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Efficacy data of new coronavirus vaccine modified by AstraZeneca

On Wednesday, the company updated its data on phase III trials of its new coronavirus vaccine after the accuracy of the results of the U.S. trial released by the company was questioned.


The company now says its vaccine is 76% effective in preventing symptomatic new coronavirus cases, instead of the 79% previously reported. Novel coronavirus pneumonia is still a 100% of the new severe pneumonia patients.


In the latest days, some U.S. health officials, AstraZeneca, criticized it for carefully selecting test data in order to make the results more favorable.


The National Institute of allergy and infectious diseases said on Tuesday that it had been told that AstraZeneca may have provided “incomplete efficacy data” in its U.S. study results.


At that time, AstraZeneca said it was “based on the latest analysis of the data in the next few days” and promised to share the latest results.


The latest results released on Wednesday included data collected from 190 symptomatic cases, an increase of about 50 symptomatic cases compared with the data set released on Monday.


The latest data show that the effective rate of the vaccine for patients aged 65 and above is 85%, higher than 80% reported previously.


AstraZeneca reiterated on Wednesday that the vaccine was “well tolerated” among the participants and found no safety issues.


New variants of the crown virus are spreading faster in UK!

On the 14th local time, British Health Secretary Matt Hankow said that a new variant of the new coronavirus is accelerating its spread in parts of England. On the 19th, Prime Minister Johnson stated that the spread of the virus after mutation is 70% higher than that of existing virus strains.
Affected by this, many countries have announced measures such as closing borders and suspending flights to and from the UK in response to new variants of the new crown virus. As of 5 o’clock on the 21st, Beijing time, at least 11 countries have taken action.

Italy suspends flights to and from the UK
On December 20, local time, Italian Foreign Minister Di Maio stated on social media that in response to the British warning against new variants of the new crown virus, for the sake of protecting the health of the people, the Italian government will sign relevant decree and stop after notifying the British government. Fly all flights to and from the UK.

Italian Health Minister Speranza said in an interview with local media on the same day that the new variant of the new crown virus is spreading rapidly and the grounding decision is a preventive measure. He believes that other European countries will also take similar actions in the future.

Spain asks the EU to take joint measures to block flights from the UK
On December 20, local time, the Spanish Prime Minister’s Office issued a statement stating that the Spanish government had requested European Commission President Von der Lein and European Council President Michel to take joint measures at the EU level to prevent flights from the UK from entering the EU.

The Spanish government stated that if the EU does not respond in a timely manner, the Spanish government will take action to ensure the safety of citizens.

Austria bans flights from the UK
According to news from the Austrian National Radio and Television Station, on December 20 local time, in view of the increased risk of infection of the new variant of the new coronavirus in the UK, Austria will ban flights from the UK from landing in the country.
Andreas Bergtaler of the Vienna Medical Research Center stated on his social media that so far, Austria has not found a new variant of the new coronavirus in the UK, and the virus may have isolated mutations. The Austrian Ministry of Health also stated that it will work closely with the World Health Organization and the European Center for Disease Control and Prevention.
On the 20th local time, Belgium stopped the Eurostar express train to and from London.

At the same time, Belgian Prime Minister De Crowe announced that from the 20th, the border between Belgium and the United Kingdom will be temporarily closed.France announces a 48-hour suspension of British land, sea and air traffic entry

On the evening of the 20th local time, Jean Baptiste Jebari, Minister of Transport of the French Government, announced that starting from midnight on the 20th, France will temporarily ban flights, trains and ferries from the United Kingdom from entering the country for 48 hours. However, people and transportation to the UK are not restricted.

Kuwait announces that it will suspend civil aviation flights to and from the UK

Kuwait’s civil aviation department issued a statement on the afternoon of the 20th local time, stating that in order to avoid the spread of new variants of the new crown virus in Kuwait, the civil aviation department, after coordinating with the health department, decided to suspend civil flights between Kuwait and the United Kingdom, and at the same time list the United Kingdom as a high-risk country. On the list, Kuwait is also the first Arab country to announce a grounding order against the United Kingdom.

