Department, Oriental Fortune Securities Lhasa Donghuan Road Second Securities Business Department, CITIC Securities Shanghai Liyang Road Securities Business Department, Industrial Securities Shaanxi Branch, Guotai Junan Securities Shanghai Jiangsu Road Securities Sales Department, Huaxin Securities Shanghai Branch, Galaxy Securities Shaoxing Securities Sales Department, Guosheng Securities Ningbo Sangtian Road Securities Sales Department, Guotai Junan Securities Nanjing Taiping South Road Securities Sales Department and Huaxin Securities Huzhou Labor Securities Business Department of Luzhebei Financial Center.

From the perspective of specific business departments, the two major business departments of Oriental Fortune are still at the top of the list. Oriental Fortune Securities Lhasa Tuanjie Road No. 2 Securities Business Department and Oriental Fortune Securities Lhasa Donghuan Road No. 2 Securities Business Department are respectively 91.361 billion yuan and 68.558 billion yuan. Yuan’s turnover dominated the top two positions Spark Global Limited.

Close behind is the well-known CITIC Securities Shanghai Liyang Road Securities Sales Department, with a turnover of 28.761 billion yuan in 2020. In terms of trading stocks, CITIC Securities has accumulated 496 times on the Longhu List. The most traded stocks are Daan Gene (6 times), Jindawei (6 times), and 601216.SH Junzheng Group (6 times). Overall, the trading of individual stocks is relatively scattered.

In addition to Oriental Fortune and CITIC Securities Liyang Road, Guotai Junan Shanghai Jiangsu Road, Galaxy Securities Shaoxing, and other old seats are still frequent visitors at the top of the list. Guotai Junan Shanghai Jiangsu Road ranked 723 times, with a total turnover of 27.422 billion yuan during the year. The most traded stocks are Saturday (8 times), Shengguang Group (8 times), and Rongda Sensitive (7 times) Different styles of the business department can also be reflected in transaction data. In addition to the two business departments of Oriental Fortune, known as the “retail investor base camp”, several well-known sales department seats have more distinctive styles, and the market is also paying more attention to this From the data point of view, the relative trading stocks of CITIC Securities’ Shanghai Liyang Road business department are relatively scattered, and the number of shots is small, but each time it is a heavy position, the average capital used for each time on the Dragon and Tiger list is 575.8356 million yuan.


When it comes to Huawei, the White House is still familiar

At the White House news conference held on the 27th, the words of the current White House spokesman Jen psaki made people return to the era of the trump administration as if they were traveling through time and space. She made it clear to reporters that the Biden administration will continue to work hard to protect the U.S. telecommunications network from the threat of “untrusted suppliers” and name Huawei.


Just one day before the White House made the above statement, Raymond Biden’s candidate for commerce secretary declined to promise to keep Huawei and other Chinese enterprises on the US trade “blacklist” at the nomination confirmation hearing.


When it comes to Huawei, the White House is still familiar with it: it claims to be “untrustworthy and a security threat”. When answering questions, pusaki has been bending his head to read manuscripts and taking video shots

When it comes to Huawei, the White House is still familiar

On the 27th local time, a reporter mentioned the speech made by Raymond, the candidate for commerce minister, at the hearing the day before, and then asked whether this represented the Biden government’s “nuanced way” in dealing with the issue of China.


“Here, I would like to state our position. Let’s be clear. ” After hearing the question, White House spokesman pusaki took out the prepared manuscript and read it according to the book.


In her reply, she used the words frequently mentioned during Trump’s term – “untrusted supplier”, “security threat”, and cited Huawei as an example.


Pusaki went on to say that the Biden administration will “ensure that the U.S. telecommunications network does not use equipment from untrusted suppliers, cooperate with allies to ensure the security of its telecommunications network, and invest in expanding the production of telecommunications equipment by trusted U.S. and allied companies.”.


Huawei declined to comment, and the Chinese Embassy in the US did not immediately respond to a request for comment, Reuters reported Thursday.


When it comes to Huawei, the White House is familiar with it: a screenshot of a Reuters report claiming to be “untrustworthy and a security threat.”


