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Without his “business kingdom” behind him, Maradona left

Guide: compared with Ronaldinho, Ronaldinho and Beckhams, Maradona’s commercial endorsements are very few. Even because of the increase in negative news, Maradona almost went bankrupt.
Chen Hanci, author of first finance and Economics
God took the hand of God. Maradona, the world champion, died on the 25th at the age of 60.
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Goodbye to the king! #Argentina Maradona football

No one who is familiar with football should know Maradona. The sudden death of the Argentinian shocked the sports world.
Maradona grew up in Argentina, became famous in Italian football, and finally won the world cup. In 1986 Mexico world cup, Maradona led Argentina to win the world cup. In this world cup, Maradona staged the “hand of God” and “the best golden ball of the century” recorded in the history of football.
This world cup has won Maradona’s first World Cup. In the next four years, Maradona led the team to victory. But after the age of 30, the king could no longer escape negative news such as cocaine abuse and confusion in his private life. Even though he hoped to redeem himself with the 1994 World Cup, the drug test in the second game of the group match destroyed this vision, and the king has since stepped down from the altar.

the king

Xinhua News Agency
His personality determines his fate. In contrast to the title of “the king of the first generation”, Maradona’s “commercial value” is in contrast.
In 2019, some media have assessed the player’s value at his peak, which is 180 million euro. According to the evaluation standard, if Maradona is in the current football world, his value at the peak is 230 million euro.
But Maradona did not create a huge “business empire”.
In fact, Maradona’s second agent, Copola, defined “the concept of value” after his world cup in Mexico. Copola formally put forward the concept of value through the star value of Maradona, which is used to fix the transfer fee range of players. It is the proposal of “how much value should Maradona have” that accelerates the development of commercial football era.
As a result, Maradona set a record for a transfer fee of $7.5 million to Napoli.
In the commercial operation of the brand, Maradona team has also tried.
In 2002, news broke out that Maradona had signed a 50 year commercial contract with Wenzhou businessmen in 2003 for the restaurant, wine and football club investment projects named by Maradona. However, there was no news of these projects. In 2010, Maradona launched the “warm China Tour” charity activities, which still made Maradona a a lot of money by lunching with Maradona and commercial endorsement of game companies.
Compared with Ronaldinho, Ronaldinho and Beckhams, Maradona’s commercial endorsements are few and his “business empire” construction seems to be very casual. Even because of the increase of negative news, Maradona almost went bankrupt.
After experiencing a series of setbacks, Maradona has been invited to participate in major football leagues depending on his title of “king of the ball”. Maradona’s figure can be seen in all kinds of activities.
Some fans have calculated the income of the hosts, commentators and early coaches. It is not a problem for Maradona to earn one million dollars a year after his retirement.
Maradona’s Chinese agent once confessed in an interview with first finance reporter that Maradona’s favorite is football itself. He is not very interested in value and business.
“This is Maradona, leaving the world in a flash. The special nature of sports and the special significance of spiritual level transcend material and nominal name, leaving humanity with perhaps meaningful touching A sports figure said.