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China’s assets will be subject to global competition

China's assets will be subject to global competition
Li Daxiao, chief economist of Yingda securities, said that the three major U.S. stock indexes bravely set new records overnight. Among them, NASDAQ rose 2.56%, which inspired the courage of the global stock market. As of 9:30, the stock markets of Japan, South Korea and Singapore all rose more than 1%. A shares have been rare six even Yang, short has been in panic, if today’s seven even Yang, will make short into despair. The risk of shorting is much higher than that of long. We should be very careful, especially malicious shorting. The risk is even greater. Never underestimate the power of policy, never underestimate the power of China, never underestimate the potential of foreign capital entering the market, and never underestimate the power of residents’ savings entering the market through public funds. China’s economic growth will become more and more prominent in the world’s major economies, and China’s core assets will be contested by the world. This process has just begun, and the blue chip leading stocks with the highest quality and potential, which have been underestimated for a long time, will shine brightly. If you don’t pay attention to me today, you will not be able to rise in the future.