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How to deal with conflict at work?

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In the workplace, it is impossible to do everything smoothly and there will always be conflicts of one kind or another with people. Some people choose to conquer in an argument; Some people choose to remain silent and use negative means to cool down… The improper way to deal with contradictions will not eliminate them, but will magnify them. Therefore, today I would like to share with you three tips to help you quickly read and resolve conflicts at work!


Control your emotions and understand why


As the saying goes, the mood is the devil, good mood can narrow the distance between two people, bad mood will lead to the contradiction intensified. Therefore, when conflicts occur with colleagues at work, we must control our negative emotions, take the initiative to calm down, and then analyze: what is the root cause of the conflict? What is the argument against it? Does the reason contribute to what you are talking about? Have the advantage that can draw lessons from…… Based on these thoughts, the excitement and excitement of the conflict will be gradually relieved, and the follow-up can understand the root of the conflict objectively and fairly.


Put yourself in someone else’s shoes and convince them


In the workplace, everyone is a cooperative relationship, but also related to competition, and the same office, if because of work conflict and hurt each other’s harmony, it is a very worthless thing. Therefore, after understanding the cause of the conflict, it is suggested that you take the initiative to ask the other side’s point of view, understand the other side’s position, put yourself in the other side’s situation, to analyze the other side’s starting point, and then in an acceptable expression, tell the other side what their starting point is, how to do in order to win. Only in this way, let the other party listen to what we say, at the same time we also understand the meaning of the other party, can shake hands and resolve the conflict.

Why do people have conflict at work? In the final analysis, different ideas and different positions are generated. The root cause of these different ideas is that there is too little understanding between the two sides, which leads to asymmetric information between the two sides, which is easy to cause misunderstanding. Therefore, after every conflict occurs and the conflict is resolved, it is suggested that everyone can review and reflect, classify the causes of the conflict, deepen their impression and understanding of colleagues around them, and list the follow-up measures to avoid the recurrence of the conflict.


To sum up, when people have conflicts and disputes with colleagues because of work problems, they must control their emotions, analyze the reasons, understand empathy, persuade the other party or learn to make concessions in time, so as to avoid conflicts being intensified. After that, we should not forget to summarize the report to avoid the recurrence of contradictions.

2022 school enrollment essential gift package

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There are only three problems for this year’s students:

How can I get into a good company?

Where is the company with more money and less action?

What the hell can I do?

I don’t know what I can do, I don’t know where a good company is, I don’t know how to apply… Commonly known as “catch blind”.

But the autumn recruitment has already started, there is no time to leave the small mood of confusion, we summed up the “all the college graduates must know”, hope that students can prepare for campus recruitment, make the best of it!!

Employment concept & Popular science of Autumn recruitment
1. Employment-related concepts

Registration certificate: the certificate for graduates to register at the employment unit, and also the certificate for graduates to record their working time. With archives deliver, settle procedure to have relation.

Archives: Records of personal experience and the basis of personnel management and services. It and turn regular grade, title evaluates, deal with all sorts of personnel formalities, length of service calculation, endowment wait to have concern.

Five insurances: endowment insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, industrial injury insurance and maternity insurance; One fund: Housing accumulation fund.

Tripartite agreement: school, employer and school. The tripartite Employment Agreement is uniformly printed by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China, which mainly clarifies the basic situation and requirements of the three parties.

2. Autumn recruitment is all popular science

Autumn recruitment: Campus recruitment in autumn is conducted in the first semester of senior year.

Autumn recruitment and spring recruitment: autumn recruitment concentrated in August to November, some enterprises will open in advance, because the duration is longer, there are approved in advance, formal approval, make-up approval of the points; But spring recruitment is concentrated in March and April, the recruitment time is short.

Autumn enrollment process: Students who participate in the school enrollment will basically go through the following steps:

Choosing a career
How to choose a career
1. Three questions about career planning

To figure out what to do with your career plan, you must first grasp the “three main questions.” With these questions, the answer becomes clear.

What does HR ask about career planning?

This question wants to test: ① do you have a clear definition of yourself; (2) Do you have a clear understanding of the position? ③ Are you willing to stay with the company for a long time

How to recognize your job potential?

The most important aspect of self-recognition in job hunting is the matching of personal attributes with the elements of the recruitment market. In short, it can be broken down into: what I’m good at, what I like, and what I want.

