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Sudden increase in reverse repurchase operations

According to the announcement of the central bank, on the 24th, the People’s Bank of China launched a 30 billion yuan reverse repurchase operation by way of interest rate bidding. The period was 7 days and the winning interest rate was 2.2%. There was no change, but the operation volume increased from 10 billion yuan the previous day to 30 billion yuan. yuan.

Sudden increase in reverse repurchase operations

This is the first time the operation volume has changed since the central bank conducted 80 consecutive reverse repurchase operations of 10 billion yuan since March 1 this year.

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In this regard, the central bank also directly gave an explanation-at the beginning of the trading announcement on the 24th, the central bank pointed out that “in order to maintain stable liquidity at the end of the six months.”

Entering the second half of June, the market’s attention to the liquidity situation at the end of the half year has increased.

Industry insiders believe that the central bank’s move implies that near the end of the six months, market liquidity supply and demand will tighten, and the central bank’s liquidity investment scale will be adjusted in due course.

Judging from the past situation, almost every June, the central bank will increase the investment of short- and medium-term liquidity through reverse repurchase operations and other means.

“Maintaining reasonable and abundant liquidity is not empty talk”

The Financial Committee of the State Council recently held its 51st meeting to study and deploy key tasks in the financial sector in the next phase. The meeting requested that the financial system must adhere to a sense of the overall situation, adhere to a stable character, scientifically and accurately implement macro-control, grasp the degree, and refrain from making sharp turns. It is necessary to comprehensively use a variety of monetary policy tools to maintain reasonable and sufficient liquidity, effectively prevent and defuse financial risks, and promote a virtuous economic and financial cycle.

The central bank recently reiterated that it will improve the modern monetary policy framework, improve the money supply control mechanism, manage the currency gate, maintain a reasonable and sufficient liquidity, keep the money supply and the growth rate of social financing scale basically matched with the nominal economic growth rate, and maintain the macro leverage ratio. Basically stable.

It is worth mentioning that the central bank’s leading media “Financial Times” recently published a commentary stating that under the policy orientation of “stable and stable” monetary policy, it is not empty talk for the central bank to maintain reasonable and abundant liquidity. Market entities do not need to have unnecessary worries about liquidity, and it is not advisable to use unfounded guesses to predict liquidity “tightening” and “volatility” and the central bank’s policy orientation to mislead market expectations and artificially create volatility.

Central bank liquidity operations: the focus is not on quantity

Regarding the central bank’s liquidity operations, the central bank has recently issued multiple signals to emphasize that the focus of observing open market operations is price rather than quantity.

According to the Monetary Policy Implementation Report for the first quarter of this year, the People’s Bank of China has gradually formed the practice of conducting mid-term lending facilitation (MLF) operations at a fixed time in the middle of each month and continuous open market operations on a daily basis, through continuous release of central bank policy interest rate signals , Guiding market interest rates to fluctuate around policy interest rates, significantly improving the efficiency of monetary policy transmission. Therefore, when observing the central bank’s open market operations, the market should focus on the open market operating interest rate, medium-term lending convenience interest rate and other policy interest rates, as well as the operation of market benchmark interest rates over a period of time. The monetary policy orientation has been over-interpreted.

Sun Guofeng, Director of the Monetary Policy Department of the Central Bank, has repeatedly emphasized that determining the trend of short-term interest rates first depends on whether the policy interest rate changes, mainly the central bank’s open market 7-day reverse repurchase operation interest rate, and whether the medium-term lending facility interest rate changes, and should not Excessive attention to the number of open market operations and the liquidity of the banking system.

He said that the number of open market operations will be flexibly adjusted according to various temporary factors such as finance, cash, and market demand, and its changes do not fully reflect the trend of market interest rates, nor do they represent the trend of changes in central bank policy interest rates. Secondly, when observing market interest rates, focus on the weighted average interest rate level of DR007 and its average value over a period of time, rather than the transaction interest rate of individual institutions, or the interest rate at the time that is disturbed by short-term factors.

Judging from the trend of money market interest rates, the recent fluctuations have increased slightly, but they are still operating within a range, and the upward movement of the operating center is not obvious. Especially for DR007, the weekly average is basically around 2.2%, which is close to the central bank’s 7-day reverse repo rate.

Market participants pointed out that due to the tax period and other factors, since the 18th, market funds have slightly tightened, and money market interest rates have risen slightly. The fluctuations in overnight repo rates, which are more sensitive to short-term liquidity fluctuations, have increased, but they are more representative. DR007 remained stable overall.

On the morning of the 24th, as the peak of the tax period passed, the funds had already been loosened. As of 11:30, DR001 plunged 35BP and returned to around 1.8%; DR007 fell 2.5BP to 2.24%.

Many market participants believe that as the central bank increases liquidity in a timely manner, there is basically no suspense about the balance of funds through the end of the year.

