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Nearly 2.2 million yuan! An old flight of stairs?

According to reports from 24 French websites, French Aide Auction Company stated that an old staircase with 14 steps in the Eiffel Tower was sold for nearly 275,000 euros (approximately RMB 2.17 million) in Paris on the 1st, almost an estimated auction price. 10 times.

the Eiffel Tower

According to the report, this spiral staircase, nearly 3 meters high, came from a Canadian art collector. The estimated auction price was between 30,000 and 40,000 Euros, but was eventually bought by a European collector for 274,475 Euros. This staircase is the original staircase connecting the second and third floors of the Eiffel Tower when Gustave Eiffel designed and built in 1889.
The Eiffel Tower was renovated in 1983, and elevators were installed between the second and third floors, and the old stairs connecting the two floors were removed. The old staircase was subsequently divided into 24 sections, 20 of which were acquired by private collectors.