How to know “job value”?

You need to know: (1) the company is in the industry, and excellent companies in the industry; ② The company’s main business and products, corporate values; ③ Department and department structure of the position; ④ Dig job responsibilities from JD.

2. City selection

Big city or small city? Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou or your home town? The advantage of first-tier cities is that there are many job opportunities, relatively high starting point of salary and relatively fast pace of promotion. The advantage of small cities is that prices are lower, life pressure is less, and they have more time to themselves…

There is no absolute good or bad city choice, only the difference of individual orientation. She sorted out the popular city talent policies favored by last year’s graduates for reference.

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Nervous speech on stage how to do? How to improve your public speaking skills?

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Sometimes in the workplace, it is better to speak than to do, for example, to deal with interpersonal relations, convey information, coordinate work and so on. Good expression skills are needed to make one’s career to a higher level. But what about those who are poor at speaking on stage? Today, I’m going to share some tips to help you successfully present your charisma at work.

Know your topic and be well prepared
The reason why people are nervous and anxious when giving a speech on stage is that they have not prepared well in advance. They don’t know where to start and what to say, and they don’t know what to stop and what to talk about.

Therefore, when you go on stage, the first thing you need to do is to define the theme of your speech, so that the content of the presentation is centered on the core theme, so that the audience can know what you are talking about. At the same time, after determining the theme of the speech, it is also suggested that those who are not good at expression to make adequate preparations, such as: sorting out their own speech draft, and repeatedly read more than 3 times, so that they are familiar with the content of the speech, so as to reduce the sense of tension and confusion during the speech.

Pay attention to detail and be concise
In the stage of speech, in addition to the content is very important, the expression of the structure of logic should be strong enough, the words should be concise and appropriate, hierarchical structure. In this regard, we suggest you to improve from the following details:

1. In terms of the content of speech, I can put myself in the position of the audience to share the content of the speech, which is convenient for everyone to accept and understand the information;

2, in the form of speech expression, can use the total form of the total score. First, simply express your point of view or conclusion, so that other people can grasp the key information, then explain in detail around the point of view, pay attention to the logical order, use the first, second, third way to express, easy to receive information, finally reiterate your point of view, so that the point of view is absorbed by the audience.

3. In terms of speech language, some interesting content can be added appropriately to attract the attention of the audience and make them listen more attentively. Therefore, humorous and humorous language expression is also essential.

Adjust the speed and tone of your speech and express yourself flexibly
When speaking on stage, the speed of voice is very important, and the tone of voice to some extent represents a person’s confidence. Thirdly, we suggest that you adjust the speed and tone of your speech flexibly:

1. Don’t speak too fast or too slow. Too fast will make people can not hear the content clearly, not easy to understand, too slow easy to make people sleepy, difficult to concentrate, so, to adjust the speed of speech according to the content;

2. Speak loud enough that everyone can hear you clearly.

Speak boldly and confidently, don’t be intimidated, but control the pace of your speech. When the pace is too fast, it is necessary to take a proper pause, not only to give yourself time to think, but also to give everyone time to think, so that everyone can follow your train of thought, it is easier to control the field.

Manage your speech expressions and take it easy
Facial expression management is also an important part of speaking on stage. Calm demeanor, can give a person a sense of awe, constantly improve their own aura; Appropriate and moderate smile, can give a person a kind of friendly feeling, reduce the sense of distance between the audience; Firm and confident vision, can give a person a positive feeling, more easy to conquer every audience. Therefore, it is suggested that you can exercise your expression management and eye expression in your daily work.

Excellent speech expression ability is not innate, but needs to be learned and accumulated in daily work, it is suggested that every workplace can practice from the topic of speech, speech, speed, expression management and other aspects, so that they dare to calmly express in front of people.

What position does RMA belong to

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RMA is a common recruitment position in large enterprises. It is the staff responsible for the review of returned materials. The practitioners need to be familiar with the industry, have relevant professional learning experience, have a good English application level, and can skillfully use common computer office software. Its work includes:

1. Handled and controlled customer complaint information, completed 8D report review, 8D closed loop and RMA processing, and promoted the service quality of customer complaint processing;

2. Improve the efficiency and quality of dealing with customer complaints and enhance customer satisfaction;

3. Analyzed product quality problems based on customer complaints and put forward reasonable suggestions for improvement;

4. Responsible for supplier quality management, assessment and screening of suppliers;

5. Responsible for improving SQE related documents and formulating material inspection specifications;

6. Dealt with RMA after-sales accounting problems, monitored the processing speed of return and exchange of goods in the factory, and ensured the timely completion of after-sales orders.