Bulgaria announced that all persons from the UK must be quarantined for 10 days
The Bulgarian Minister of Health, Andherov, announced on the 20th that in response to the threat of a mutant new crown virus that has recently emerged in the UK. From 17:00 on that day, all persons from the UK (including those of Bulgarian nationality) must be quarantined for 10 days after entering Bulgaria.
Greece announces 7 days isolation for entry from the UK
The Ministry of Civil Protection of Greece announced on December 20 that from 6 am local time on the 21st, all people from the UK will be required to be quarantined for 7 days after entering Greece. People from other countries still need to abide by the original regulations, that is, compulsory isolation for three days after entering Greece.
Switzerland closes air traffic with Britain and South Africa
The Swiss Federal Civil Aviation Authority announced on December 20 that due to the new situation of the new crown epidemic in the United Kingdom and South Africa, starting at midnight that day, Switzerland will suspend air traffic between these two countries until further notice. This emergency measure has been notified to relevant airports and airlines.

Turkey announces suspension of civil aviation flights to and from the UK, Netherlands, Denmark and South Africa
The Turkish Civil Aviation Authority announced on its social account late on December 20, local time, that Turkey will suspend civil aviation flights to and from the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Denmark and South Africa until further notice.

Portugal announced that only citizens of that country and those with a Portuguese residence permit will be allowed to enter from the UK
On the evening of December 20, local time, the Portuguese government announced that from 0:00 on December 21, local time, only travelers with Portuguese nationality or residence permits in that country will be allowed to enter Portugal from the UK, and inbound travelers must present the new crown virus on arrival The test is negative.

The current situation in the United States is terrifying

Before the official results of the US general election came out, the whole world had already started lining up to congratulate Biden. However, among everyone, the vision of WHO Director-General Tedros Tedros was particularly eye-catching…

This year is the year of the new coronavirus pneumonia pandemic. As the only country that officially withdrew from the World Health Organization and refused to pay the fees, its Director-General Tedros Tedros naturally has 10,000 reasons.

However, whether Trump continues to govern or turns into Biden, the tens of millions of confirmed patients in the United States are not resolved by simple “substitution.” Even the entire society will become even more torn because of sudden big changes.

So, before the United States splits, let’s take a look at how WHO Director-General Tedros said about Biden?

The World Health Assembly in 2020 was supposed to be held from November 9th to November 14th through video, but the United States has already withdrawn from the World Health Organization, so the co-chairman can only use Twitter to express his “winning” to Biden. “Congratulations, and looking forward to cooperating with the Biden government.

During the general election campaign, the “epidemic” is naturally the two candidates who must explain the topic exactly to the voters. According to Biden, if he wins, he will immediately “promote” Dr. Fauci, the city should be closed, the mask should be worn, and everything will be implemented in the form of law and according to the strictest standards.

However, can Biden’s rhetoric really go as smoothly as he said?

The new government must face tens of millions of confirmed patients

The United States will not immediately “resurrect with blood” for tens of millions of confirmed patients because of a change of president. Even during the November national election, the number of new cases in a single day exceeded 100,000 for several consecutive days. These data prove that However, the epidemic in the United States is very serious and its spread efficiency is extremely fast.

If Biden succeeds in “taking over”, based on the current total population of the United States, he may be able to change the million-level cases, even if the reversal cannot be achieved, but at least it can significantly slow down the new cases. Frankly speaking, Biden has been unable to stop the spread of the virus.

The new government must face trillions of dollars in debt

The United States has the world’s most popular banknote-the US dollar, but throughout the epidemic, in order to ensure the normal operation of the country, the Trump administration has issued countless welfare policies, and many people have been able to survive because of this. But the landlord’s money is not really unlimited.

If Biden succeeds in “taking over”, based on the huge debts currently owed by the United States, it will be more difficult for him to approve the social welfare of the people than during Trump’s time. And if you don’t increase your capital investment, your own “city lockdown policy” will naturally not be implemented, people will have no money, and you may make trouble.

The new government must face radical opponents

Whether China is engaged in the “national closure of cities” or “province and municipal closures”, it is worth learning from every country, and it also benefits from the unity of the Chinese nation. However, during Trump’s four years in power, the whole society has become more and more torn apart. Until recently, even the most basic “wearing a mask” could not form a social consensus.

If Biden succeeds in “taking over”, according to the freedom and democracy advocated by the Americans for a long time, don’t expect the people of the whole country to twist together, concentrate on doing big things, and eliminate the new coronavirus in one go. If the policy is too strong, it will even be countered by people across the country.

With reference to the resignation of former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, leaving to the next leader Yoshihide Suga, a mess of internal and external troubles, the “thunder” planted by Trump is naturally countless. The decline of the United States is inevitable. Trump has struggled with his life for four years, and he cannot be transferred in essence, and he does not necessarily change individuals. Everything can be changed.

Even if Biden succeeds in ascending the throne as President of the United States, the United States he faces is nothing but a mess under Trump, with tens of millions of confirmed patients, trillions of debts, and a group of fanatics.