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Listed company’s 8-minute flash crash

On March 17, the stock price of the listed company Xinzhi Cognitive crashed after the opening. At 9:32, its stock price fell by more than 8%, and by 9:38, its stock price had sealed its down limit.

Listed company's 8-minute flash crash

Disk data showed that there were many big sell orders appearing soon after the market opened. For example, the transaction amount was as high as 73.69 million yuan at 9:31. After the limit, Xinzhi Cognitive was pryed off the limit twice for a short time, but eventually failed and was still smashed to the limit.

As of the close, Xinzhi Cognitive’s stock price closed at 10.52 yuan, with a total market value of 5.307 billion yuan.

We are concerned that the day before the limit of Xinzhi’s cognitive decline, the stock price experienced strange fluctuations. At about 14:30 pm on March 16, its stock price suddenly rose, rising by more than 4.8% intraday, and the stock price hit 12.28 yuan at the highest. Soon, as the funds sold off, its stock price quickly fell back, and even turned green in the late trading.

Looking at it now, the stockholders who chased the high yesterday have suffered heavy losses. After calculation, if stockholders bought up to 12.28 yuan yesterday, today’s account may lose 14.3%.

In the standard shareholder group, some investors broke the news that “Mr. Liu Jianjun said he would participate in the trader contest and win the ticket, allowing thousands of people in the room to buy at the opening of the market for 11 yuan and 43 cents. After everyone bought, the limit fell.” Some investors said, “It’s another stock that was recommended by a certain group to buy in the whole position. I saw it yesterday.”

Today, the transaction value of Xinzhi Cognitive is 182 million yuan, a record high in the past six months. Some market participants said that the abnormally enlarged trading volume, it is not excluded that some recommending stock teachers lured stockholders to chase high, and then they were shipping.

Some investors expressed angrily, “It is imminent to vigorously rectify the financial live broadcast room. Those who are deceived are hateful and pitiful. Report the crime, bring these stock market victims to justice!”

In fact, A-shares have repeatedly appeared the phenomenon of killing pigs.

On December 28 last year, Kang Longda suddenly dived to the limit shortly after the opening. In the next 5 trading days, the company continued to limit its limit and its share price went through a half-cut. On the first day of the lower limit, some stockholders said, “Last week a certain group notified to buy.”

On November 9th, 10th and 11th last year, Mingchen Health dropped its limit for three consecutive trading days. Because the stock price fell sharply without any signs, many investors complained that they “suffered a slaughter market.”

From September 21st to 23rd last year, our music home performed three consecutive down limit records. Many investors reported that “it is a stock recommended by a teacher.” Other investors said, “There is a so-called teacher who fudges everyone to buy in heavy positions, saying that it must rise by more than 10%.

In addition, listed companies such as Shengyang Technology, Yuanshang Stock, Songlin Technology, Zhongyuan Home Furnishing, Jiamei Packaging, Zhongjian Technology, Qixiang Tengda, Annie Stock and other listed companies also staged a stock price crash last year, and they are suspected of encountering a “killing pig” event. .

Some market participants have concluded that all the stocks that have “killing pigs” have a certain commonality: choose a stock with low stock price, low trading volume, low turnover rate and other characteristics. After being intervened in advance by the “teachers,” Class investors recommended, but they shipped at a high level, and eventually the stock price was pushed up but also fell quickly.