How to give gifts to clients?

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World affairs insight is all knowledge, human practice is the article, China has attached great importance to the etiquette of human contact since ancient times. Interpersonal communication is also naturally reflected in the workplace. For example, in customer maintenance, gifts are often given to customers on holidays or when business is at a critical moment, so as to increase customer stickiness or give some help to business negotiations. And for how to give gifts to customers, you can refer to and several suggestions, while not losing etiquette to achieve the purpose of giving gifts.

Choose when and how
As the saying goes, no reward without merit. Gratuitous gifts are certainly purposeful. If you want to avoid being rejected by the other party, you need to find a suitable time. For example, you can borrow customers’ birthdays, wedding dinners or holidays to give gifts, and the other party will not refuse to accept them.

At the same time, when giving gifts to consider the customer when receiving gifts is convenient, especially in the customer unit, do not give gifts in public occasions, such a large probability will make the recipient embarrassed, may not only send gifts not to go out, but also give each other a bad impression. Therefore, gifts can be chosen when the customer visits, when two people meet alone or choose to mail to the customer, in the way of giving gifts do not add unnecessary pressure to the customer.

Give it where it belongs
Gifts must be sent to the point, the choice of gifts is not the more expensive the better, sometimes because it is a heavy gift, customers will not dare to accept. For festivals like Mid-Autumn Festival and Dragon Boat Festival, you can choose delicious moon cakes and zongzi, but you really need to pay attention to gifts outside the festival. Before giving gifts, you should carefully learn about the customer, including his family background, family members, career history, hobbies and other aspects, and then appropriately choose a gift that is not very expensive, but is exactly what the other party needs, so that the gift will let the other party feel that you are careful. There is to treat different customers to prepare different gifts, so that customers feel that they are respected.


Gift presentation is skillful
Make customers feel comfortable, is the first priority of gifts, so gifts, gifts, to dilute the gift of the precious and special, because the value of the gift itself, even if you do not say, customers can also feel. Although the gift is carefully selected, but in the gift must be said “random”, such as to send tea to customers, can say: “friends gave me some tea, I will give you a point over, you come to taste.” However, if the gift is formal, the client will receive more pressure.

We are in a human society, in the work, it is necessary to give customers gifts, have a human contact, can give customers a deeper impression, maintain the feelings of both sides, with the stickiness, the corresponding many things will be more smooth, so we must understand the above gift etiquette.

Do temporary workers get overtime pay for working on holidays?

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To the question “Are temporary workers paid overtime for working on holidays?” This problem needs to be analyzed in specific cases. As long as temporary worker and unit of choose and employ persons exist labor concern, so advocate overtime pay should basis man-hour system on this problem. At present, there are three kinds of working time system in China, namely standard working time system, comprehensive calculating working time system and unscheduled working time system. According to different time system, the regulation of overtime pay is also different. Let’s take a look.

Standard working hours with overtime pay
If the labor contract signed by temporary workers is standard working hours, it is the same as regular workers, their holiday work is paid overtime. Because according to our country current “labor contract law” regulation, laborer lawfully enjoys the right to rest, unit of choose and employ persons arranges laborer to work outside rest time should pay overtime to laborer.

How about overtime pay? Basis “labor law” 44th regulation: unit of choose and employ persons arranges laborer to work in legal holiday, need to pay 3 times overtime wage to laborer. Therefore, temporary workers on standard working hours should be paid three times their wages for working overtime during holidays.

Irregular working hours, no overtime pay
Unscheduled working hours mean that the worker has no fixed limit on the working hours of each working day. If it is an irregular working hours system of temporary workers, in the case of holidays to work, the enterprise does not need to pay overtime wages. Execute unscheduled work because of classics approval the laborer that working makes prolongs working time, do not suffer “labor law” the day that sets prolongs working time standard and the limitation that month prolongs working time standard. “Temporary provisions on wage payment” article 13 also makes it clear: the workers who implement the irregular working system do not carry out the relevant provisions on overtime wages. Just unit of choose and employ persons should adopt the proper job such as flexible working time and rest means, ensure the rest vacation right of the worker and the completion of production, working task.