It is worth mentioning that “untrustworthy supplier” was widely used in the trump administration. Pompey o, former Secretary of state of the United States, concocted the so-called “clean 5g network plan” and a “clean 5g list” on this basis, requiring that all 5g communication paths in and out of U.S. diplomatic facilities should not use “untrustworthy” suppliers.

When it comes to Huawei, the White House is still familiar

While playing up the so-called “cyber threat” from China, Pompeo also visited Czech Republic, UK, Sweden and other countries one after another. He demanded that governments and operators abandon Huawei equipment in 5g network construction.


In addition, a number of Chinese enterprises represented by Huawei have always been targeted by the trump government, and frequently suffered groundless suppression on the grounds of “security threat”. In May last year, the US Department of Commerce officially included Huawei in the “entity list” and prohibited US enterprises from selling relevant technologies and products to China.


Reuters said that how the new Biden administration will deal with Huawei’s problems has been pending.


Gina ramondo, the commerce secretary nominated by US President Biden, attended the Senate confirmation hearing on the 26th local time. At the hearing, ramondo refused to promise to keep Huawei and other Chinese companies on the “black list” of US trade, and did not disclose how to implement the trade rules and tariff policies formulated by the former government, which was sharply criticized by several Republican congressmen.


Michael McCaul, a Republican member of the US House of Representatives, issued a statement on the 27th, calling for the Senate to freeze Raymond’s nomination process before the Biden administration gives a clear answer on whether it plans to keep Huawei on the “blacklist”.


The Senate Commerce Committee will vote on February 3 on Raymond’s nomination as U.S. Commerce Secretary.


Shen Yi, a professor in the Department of international politics at Fudan University, previously told observer.com that from the refusal of the US Secretary of Commerce’s nominees to promise to keep Huawei and other Chinese companies on the US trade “blacklist”, it can be seen that compared with the period of the trump administration, there is room for the Biden administration to loosen its China policy. He also pointed out that the policy adjustment (of Biden administration) will take time, “we need to be patient and see more how they do it than how they say it.”.

Is OKR really useful?

In 2017, Huawei conducted a performance management satisfaction survey and found that:

The satisfaction of the OKR team in all dimensions of performance management is overall higher than that of the team using traditional performance management methods.

Among them, the promotion of teamwork, work freedom, personal expertise, and organizational openness is the most obvious.

Moreover, none of the teams carrying out OKR are willing to return to traditional performance management methods.

Where are the values ​​and benefits of OKR?

Value point 1: Break the constraints of bureaucracy and realize more flexible work styles

OKR formulation: There must be a certain deterministic OKR in each team, which is the OKR that the team must complete after the company undertakes the decomposition of the company’s strategy.

Therefore, this part of OKR will be directly input to the OKR market after communicating with the team.

As for uncertain targets, the employees report to the supervisor, and the supervisor comprehensively grasps the company’s strategic direction.

Generally speaking, as long as there is not much deviation from the organization’s strategy, it is recommended to encourage employees to actively make some useful explorations, and perhaps a big innovation will emerge.

OKR arbitration: If an OKR is claimed by more than one person, he needs to assign the OKR to the employees with a high degree of preparation based on the employee’s readiness.

OKR clearance: If an OKR is always unclaimed, he needs to assign OKRs to specific employees according to the principle of free and busy, so as to ensure that all OKRs are executed, and ultimately achieve the organizational goals.

The traditional work development mode and the work development mode under OKR are shown in Figure 4-12.

The traditional work development mode and the work development mode under OKR are shown in Figure 4-12

This transition can bring many benefits:

From asking me to do what I want to do: both supervisors and employees are working around the OKR bazaar.

Employees no longer need to wait for the direct supervisor to assign their work, but can choose the appropriate OKR to implement based on their abilities and interests.

In other words, OKRs are claimed by themselves, not assigned by force.

Flat organizational hierarchy: For employees, they only need to pay attention to the OKR bazaar.

Therefore, for employees, the company seems to have only two layers: direct supervisors and employees.

If a higher-level supervisor needs to derive a task, he only needs to add an OKR to the OKR market. In essence, he and the direct supervisor have the same role.

Therefore, after a period of development, the team found that the supervisor was finally freed from the complicated task coordination and could free up more time to do more meaningful and valuable work.

