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China has paid the UN membership dues in full in 2021

On April 13, China paid its 2021 contributions to the United Nations in full and the International Criminal Tribunal reserve mechanism in full, according to the website of the permanent mission to the United Nations on April 13. Previously, China had paid the balance of assessed contributions to the United Nations for seven peacekeeping operations authorized by the Security Council in 2020 / 2021 (as of February 28). So far, China has paid in full all UN contributions and assessments at the present stage. As the largest developing country, a permanent member of the Security Council, and the second largest contributor to the United Nations and peacekeeping, China has always actively supported the work of the United Nations, firmly maintained the international system with the United Nations as the core, and practiced multilateralism with practical actions.


China has paid the UN membership dues in full in 2021
This year marks the 50th anniversary of China’s resumption of its legal seat in the United Nations. For 50 years, China has been the builder of world peace, a contributor to global development and a defender of international order, which has greatly promoted the development and progress of multilateralism. Facing the severe challenges brought by unilateral, protectionist and bullying practices in the past few years, China firmly supports multilateralism and supports the United Nations to play a central role. China has become the second largest contributor to the United Nations peacekeeping since 2016 and the second largest contributor to the general assembly in 2019. It has been fulfilling its financial obligations to the United Nations in time, in full and unconditionally in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations, reflecting the due role of the responsible power.


Under the current situation novel coronavirus pneumonia is affecting the global economy. The United Nations is deeply in the liquidity crisis and has a serious financial situation. It seriously affects the implementation of normal work and various empowerment. Finance is the foundation and important pillar of the governance of the United Nations, and a sound financial situation is the guarantee for the United Nations to fulfill its mandate and carry out its programme activities. Member States should fulfill their legal obligations, respond positively to the appeal of the Secretary General of the United Nations, pay their assessed contributions in time, and alleviate the increasingly severe liquidity situation of the United Nations.


China will continue to fulfill its responsibilities as a major country, show its responsibility for a big country, uphold the concept of building a community of shared human destiny, help and help countries in the same boat, continue to firmly support multilateralism and support the United Nations in playing a greater role. Meanwhile, the Secretariat of the United Nations should continue to strengthen budget performance management, improve internal control, ensure the implementation of the 2030 agenda for sustainable development, improve people’s livelihood, and restore economic resources, and make good use of every penny of taxpayers in Member States.


Previously, the United Nations website published a document on 16 October 2020, referring to the arrears of Member States. According to the data provided in the document, as at 30 September last year, the total arrears of member states of the United Nations amounted to $1497 million, of which $1.09 billion was owed by the United States, accounting for 73 per cent of the total outstanding contributions. In addition, the UN member states have not paid a total of $2557 million in peacekeeping related costs, of which the United States is in arrears of $1.388 billion.