In general casual worker namely so-called “hourly work”, “hourly work”, it is not regular hour work hour work is made, both sides did not have clear agreement working time, just agree the working remuneration of every hour, in order to complete the actual working time after certain working task computation labor remuneration.

Comprehensive calculation of working hours system, with overtime pay
Comprehensive calculation of working hours system, is based on weeks, months, seasons, years, etc., as a cycle, comprehensive calculation of working hours, the average daily working hours and average weekly working hours should be basically the same as the legal standard working hours. Accordingly, execute the casual worker that comprehensive computation man-hour makes, working day just is “legal holiday”, it is to have overwork salary (not under 300%).

To sum up, whether temporary workers have overtime pay in holidays, first of all, need to determine their working hours is standard working hours, irregular or comprehensive calculation of working hours, and then according to different working hours to determine whether they have overtime pay, and how much overtime pay.

What is on the interviewer’s mind during the interview?

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There is a good face in the house, will be bearer in the hall, frown, eyes, lips, teeth, words, and bearer relative and sit, but one person, a pen, a desk, a chair, a resume. — The Interviewer

From the moment you walk into the interview room, you have already jumped into the interviewer’s fishpond. You are no longer seen as you, but as candidate A, who is about to be branded by the interviewer.

What on earth are interviewers thinking when they’re interviewing?

The article that take the door
At this point you have mixed emotions in your heart, excited with nervous, cheerful with serious, calm with urgency.

You don’t want to let that interview slip through your fingers. You’re afraid that if you don’t come across as positive, you’ll be seen as unenthusiastic. But you’re afraid that if you’re too positive, you’ll be seen as unstable.

When you open the door and enter the interview room, you pretend to smile and your heart is beating, but you have been quietly graded since that moment.

The interviewer’s inner OS

Why is this guy dressed so badly? I don’t want to wear formal clothes so I can be neat and clean. Is he not taking me seriously when he dresses like that? Or did he not want the job and just go through the motions? Alas… Another ten minutes gone.

Resume article
You walk slowly to the table, sit down, smile at the interviewer, and hope that your smile will make him or her feel better about you. Unsurprisingly, you greet each other, say a few polite words, and the first question you’re looking for comes up: Why don’t you briefly introduce yourself?

You’ve been wondering why the interviewer has to introduce himself every time he or she already has your resume.

The interviewer’s inner OS

What’s that look on your face, that awkward smile? Is it too bad for you to introduce yourself? Do you know how many candidates I interview in a day? I have 300 resumes in my inbox a day, and I can remember them? You’re gonna have to give me some time to figure out why I picked you for this interview.

Aye? Why don’t I remember this resume?

Background Introduction
When you patiently repeat the contents of your resume and smile at the interviewer. You know, that’s when he’s going to start asking questions about your background.

Depending on the personality and habits of each interviewer, the Angle of the question may vary, but there are always several directions to ask. For example, why did you choose this job, what do you think your strengths are, tell me about some work experience in your resume in detail, and even more, what do you think management is.

The interviewer’s inner OS

How do I know how much of your resume is true without asking? Instead of studying how to work hard, people now know how to get their names on big projects.

Besides, you can’t stand a few more questions, can you? Your psychological quality is not good, you this later into this company, if the training you two words on the abandonment of the pick, this kind of ye we can not afford to serve.

By the way, didn’t you check the job description before you came? I’m asking you a question to give you a chance to tell me that you have the skills we need for the job, and you’re here writing a memoir with me?

The end piece
After several rounds of negotiation, you finally feel that all you should, can and can say have been said to the interviewer on the other side, and then you can only repeat and emphasize whether you were listening to me.

You look at the interviewer, the interviewer looks at you, a short three seconds, you look at each other speechless, say nothing, or seem to say anything, you wait for the interviewer to give you a reply.

The interviewer’s inner OS

This person is a sloppy dresser, but has good professional skills. He sounds suitable for our job requirements, but he doesn’t look that outstanding.

Why don’t I wait for the next few candidates to decide? I will first ask how many offers he has in hand. Otherwise, if there is no suitable offer later, he will be asked to leave by another company. Then I have not wasted my efforts this month.

Or stop here today, seeing the lunch break, I am almost starved to death, today is to eat barbecue or rice noodles?

