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It is valued at nearly 40 billion US dollars

As early as Tuesday, grab, a car hailing and food delivery company, will announce its U.S. listing through a merger with a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC), with a valuation of nearly $40 billion, according to people familiar with the matter. It will be the world’s largest spac deal to date.

It is valued at nearly 40 billion US dollars

As part of its merger with a special purpose acquisition backed by altimeter capital, grab will receive $4 billion in private investment from a group of Asian and global investors, including fidelity international and Janus Henderson, the source said.

Mercedes Benz luxury electric car EQS

Deutsche bank analysts believe that Mercedes Benz’s upcoming all electric luxury car EQS is likely to enhance the brand’s visibility and become “Tesla’s (701.98, 24.96, 3.69%) Nemesis”.

Mercedes Benz luxury electric car EQS

For Mercedes Benz, as well as other German OEMs such as Volkswagen and BMW, EQS “could become a game changer,” analysts at Deutsche Bank, led by Tim rokossa, said in a report on Monday.


EQS will be officially launched on Thursday, and analysts at Deutsche Bank believe that “this car is likely to set a benchmark for pure electric vehicles (BEVS) in terms of technical features, design and quality.”


The car will be the first Mercedes Benz model to adopt its new special electric vehicle architecture, with a maximum range of 770 km. Analysts at Deutsche Bank said this would make it the longest running pure electric vehicle in the market, and only Tesla’s model s Plaid + could compete with it.


Tesla’s model s Plaid has a range of 628 km and plaid + has a maximum range of 837 km. But analysts at Deutsche Bank point out that these are only the company’s own estimates.


These analysts said that the interior quality of EQS and the adoption of the new “Super Screen” will make it “possible to become the first real” luxury Bev “in the market.”. Mercedes Benz’s hyperscreen, launched earlier this year, has turned almost the entire dashboard into a display interface using artificial intelligence software.


The team also said the new car would help transform the public’s view of Mercedes Benz from a traditional car manufacturer to a luxury electric car company, “which should be appreciated by investors.” These analysts believe that EQS “has the potential to change investors’ perception of traditional automakers’ capabilities in this new world of electric vehicles, thereby supporting the stock price earnings ratio.”


To a large extent, Deutsche Bank is optimistic about Daimler (22.64, 0.34, 1.50%), the parent company of Mercedes Benz, and sets its target share price at 80 euros, which means that the stock is likely to rise by more than 6% at the current level. Deutsche Bank is optimistic about Daimler’s electric vehicle strategy of focusing on Mercedes Benz brand to improve profit margin.


Analysts at Deutsche Bank also believe that EQS will be so influential that it will help rationalize the price earnings ratio of OEMs that are on the road to electrification. Any rise in Daimler’s share price could benefit companies such as Volkswagen and BMW, and even Renault (8.46, – 0.06, – 0.70%) in France.

Apple in the car circle! Invest 10 billion to build “Apple car” with Kia

On February 3, according to South Korean media reports, Apple will invest 4 trillion won (about 23.3 billion yuan) to cooperate with Kia automobile on electric vehicles. The investment will be used for production facilities and automobile development. Apple automobile is expected to be launched in 2024.

Apple in the car circle! Invest 10 billion to build "Apple car" with Kia

Huawei is also more and more involved in the field of new energy vehicles. In October 2020, after Huawei released Hi, Huawei’s intelligent vehicle solution, more and more automobile enterprises cooperated with it. On February 3, BAIC New Energy announced that the “Huawei version” model that Huawei cooperated with it would be released in April this year and launched in November.


On February 3, Liao Bing, the former CEO of GAC Weilai, announced the establishment of a new energy technology company in Shenzhen and the launch of a new energy automobile brand, liberty automobile.


Will Apple be born?


The wave of the transformation from traditional cars to smart cars is just like the transformation from function phones to smart phones more than ten years ago.


Mobile Internet and intelligent vehicles have profoundly changed the history of the world’s automobile industry. In the face of new forces such as Tesla, many traditional automobile enterprises have cooperated with technology giants to make layout in advance, actively embrace the changes of the times, and are accelerating the transformation from traditional vehicles to intelligent vehicles and new energy vehicles.


According to South Korea’s Dongya daily, Apple will invest 4 trillion won to cooperate with Kia on electric vehicles. Information shows that the investment will be used for production facilities and car development.


Apple plans to work with Kia to produce apple cars from its Georgia plant, the report said. The two companies are likely to sign an agreement on February 17 and plan to launch Apple cars in 2024, with an initial target of selling 100000 cars a year.


In China, Korea Kia auto Co., Ltd., Dongfeng Motor Group and Jiangsu Yueda Investment Co., Ltd. established Dongfeng Yueda Kia Automobile Co., Ltd., which is a traditional fuel vehicle manufacturing, production and sales enterprise.


