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After Alipay, JD.com and Baidu also offline Internet deposit products

The reporter has just learned from JD Digital that currently, according to the regulator’s attention to the Internet deposit business, the JD Finance APP has stopped adding new Internet deposit products, stopped new users from purchasing related products, and has conducted a stable and orderly process for existing customers and businesses. Local adjustment: Related products will only be visible to users who have purchased the product, and users who have already purchased the product will not be affected. In the future, JD Finance will pay close attention to relevant regulatory policies and guidance and implement them in earnest.


In addition, Du Xiaoman, a subsidiary of Baidu, said that it will strictly abide by relevant policies, regulations and regulatory requirements, embrace regulation, and adhere to compliance operations. For the Internet deposit business, Du Xiaoman has already removed the Internet deposit products on the platform. After the products are removed, they will only be visible to users who have purchased the products, and users who have purchased Duxiaoman finance

Prior to this, on December 18, Alipay had taken offline processing of bank deposit products on the wealth management page for users who did not hold its Internet deposit products.

Later, a person from the Ant Group stated that in accordance with regulatory requirements for the Internet deposit industry, Ant currently takes the initiative to remove all Internet deposit products on the platform, which are only visible to users who have purchased the product, and users who hold the product will not be affected.

What is internet deposit
It is understood that the bank sells deposit products through a third-party Internet financial platform. The products and services are provided by the bank. The platform provides information display and purchase interfaces for deposit products (the relationship between creditor’s rights and debts is between the depositor and the bank).

In the past two years, many banks have launched deposit products on Internet financial platforms, increased their efforts to attract deposits, and broadened customer acquisition channels. Many consumers have also enjoyed deposit services very conveniently. Such products have high returns and low thresholds, and they have become the main means for some small and medium banks to absorb deposits and ease liquidity pressure.

SMIC and CNOOC are blackmailed by the United States

Financial Times: layout “new crude oil”, S & P global acquired his Markit for us $44 billion
Recently, S & P global has agreed to buy IHS Markit, a data analysis company, for us $44 billion, which is likely to be the largest acquisition in 2020.
With this deal, S & P global may be able to fight against Bloomberg in the field of financial data. The transaction also confirmed the strategic significance of data as the “new crude oil” in the information age.
Earlier this year, the London Stock Exchange’s $27 billion acquisition of refinitiv and the $11 billion acquisition of Ellie Mae by NYSE’s parent company, Intercontinental Exchange, were all data centric.
New York Times Wall Street Journal: acquisition changes supply, Nikola’s share price plummets
On Monday, general motors and Nikolai announced that GM would no longer buy Nikola shares and would only supply Nikola with its commercial fuel cell technology.
Prior to this, there were media reports that Nikola might be another ppt car company. Not only is the promotion video of electric truck use gravity to glide on the road independently, but its core unit is only the labeled supplier products.As soon as the news came out, Nikolai’s shares were sold, making its market value drop to 8 billion US dollars.

Reuters: SMIC and CNOOC are blackmailed by the United States
According to sources, the trump government plans to blacklist SMIC, China’s largest chip manufacturer, and CNOOC, a large state-owned oil company, on the export blacklist because they believe they are related to the Chinese military.
In addition, the blacklist also includes China Construction Technology Co., Ltd. and China International Engineering Consulting Company.
The White House announced that from November 2021, U.S. investors will be banned from buying shares of companies on the blacklist.
It is not clear when the new blacklist will be officially announced.
NEC takes advantage of Huawei’s dilemma to focus on 5g construction
NEC, a Japanese information technology company, announced on Monday that Takayuki Morita will be its CEO from April 1 next year.
Takashi Nino, the current president and chief executive officer, will serve as vice chairman.
Takayuki Morita said that it will change the company’s profit structure, strengthen the company’s digital financial development, including 5g and AI fields, and increase NEC’s overseas sales from 25% to 50%.
Many western countries have boycotted Huawei for security reasons. Takayuki Morita said that there is little competition in 5g equipment market, new competitors and more competitive market environment are needed, which will be a great opportunity for NEC.