What’s behind Shiba Inu coin’s stunning rise—up 777% in 30 days

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New Delhi (CNN Business) The Shiba Inu coin soared to a new record Wednesday, surging more than 60 million percent in the past year.

In mimicking cryptocurrency — which seems to be motivated by cryptocurrency — another meme reaches as high as almost 30 percent in the past 24 hours, according to CoinGecko. It has given back some of its gains since hitting an all-time high early in the morning, but remains the 11th-largest digital currency by market capitalization.

Launched last year, the token has soared about 100 percent in the past seven days and is now worth about $26 billion.
Like the dogecoin, the Shiba Inu coin has the shiba inu as its mascot. Its rapid rise has turned some investors into overnight millionaires.
The coins have also won celebrity supporters ranging from former boy band stars to professional athletes.
Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin made headlines earlier this year when he donated $1 billion worth of Shiba Inu coins to The COVID-19 relief fund in India.

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The legacy of the oil price shock

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Matthew Lynn says after the recent surge in gas prices, we can expect slower growth, industrial decline, and a newly confident Russia. Anyone looking at their heating bills in the coming months will be painfully aware that gas prices have soared. Over the course of 2021, that number has increased more than fourfold. In frenzied trading last week, gold rose by more than 20 per cent a day. Why is that? Renewables are an important part of the energy mix, but they are not generating as much electricity as expected, while the massive stimulus package and post-pandemic rebound have led to a surge in demand.
Energy markets have not seen such a sharp rise in prices since the “oil shock” of the 1970s. That was when Opec, the oil producers’ cartel, discovered it could hold the developed world to ransom by switching supplies on and off. The result was an era of “stagflation”, in which prices rose rapidly, economic growth stagnated and power shifted to the Middle East. The turmoil it unleashed destroyed governments on both sides of the Atlantic.

It’s not the ’70s anymore, but energy is still important
This one is unlikely to be so dramatic. We use much less energy as a percentage of GDP than we did 50 years ago. It now accounts for 4% of GDP, compared with a peak of 11% in the 1970s. Services are far more important than they used to be, we are far more energy efficient, and all the investment in green energy means we at least have alternatives that are increasingly important, even if they are not yet a substitute for natural gas. But that does not mean that big increases in energy prices are irrelevant. In fact, they will affect the economy in three important ways.
First, they slow economic growth. Rising energy prices will eat into demand in all major economies. There is little difference between higher industrial costs and higher consumer prices. Either way, people will have less money to spend. It is true that some of this money will be recycled, because energy exporters will be able to buy more energy. But early commodity cycles show that the process is rarely smooth. A lot of demand would be lost and all the major economies would be in trouble. Worst of all, this will happen when they are just beginning to recover from the pandemic.
Second, industrial decline is expected. Soaring energy prices are a pain for consumers, but they can largely be absorbed by cutting some costs elsewhere. However, it could be disastrous for many industries that use a lot of electricity. If costs can’t be passed on to consumers — and often they can’t if the product is made with a substitute, or if it’s not essential — the company may really be in trouble. Industries such as chemicals, building materials, paper, glass and food production are likely to be shut down.


Peloton’s Callie Gullickson’s Favorite Dance Moves for an Effective Cardio HIIT Workout

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Let’s face it: The words cardio or HIIT can be a little intimidating, especially for those of us that don’t love burpees or running on a treadmill. But luckily, there are plenty of effective routines out there that check the ‘HIIT workout’ box — and are actually enojable even for non cardio lovers.

Which is why fitness giant Peloton has added some unconventional options to their ever-expanding, On-demand library of classes on their app (try with a 30-day free trial and $12.99 per month) that go beyond traditional cardio. Last year, they introduced Dance Cardio, which combines dance choreography, strength moves, and cardio for a killer, full-body workout. And earlier this month, the fitness conglomerate launched season two of their Dance Cardio series with music from a special guest: Usher, who even makes a cameo in one of the classes.

So in an effort to liven up our workouts and get our groove on, we tapped Peloton instructor and Dance Cardio teacher Callie Gullickson for the best choreography that will deliver a fun but intensive Cardio workout.

“Dance Cardio is a full body workout challenging not only your stamina but your muscular endurance,” Gullickson tells us. “When taking these classes you are guaranteed a good sweat, plenty of endorphins, and a fun time. No dance experience is required!”