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UK consumer confidence index for March

The novel coronavirus pneumonia index rose from March to -16 in March, the highest level in the year, showing that the public is more and more confident in the recovery of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, GfK data released by British market research firm on Friday showed. The -16 index is the most important factor in the world’s economic growth.

UK consumer confidence index for March

Although the index is still well below the long-term average of – 9, the survey shows that optimism is rising in all sub indicators.


GfK said UK households’ expectations of the economic outlook and personal financial situation improved rapidly this month, which hit a three-year high.


Joe staton, head of customer strategy at GfK, said: “if this improved sentiment turns into spending, it could help reverse some of the economic losses suffered by the UK. Our main purchasing index rose 8 percentage points to – 11, indicating that this is likely to happen. ”


The situation is likely to improve further in the coming months, he added.