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Cisco CEO expects global chip shortages

Chuck Robbins, CEO of Cisco (51.91, 0.41, 0.80 percent) systems, said the global shortage of computer chips is expected to continue for most of the year.

“We think it will take six months to get through the shortage,” he said in an interview on the weekend

The disruption in the semiconductor supply chain has affected many technology companies because of the surge in demand for electronics and the shortage of chips in large production facilities due to the new crown popularity.

This prompted suppliers to build more capacity, “robins said.” in the next 12 to 18 months, things will get better and better. ”

As demand soars, capacity expansion will be crucial. Shortage is a big problem, Robbins said, “because almost everything needs semiconductors.”

The production of smartphones, TV and home appliances manufacturers has been delayed due to the decrease in chip supply. The disruption also affected the production of other household appliances such as toasters and washing machines.