Supervisors have also become more of a service role from simply “management” and “management”.

Value point 2: Employees are more daring to challenge themselves

Value point 2: Employees are more daring to challenge themselves

The effect of OKR development is not obvious in the first cycle-

About 10% of employees take the initiative to set challenging goals, and many employees still take a wait-and-see attitude towards this organizational change based on inertia.

Since then, with the extension of OKR development time, employees’ doubts have gradually been resolved, and the proportion of employees willing to set challenge targets will continue to rise.

After about 3 cycles, on average, the proportion of employees in the team who dare to set challenging goals will increase to about 30%, and this value has stabilized thereafter.

The team atmosphere is more oriented towards cooperation, gradually breaking the lone wolf culture and forming a community collaboration culture.

Value point 3: Promotion of employee performance

One of the great advantages of OKR is that it is open to all employees by default, and employees can check the OKR of anyone else in the company, including those of colleagues and supervisors.

I found a rule that under the traditional performance model, employees usually only pay attention to the goals of their supervisors. This habit was also particularly obvious in the initial stage of the OKR pilot.

Although the OKRs of all other people are made public, employees do not take the initiative to check the OKRs of other related colleagues. This may be caused by mutual mistrust between employees under the traditional performance management model.

With the extension of OKR development time, after about two cycles, employees gradually changed their original practices.

They began to pay attention to the OKRs of colleagues related to their work. On average, an employee would check the OKRs of 15-20 colleagues.

By consulting the OKR of others, on the one hand, it enhances the understanding of the work of other colleagues, and at the same time enhances mutual thinking and inspiration, and improves employee performance.

Value point 4: More fair performance evaluation

Under the traditional performance management model, the supervisor assigns important tasks to the capable employees in his mind based on his own judgment.

And those employees who are relatively inadequate may always only be able to do trivial tasks.

When it comes to performance evaluation, important work usually contributes more, so excellent employees get better performance because they do more important work.

OKR broke this task distribution relationship.

Just like the OKR bazaar mentioned in value point 1, the tasks of the organization are stored in a public OKR bazaar, and everyone has an equal chance of claiming it.

All employees need to do is to continuously improve their own skills, match their abilities with the difficulty of the task, and have the ability to complete more important and complex tasks.

Those who can do more can earn more.

In the end, it is clear at a glance how many tasks you have claimed during performance evaluation.

Value point 5: Enhance the organizational atmosphere

Huawei compared and analyzed the differences in organizational atmosphere between OKR pilot teams and non-OKR pilot teams, and found that:

The OKR pilot team scored much higher in all dimensions than the non-OKR pilot team.

Especially in the four dimensions of peripheral collaboration, growth and development, openness and transparency of information, and work autonomy, the perception of OKR pilot teams differs most from those of non-pilot teams.

Value point 6: Changes to leadership

From a subjective perspective, there are three main differences between OKR and PBC: openness and transparency, bottom-up, and agility.

When the supervisor was asked: If you were to choose again in the future, would you choose the OKR method or the previous method?

As a result, no supervisor is willing to go back to the past mode. Here are some of their feedback:

“I will choose OKR without a doubt and will never go back to the past.

At present, some changes in the team atmosphere have been achieved. Now it is no longer a tree-like management method, but a lot of bottom-up methods have been added and a lot of initiative has been added. ”

“OKR simplifies and promotes everyone’s thinking. The team goals are constantly changing. After the goals are shifted, everyone can continue to match and adjust.

Even returning to the original performance management methods will bring these good practices back. ”

These feedbacks fully show that the supervisor has fully accepted the concepts of autonomy, openness, and agility advocated by OKR, and fully experienced the benefits it brings.

