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How should the ordinary people deal with the loss of wealth

Since the beginning of this year, the international situation has been extremely severe. The United States has successively carried out military provocations against Iran, Russia and us! Zhang Zhaozhong has already warned against this: Be vigilant, be prepared for war, and prevent Trump from desperate!

So once a country really enters a state of war preparedness, or even a state of global war, what should we ordinary people do? First of all, experts said that the following three measures can ensure safety to a large extent!

First, don’t panic too much, and don’t mess with yourself. Believe in the great power of the people’s soldiers! If the country does not propose “suspending work and school”, then everything will be in accordance with normal life and work, and sufficient supplies will be provided for frontline fighters!

The second point is not to believe in rumors or spread them. In extreme cases, the enemy may deliberately spread some rumors, and the spread will be very fast. At this time, we can only trust the authoritative news of the official media. No other “grass news” will be believed or spread!

The third point is to be more vigilant. First of all, do a good job of confidentiality. During the war, some foreign apps and websites may not be able to access and log in, because they are easily attacked by foreign hackers; in addition, if suspicious persons are found, they should be reported as soon as possible.

As ordinary people, if these three points are achieved, life can be basically guaranteed. What should we do with our wealth?

Inflation, soaring prices

As we all know, when war comes, there will be a high probability of inflation and soaring prices.

I have seen a piece of news before, the story is very simple, but you taste, you carefully taste:
Xiamen Ms. Chen deposited 1,200 yuan in the bank 44 years ago. After many setbacks, she withdrew 2,684.04 yuan with principal and interest.
44 years ago, in the 1970s, this 1,200 yuan was a huge sum of money that year, and even two buildings could be built. No matter how you bought a house, you could buy several sets.

But nowadays, let alone buying a house with more than 2600 yuan, it is even stretched as a month’s rent. 44 years of deposit interest, completely unable to escape inflation! Heart…

In recent years, money has become increasingly useless, and housing prices and prices have soared. The people’s hard-earned money is put in the bank, and they are almost caught up with the negative interest rate.

Therefore, hurry up and learn financial management dry goods systematically, so that investment income can outperform prices as soon as possible, so as to prevent your hard-earned money from being eroded by rising prices unknowingly.

My friend Junjun is the man who impressed me the most in the past few years. Five years ago, he worked as a cashier in the convenience store downstairs of our company. Because I went there every day, we met once and again.

Born in the countryside, he resolutely drifted north, but the result was horrible. He has done almost all the hard work over the years on factory assembly lines, restaurants serving plates, and construction sites sifting sand.

I told him: You are working hard, but you are working in the wrong direction, “you should let the money work for you”. I started to take him to learn financial management. In just three years, Junjun’s income has gradually changed from 300 to 500 yuan to 3,000 yuan to 5,000 yuan…

Within a few years, Junjun bought a house in his hometown and married a beautiful wife. The speed of earning money has long surpassed that of peers, and relatives boasted when they met and asked him for advice.

Today, Junjun’s passive income is far from comparable to that of his peers. His annual income has reached 500,000, and he is full of affluent self-confidence.

Now herre is the personal experience: only after a person has money, he has more choices and confidence.
No longer look at others’ faces, his wife loves him, and mother-in-law respects her ;
Take parents to travel abroad during holidays and enjoy life;
Have enough education funds for children…
The money you spend today can be earned back tomorrow, you live a chic and light life, and your family has the ability to resist risks!

How should I put it, the essence of life is to break through, no matter what emotions and relationships are. Your voice and status are closely related to the economy. No one can escape this law.

Buffett has a famous saying, “How much wealth you can accumulate in your lifetime does not depend on how much money you can earn, but on how to invest and manage your money. Money is better than people who looks for money. You must understand that money works for you, but not you work for money!”

You can live more calmly when you become rich.