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Defining 420 as “Musk day”

On April 20, some of Tesla CEO’s iron powder began to celebrate “Elon mask day” on social media, making it a hot topic and determined to make it an annual celebration.

It seems that the event began last year, when Tesla’s loyal fan anubeck · Anuarbek imanbaev and Eli · Eli Burton, Sophian · Sofiaan fraval and rose · Ross Gerber is widely regarded as the sponsor of the event.

Imanbayev, a former oil and gas executive and now vice president of the Austin Tesla owners club in Texas, said the motive for the event was to celebrate their hero before it was “too late.”.

Before last year’s first “elonmash day” celebration, he told the media: “I really feel that everything that Elon has done is for the right reason – he did it to advance human civilization, not only on earth, but also outside the earth. We should cheer for people like Elon musc, not pull them down. ”

April 20, also known as “420”, has been celebrated as cannabis day by cannabis lovers around the world in recent years. As we all know, mask has been in trouble with this number.

This year, this day is also celebrated by two other groups, both of which are related to musk, including Musk’s own fans and supporters of dogcoin. The latter decided to regard April 20 as “dogcoin day”, and the recent surge of dogcoin is largely caused by musk himself.