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Bitcoin’s soaring price makes it difficult to get one card

At present, the most popular commodity of Shenzhen Huaqiangbei is graphics card, which is used to assemble digital currency mining equipment.


In the SEG electronic market, a landmark building in Huaqiangbei, the counters selling computer accessories and repairing computers will not display the latest series of graphics cards. Transactions are often hidden in the dialogue between the counter owner and customers.


“3080, any?”


“How many do you want? More is not necessarily more. ”


Such conversations are repeated every day in the SEG electronics market. Since July last year, the price of bitcoin has been rising fiercely. On January 8 this year, bitcoin broke the $40000 mark, driving the price of digital currency to rise as a whole. With the rise of mining tide, new miners vie for admission, while old miners are busy adding equipment.


The RTX 30 series graphics card with high computing power and friendly price is the hot spot in the eyes of miners. Nicehash, the world’s largest cryptocurrency computing power platform website, has selected the mining graphics card with the best performance. The top two are 30 series graphics cards – 3090 and 3080 models. Bitcoin rose, miners scavenging crazier, graphics card manufacturers limited capacity, there are few spot on the market.


Counter owners are not in a hurry to sell to visitors. Instead, they first give them a “preventive injection” and “if there is, it depends on whether the price is acceptable”.


“People come to ask every day,” said Chen Liang (a pseudonym), who sells graphics cards in SEG electronics market. He said that the graphics card is very out of stock, we have to look for one. For example, if a customer wants five graphics cards, it will take two or three days to find such a quantity, “it’s not necessary to get so many (goods)”.


Bitcoin is limited in supply, and the price of graphics card with limited capacity fluctuates with the price of bitcoin. This time, it’s hard for businesses to predict how long the graphics card thermal energy brought by bitcoin will last. They even don’t know whether they are happy or worried: if they don’t have the goods, they have no price in the market; if they don’t have the goods to hoard, they have less profit space.


One price a day

Bitcoin's soaring price makes it difficult to get one card

“A lot of people buy graphics cards for mining.” In an interview with time weekly, Chen Liang said that it’s easy to judge whether customers buy graphics cards to mine. Those who ask businesses how many graphics cards they can sell are usually miners.


Graphics card was originally just a common computer accessory, which is one of the important hardware needed for computer graphics design and game entertainment. Mining is the ultimate pursuit of computing power behavior, with the least time, limited hardware to squeeze out the highest computing power, in order to get higher returns. The large amount of computing required for mining is just the strength of GPU. GPU mining is much stronger than CPU mining. Therefore, a large number of graphics cards flow to the mining market, causing an unprecedented shortage of global graphics card supply.


On January 2, the price of bitcoin broke through $30000, and six days later, it broke through $40000. Then, bitcoin plummeted, causing a wide range of burst positions, followed by frequent ups and downs, and the lowest price of bitcoin fell to $28845. As of 12:00 on January 25, the price of bitcoin was US $33588, while the price of RMB was RMB 217540. Since 2021, in less than a month, bitcoin has risen by nearly 14%, which has also pushed up the price of other digital currencies. For example, the price of ether currency has risen sharply from US $133 at the beginning of last year to US $1433 on January 25.


The sharp rise of currency price has heated up Huaqiang North graphics card market.


“As soon as the currency price goes up, the graphics card goes up.” Video card business Liu Wei (pseudonym) so summed up. He remembers that in 2017, bitcoin soared from $1003 to $20000, making it famous. At that time, a card (commonly known as the graphics card launched by AMD) was very popular. The demand for mining increased sharply, and the price of mining card (graphics card specially used for mining) soared. “A card of 1000 yuan, when it reached the highest, was more than 4000 yuan.”


The current popular mining tool is RTX 30 series graphics card. Nice hash shows that the computing power of 3090 and 3080 graphics cards is 106mh / s and 97mh / s respectively. According to the bitcoin price of that day (January 25), after deducting the electricity charge of 0.617 yuan per kilowatt hour, the monthly income can reach 1515.10 yuan and 1249.73 yuan respectively.


The mine card market thus revived. The 3080 graphics card, which is officially priced at 5499 yuan, has soared by more than 6000 yuan. In the recent week, it has risen from 9000 yuan to 12000 yuan. The 3090 graphics card, which is officially priced at 11999 yuan, has a market price of 13900 yuan.


At this price, even if the price of graphics card soars, bitcoin can earn back the cost in 10 months as long as it stays above $30000.


There is even a phenomenon of “one price a day” in the market. When the reporter of time weekly inquired about the price from the business as the buyer of the video card, the other side said helplessly: “the market is unstable now. For example, if I tell you the price today, it may be another price tomorrow. The price is not sure.”


The net profit is 600 yuan


“No one knows what they used to say about bitcoin. Now we’re all talking about dinner! ” While assembling the main computer, Liu Wei talks to customers. “I can’t afford bitcoin. It’s so expensive.” He joked that bitcoin, which costs more than 200000 yuan, is a game played by rich people.