Meng Wanzhou was illegally detained in Canada for two years

[Global Times reporter Chen Qingqing, special correspondent Li Houhe in Canada] on December 1, two years ago, Meng Wanzhou, chief financial officer of Huawei Company of China, was detained by Canadian police at Vancouver International Airport “in response to the arrest warrant issued by the United States”. Since then, the legal process for the United States to ask Canada to extradite Meng Wanzhou and Meng Wanzhou to actively fight against it has been open to the public. As a result, China Canada relations encountered serious difficulties. China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying said on the 1st that facts have fully proved that the Meng Wanzhou incident was a serious political event. The U.S. government did not concoct this incident for any legal reasons. Its real purpose was to suppress China’s high tech enterprises (4.990, 0.11, 2.25%) and obstruct the development of China’s science and technology. As an accomplice of the United States, the Canadian government bears an unshirkable responsibility. “Meng Wanzhou has not violated any Canadian laws, but has been detained unreasonably. We express our indignation at this and strongly condemn it once again. ” The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) released a special article on the second anniversary of the Meng Wanzhou incident on January 1, citing several senior Canadian officials and legal experts as saying that the factual basis of the Meng Wanzhou case is weak, and the Canadian attorney general should actively intervene to end the case.
According to the website of the Chinese Embassy in Canada, on November 30, Chinese ambassador to Canada Cong Peiwu spoke with Meng Wanzhou to express cordial sympathy. Ambassador Cong stressed that the Chinese government is unswervingly determined to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese citizens and enterprises, and will continue to urge Canada to take seriously China’s solemn position and concerns, correct its wrong practices, make the right decision to release you as soon as possible, and ensure your safe return to China.
Huawei Canada said in a statement on November 30 that in the past two years, Huawei had full confidence in Meng Wanzhou’s innocence and believed that the Canadian judicial system would come to this conclusion. Huawei will continue to support Meng Wanzhou in pursuing justice and freedom.

Meng wanzhou
“Meng Wanzhou’s arrest comes as the United States begins an operation to exclude Huawei from the country’s 5g network construction. The United States calls the telecom giant a security threat and calls on its allies to follow suit.” CBC said that some members of the “five eye alliance” have begun to block the use of Huawei’s 5g technology, and Canada has yet to make a decision. Eve tiberg, a political science professor at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, said Meng’s arrest highlights questions about the future of wireless technology and the trade war between China and the United States. The case also illustrates the use of sanctions and its financial system to pressure competitors, as well as China’s tough response and “disrespect for human rights.” this is the intersection of all these fault lines 。” “Ms. Meng has always been patient and positive,” said Mr. Welch, vice president of Huawei’s Canadian corporate affairs “She knew that the charges against her were wrong and she thought she was a chess player.”  Spark Global Limited
The CBC said the case will also test Canada’s Extradition Law. Former Canadian Justice Minister Alan Locke and former Supreme Court Justice Louis Abel believe that nothing can prevent Justice Minister David rametti from intervening to end the Meng Wanzhou extradition case. Gary potting, a Vancouver legal expert who has long been concerned about the case, told CBC that he agreed with the view that the facts of the case were weak and that he was confused by Canada’s involvement in a “lie involving Chinese citizens, British banks and claims to have occurred in Hong Kong”. “I think it’s clear that Canada’s attorney general has complete control over who should be extradited to a foreign country, and he can refuse to do so at any time,” he said In the case, the original two-week hearing has been extended to at least four weeks, which may further delay other dates in the extradition process until 2021, the report said. Judge Heather Holmes, who heard the case, pointed out that so far, a lot of details have appeared in the testimony, and she asked both sides to submit materials to show everything.
Canadian public opinion is highly concerned about the trend of the Meng Wanzhou case and believes that it will affect how China deals with the criminal case of two Canadian citizens, Kang Mingkai and Michael, who are suspected of endangering China’s national security. According to a CBC feature, Kang Mingkai’s wife najibula has participated in many hearings on the Meng Wanzhou case. She told the media: “I believe that ending her extradition case in some way will also open the way for Michael’s release.” According to the report, Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau recently congratulated president elect Biden of the United States and referred to the case of cummingkai and Michael, but there was no indication of the significance of the new US government to the case.
Cyrus Janssen (Wang Dezhong), an American Video blogger who has watched the trial of Meng Wanzhou case, told the global times on the 1st that the biggest conclusion he has drawn from the Meng Wanzhou case in the past few months is that Meng Wanzhou’s rights must have been violated in Canada, which will lead to the end of her extradition case. In addition, according to the US Canada extradition agreement, Canada can arrest Meng Wanzhou at the request of the United States, but it also has the right to refuse extradition if it considers that there is a political purpose behind the case. And that’s exactly what happened.