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Us congressman proposes to ban apple

U.S. Senator Josh Holly said on Tuesday he has proposed a bill banning any company with a market value of more than $100billion in new M & A. The bill will empower the Federal Trade Commission to ban “digital LED companies” from buying potential competitors and will force companies losing “profits from monopolies” in antitrust proceedings, CBS reported Tuesday At present, nearly 150 companies in the United States have a market value of more than $100billion, including apple, Amazon and other technology giants.


Reuters said the bill would effectively ban future M & A transactions between apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Google and Facebook and would prevent its platforms from prioritizing their own products. On February 1, a broad-ranging anti-monopoly regulatory reform act, called the competition and anti-monopoly law enforcement reform act, was proposed by several Democratic senators, which will give federal law enforcement more extensive resources to strengthen the ban on anti competition and merger and reform existing regulations. This means that the US technology giants may face more stringent supervision or rectification, and the difficulty of M & A will be increased in the future.


Reuters said the Senate judicial committee will hold a hearing on monopoly of mobile app stores on April 21, and Google and Apple will be “targeted.”. Earlier, app developers complained that Apple’s app store had set “mandatory revenue sharing and stringent rules for listing” on the iPhone and iPad, and Google’s app store’s regulations on Android devices were equivalent to anti competitive practices. The European Union has issued several high price penalties for us technology giants in recent years, and a new regulatory body has been set up in the UK to monitor the anti competition behavior of large technology companies around the world.