The entry threshold of graphics card is far lower than that of bitcoin. When the production capacity is limited and the stock is scarce, you can earn money by buying it.


“You can make money in a situation like this. How much do you make? Anyway, it’s all about the price. It’s that simple. ” Liu Wei said frankly that if he could get a large number of goods at the official price earlier, he would have made a lot of money now. “One can earn 2000 yuan.”


Graphics card spot shortage, of course, is unable to get goods at the official price. The price difference between the purchase price and the market price is the profit margin of the business. But when is the best purchase time, and whether to maintain the supply, is also the biggest problem of these businesses.


Chen Liang wants to have a blog. In December last year, he hoarded three 3070 graphics cards, and the purchase price was as high as 5300 yuan per card. Fortunately, the market is awesome. The price of money has risen all the way. He can make 600 yuan for every sell. “Under normal circumstances (not affected by the soaring price of bitcoin), you can make a difference of 300 yuan, but now the profit is at least doubled.”


“Whoever has money will get the goods.” Chen Liang said that because the goods are very difficult to find, customers who need to take more than 10 pieces at a time will definitely raise the price, “I will only accept the order if I can make 1000 yuan each.”


There are opportunities to make money everywhere in the mine card market. “Now buy (graphics card) and put it back for a few days. When the graphics card rises to 6000 yuan, you can take it and sell it. You can make money.” Liu Wei said the secret of speculation, “it depends on whether you dare to gamble. Investment is risky.”


Miners and mine owners prefer to go to the Expo once.


The number of bitcoins is limited. In this game, the faster one can solve the computing problem, the more he can pocket the remaining bitcoins. To improve the cracking speed, the quantity is not the quality. Under this operating rule, mining has become a game of computing power of equipment. The more high computing power equipment is put into use, the greater the win.


Usually, miners use 6-8 graphics cards to form a mining equipment. Starting with the current market price, the cost of 3070 graphics card for a mining equipment is 43200-57600 yuan.


“Miners can’t buy 30 series graphics cards, so can old ones.” Liu Wei said that high-end graphics cards such as series 30 are out of stock, so the mine owners focus on the old models of graphics cards, and they can all mine, but the calculation power is different. “For example, the 1660 Series graphics cards originally cost 1400-1500 yuan, but now they all cost 2500-2600 yuan.”


The graphics card is hot and the shop is cold


The price of currency is crazy, so are the miners and mine owners, and so do the video card merchants, but it’s not easy to hoard and speculate.


The first is whether you can get 30 series graphics card.


“If you want to stock up, you have to see how much money you have.” Chen Liang said that due to the small amount of goods taken, businesses in SEG electronic market seldom directly connect with manufacturers, and generally take goods from dealers. “Dealers don’t have so many goods. It’s lucky to get them.” Chen Liang said that if you can get the new graphics card, in addition to meeting the mining demand, you can also use it to assemble computers in the store and drive the sales of other computer accessories.


Even if the dealer has the goods, the graphics card business still has to abide by the unwritten rule: take a 30 series graphics card, still have to distribute the goods.


“We have to take 10-20 low-end graphics cards. We pay for them in advance.” Chen Liang said that this has become a big threshold for businesses to store goods. The price of a low-end graphics card is about 280 yuan. In other words, every time you take a 30 series graphics card, you have to add an additional purchase expense of 2800-5600 yuan. What’s more worrying is that these low-end graphics cards basically have no demand in the market, “it’s hard to sell.”


Graphics card prices continue to catch up, most businesses are conservative hoarding.


“Just a little bit.” Liu Wei said that there are not many stores that actually stock up, “now the price is so high, who will stock up? If the price goes down, from 5000 yuan to 4000 yuan, one card will lose 1000 yuan and can’t afford to be hurt. ”


Graphics card is hot, but Huaqiangbei’s shop is cold.


Chen Liang’s shop had few customers in the afternoon. “Every day people ask (graphics card), but when they hear about the price, they don’t want it. The price is high.” Since the store sold 3070 graphics cards, Chen Liang has sold more than 70. “When the graphics card is not so expensive, the business is better.”


Huaqiangbei business seems to have been gambling: how long will the situation of hard to get a card last, and what price is suitable to start hoarding.


Graphics card supply is the key. In December last year, NVIDIA said that the shortage of wafers, silicon chips and other components had led to a tight supply of graphics cards. It was trying to expand the supply, and it would take several months for a thorough improvement. In January this year, NVIDIA disclosed that if the mining demand further increased, it would restart the CMP mining special graphics card product line to produce mining special graphics card.


“It won’t come down years ago.” In the SEG electronic market, many businesses make such judgments. Liu Wei believes that whether the graphics card can be reduced depends on the trend of currency price, but no one can say for sure. “Even if the currency price falls in a short period of time, the impact will not be too great.”