In fact, the news of Apple’s auto layout will come out in 2020. In December 2020, according to Taiwan’s economic daily, Taiwan’s key supply chain confirmed that Apple’s first electric car will come out ahead of schedule. It is expected that Apple car will be released in September 2021, at least two years ahead of the original plan. Its prototype car has been tested on the road in California, the United States. In response to the demand of Apple car stock, Taiwan’s local and major manufacturers, such as the United States Federation of trade and international trade, have all burst orders.


Industry insiders believe that Apple’s early release of the first electric vehicle indicates that the maturity of the industry chain is improved and the penetration rate is expected to accelerate; and that the change of the automotive industry pattern will be more drastic. By 2020, Apple’s patent technology in the automotive field has covered automatic driving, charging, on-board system, car body structure optimization and other aspects.


Xu Yingbo, an analyst at CITIC Securities, believes in his research report that Apple has built a strong IOS ecosystem with its technological advantages in the fields of smart phones, tablet computers, wearable devices, etc. With the development of artificial intelligence and Internet of things, aiot (artificial intelligence internet of things) is another important opportunity for global science and technology industry after PC and Internet. Intelligent vehicle and automatic driving are important investment opportunities in this field. Based on the analysis of Apple’s project layout in Carplay, carkey and electric vehicles, the possibility of Apple’s further entry into the intelligent vehicle manufacturing industry is not ruled out.


New forces of car building


In addition to apple, China’s technology giant Huawei has also set foot in the auto industry.


On February 3, it was reported that the “Huawei version” model of Huawei’s cooperation with BAIC new energy will be released in April this year and will go on sale in November.


“As a supplier of components and solutions, we respect the release rhythm and caliber of our customers, but we cannot disclose information without authorization.” Relevant people of Huawei told Chinese reporters of securities companies.


Tianyancha app shows that Beijing New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. was established in October 2009 with a registered capital of about 5.3 billion. Its business scope includes the production of electric passenger cars, hybrid electric vehicles, new energy vehicles, etc. The company is 99.99% owned by BAIC Blue Valley New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. and its investors include BAIC group and Daimler, the parent company of Mercedes Benz.


Tianyancha patent information shows that Huawei has applied for a number of automobile related patents before. For example, on January 22 this year, Huawei announced the patent of “reducer, powertrain and vehicle”, which can be applied to electric vehicles / electric vehicles, pure electric vehicles, etc.


In fact, in October 2020, Huawei released Huawei intelligent automotive solution hi (Huawei intelligent automotive solution), which aims to create high-quality intelligent networked electric vehicles through Huawei’s full stack intelligent vehicle solutions and in-depth cooperation with automobile enterprises in an innovative mode.


“Huawei does not build cars. It helps car companies build good cars and brings the digital world into every car.” At that time, Wang Jun, President of Bu, Huawei intelligent vehicle solutions, said.


Huawei has deployed HMS for car, hicar and smart screen for C-end car users. In the aspect of to B business, the solution includes intelligent driving, three electric systems and intelligent cockpit.


As early as November 2018, Huawei and BAIC announced their cooperation in technology research and development, product innovation, etc. the scope of cooperation includes cloud computing, Internet, etc., that is to build a “Huawei core” for traditional automobile enterprises.


In December 2020, Huawei “won” Chery Automobile and signed a comprehensive cooperation framework agreement. The two sides will fully cooperate in the fields of intelligent vehicle electronic and electrical architecture, intelligent network connection, intelligent cockpit, on-board computing and automatic driving, intelligent energy, intelligent vehicle cloud service, etc., to jointly create a new experience of intelligent travel and make travel smarter.


At that time, Yin Tongyue, chairman of Chery Automobile, said that Huawei is the pride of the Chinese people, and its spirit is worth learning. It is believed that the comprehensive cooperation between Chery and Huawei will boost the business development of both sides, transform automobiles from mechanical products to software products and intelligent products, and enable China’s automobile industry to master key core technologies in software, intelligent cockpit, chips and other fields, like today’s home appliance and mobile phone industries, and speed up its move to the world.


It is worth mentioning that in recent years, China’s new car building forces have emerged one after another. In addition to Hengda Group and Baoneng group building hengchi automobile and Guanzhi automobile respectively, they also include Weilai, Xiaopeng, ideal and other new forces.


On February 3, Liao Bing, former CEO of GAC Weilai, said that he cooperated with Henan Senyuan group and Beijing Xinding Rongsheng capital to establish freedom (Shenzhen) New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. to launch a new energy vehicle brand, freedom automobile.


Previously, on January 25, Liao Bing said that he had resigned as CEO of GAC Weilai and all its subsidiaries. It is reported that as the founder and former CEO of GAC Weilai, Liao Bing once served as an executive of GAC Honda, GAC parts, GAC Fick and GAC Research Institute.