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Trump steps down in 35 days

On December 14th, local time in the United States, the electors of each state cast the electoral votes in the state capital on behalf of the voters of the state, officially confirming that the Democratic candidate Biden was elected as the 46th president of the United States.

“This is a critical moment…because (procedurally) the constitution grants electors the power to elect the president. This may be a turning point. We can declare the election over and accept it. Both parties and everyone respect this result. “Ohio State University election law expert Ned Foley pointed out.


The current President Trump, who is unwilling to accept defeat after his election, is still unwilling to give up the possibility of seeking a comeback. Thousands of his supporters poured into Washington on the weekend before the electors to vote to protest the “stolen” election. There have also been sporadic incidents of violent clashes. As of the afternoon of December 14, Trump did not express his views on the electoral vote, but instead announced that Attorney General Barr was leaving office. Barr failed to cooperate with Trump’s request to prosecute political opponents and reiterated that no evidence of election fraud was found, and his relationship with Trump became tense.

Although Trump and the Republican camp insisted that the judiciary should intervene in the election before and after the election, 86 judges of different levels in the judicial system have unanimously rejected the Trump camp’s alleged election violations in the past few weeks. litigation.

On December 11, the Federal Supreme Court dismissed an appeal filed by the Texas state government in a lawsuit seeking to overturn the election results in four swing states. This decision means that the Trump camp’s appeal to reverse the election results through judicial means has almost come to an end. The Federal Supreme Court stated in its dismissal statement that Texas “has no position” to file a lawsuit against other states’ elections. Other judges further clarified that Trump’s desire for judicial intervention in the election completely violates the spirit of American law. “Federal judges do not have the power to choose the president in this country.” Obama-appointed federal judge Pamela Pepper pointed out when dismissing one of the lawsuits. “Why did the prosecution go to the federal court to ask the federal judge to do this?”

With the dismissal of various cases, Trump and the Republican politicians who supported him began to be more and more questioned. Critics believe that similar practices have destroyed the American democratic system and constitution. What’s more serious is that Trump’s approach means that election results can be questioned on the basis of lack of evidence and laws.

Indiana State University law professor Charles Gardner Geyh pointed out to Caijing reporters that President Trump’s reluctance to admit defeat is for two purposes: one is to seek to remain in the presidency; the other is to ensure that he is Influence, whether he is president or not. “I can’t think of any legal proceedings that can help him stay in the presidential position, but this can keep him a hot news spot, which is crucial for him (trying to) maintain his influence and position in the Republican Party.”

Carefully planned voting

Federal law stipulates that state electors must assemble and vote on the Monday after the second Wednesday of December. According to the results of voters voting in various states, Biden should have won 306 electoral votes and Trump should have won 232.

The Biden camp has been preparing for the electoral polling day since November 3 polling day. According to US legal procedures, a candidate who has won at least 270 electoral votes out of 538 votes can be regarded as procedurally elected president.

However, the laws of each state have different restrictions on electors to vote. Electors in 33 states must vote for the candidate who has obtained the most votes in that state according to the results of the election on November 3. Electors in the other 17 states have more Make a choice with greater flexibility.

According to the design of the American electoral system, candidates who win a state have the right to choose electors for that state. Since 10 electors in 2016 failed to vote for candidates supported by voters in this state in accordance with the rules, the Biden camp was extra careful this time. From the screening of the characters, the location of the electoral meeting, the traffic arrangements on the day of voting, to the emergency agents, carefully planned. At the same time, with special consideration of the new crown pneumonia epidemic and the personal safety of the electors, the Biden camp also ensures that the voting scenes of the states can cope with any accidents that may occur, while reducing or canceling the traditional number of people who can be invited to attend the ceremony and the celebration after the vote. ceremony.

The focus of the voting dispute this time is still on the six swing states with close direct voting results: Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, Nevada and Pennsylvania.

Considering that Trump’s supporters may try to influence the voter’s vote, swing states have especially strengthened the protection of voters. On October 8, the FBI uncovered an action plan for a veteran to kidnap the Democratic governor of Michigan, Gretchen Whitemer, before voting day on November 3. Michigan announced before the polling day that it would close all state assembly facilities on December 14 in consideration of the possible threat of violence.

After voting in each state, the electoral votes will reach the Washington Senate on January 6. According to the procedure, senators who support Trump may still propose motions requesting invalid elections. Vice President Biden, who also served as the chairman of the Senate in 2017, dismissed the demands of 9 Democratic congressmen to question Trump’s election and confirmed Trump’s election in accordance with the law. After the election on December 14th, after the electoral votes are sent to Congress, the counting will be presided over by Vice President Pence, who is also the chairman of the Senate. Whether he will perform tasks in accordance with procedures has become a new political focus.