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be vigilant! Ordinary people invest the most easily

“I want to invest recently. What can I buy?”
“Go to the fund to place a fixed investment. You can buy it at will.”
This kind of cognition has become the most easy mistake for beginners.
it is beyond logic and above reason! Fixed investment lost 20% in 7 years!
Many people think that the fixed investment fund will make money, for example: “the fixed investment fund is a means of compulsory savings.” “When the fund is fixed, the risk will be shared equally.”
This kind of cognition gives us the illusion that we are going to invest money in the bank.
It’s right to force savings and share risk equally, but it’s wrong to make money.
“Fixed investment is just an investment means, not an investment variety.”
Remember, as long as the means of investment will have risks, fixed investment is not a panacea for investment.
For example: under different years, the income gap of monthly fixed investment and weekly fixed investment is not a little bit.
What’s more, because I don’t know how to stop profit, I have worked hard to set up a bid for 7 years, but I lost more than 20%!
I almost cried.
If you are a novice, I advise you do not know anything in the case of a hot brain run to fund fixed investment.
As ordinary people, how to invest in the fund market?
Whether it is a fixed investment or not, we must pay attention to two points in selecting funds
First, the criteria for fund selection
The second is: the standard of profit stop
If you want to place a fixed investment, what kind of fund should you choose?
“Funds with high net worth volatility. ”
”Funds with good long-term performance. ”
Then why set profit stop?
What is the standard of profit control?
”In the early stage, you should not only win, but also be alert when you earn 15% in the middle and later stages. ”
As ordinary people, the most extravagant is to sell at the highest point.