Biden wants to raise federal taxes

Biden wants to raise federal taxes
President Joe Biden is planning to raise federal taxes to pay for the follow-up to his new Crown Mitigation Act, according to people familiar with the matter. The tax increase is the first significant increase since 1993, according to the report.

Biden wants to raise federal taxes

Bloomberg: The next phase of Biden’s economic plan focuses on tax increases, which would be the first big increase since 1993

Unlike the $1.9 trillion stimulus bill, the government’s next initiative is expected to be larger and not solely funded by government debt, the report said. It is increasingly clear that tax increases will be part of the package.

Bloomberg said that for the Biden administration, the tax increase plan is an opportunity not only to fund infrastructure, climate issues and other issues, but also to address what Democrats say is the inequity of the tax system. Reports say the plan will test Biden’s ability to bring Republicans and Democrats together to stay united.

Central Plains gold push “7 days without reason to repay”

Central Plains gold push "7 days without reason to repay"

The theme of this year’s 315 gala is to boost consumption, starting with the heart. In on the day of the party, the national market supervision and management of the administration and the central radio and television reception jointly issued initiative, initiative the entity shop operators voluntarily participate in offline shopping “seven days without reason return promise” activities, actively perfect after-sales service system, hopes the store operator action, and commitment to actively, carry out earnestly, to create a safe consumption environment, strengthen the basic role of consumption to the economic development to contribute.

In fact, in addition to offline shopping, the consumer finance industry, which has a stake in many consumers’ wallets, is beginning to implement the initiative.

According to the Daily Financial Report, Henan Zhongyuan Consumer Finance Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Zhongyuan Consumer Finance) launched the “7-day repayment without any reason” service for first-time borrowers on February 24. It began to introduce the “cooling off period of loan” into the consumer finance industry, which is the first in the industry.

Of course, we have also noticed that many consumer finance companies have launched similar “7-day interest free” activities, but this service has a premise: one is to borrow for 30 days, only the first 7 days of interest free; The other is to give a lower amount to new users, hundreds of dollars, thousands of dollars, there are amount restrictions; Another is coupons that are free for a limited time, more for marketing purposes. The “7-day repayment without any reason” service launched by Zhongyuan Consumer Finance Company means that users can enjoy the right to use the relevant rights and interests for the first time when they borrow money. They can repay in advance within 7 days after the loan without charging any fees, which truly puts the interests of borrowers in the first place.

As is known to all, in the rapid development of consumer loan industry, the behavior of over-induced marketing happens from time to time. Borrowers who find problems with loans can’t cancel them or pay them back in advance, which is harmful to users. Many young people get into debt because of real temptations and personal impulses, so the lending industry needs to be improved and rationalized.

In henan silver protects inspect bureau held yesterday “3 · 15 financial consumer rights and interests protection” special news conference, the central plains consumer company general manager Steven Chou said: ‘loan a cooling-off period since Feb. 24 services, especially the innovation action received extensive attention from all walks of life and, from the point of the effect of implementation, as of March 15, the company for more than 100000 users open the rights “cooling-off period” 7 days, a total of more than 2000 customers to use the rights and interests, accounted for 2.2%, centralized payment does not appear large customer in 7 days “while wool” phenomenon, the service running smoothly. “We have promoted consumption and protected consumers’ rights and interests through small service innovations.”

Cooling-off periods are nothing new in the financial industry, of course. In insurance or private equity, there are usually periods of hesitation, which are required by regulators. During this period, if you do not want to buy, you can apply for a full refund. Lending calm period, and insurance hesitation period, in fact, much the same.

It’s just that buying insurance costs money, while taking out a loan is borrowing money, the latter of which may involve moral hazard, and that someone will get the money for free by borrowing and reneging frequently. This requires a reasonable limit on the number of times the borrower can exercise the right of reneging.

Generally speaking, the move of Zhongyuan Consumer Finance is a beneficial attempt to protect the interests of the lender, which can protect the losses caused by the hasty decisions of consumers on impulse or without knowing much about the products. For advocates of rational lending, a “lending cooling-off period” might be the industry’s match.

China Mobile to consider A-share listing

China Mobile to consider A-share listing
China Mobile, which is considering an A-share listing after A delisting in the US, opened the day steadily higher in Hong Kong, up 3.36% at HK $53.80 per share.


Pictures from the network, invasion and deletion

On March 9, China Telecom announced that it planned to apply for listing on the main board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange. If China Mobile “return to A”, the three major domestic operators will be expected to gather A shares.

Fu Liang, A telecom expert, told Time Finance that China Mobile’s A-share listing had been in the works for many years and it chose Hong Kong because of its large size while the domestic market was still in its infancy. At present, China Mobile is delisted from the United States. For its development, A+H dual listing is A better financing strategy.

China Mobile returned to A’s expectation

Citing people familiar with the matter, Bloomberg said China Mobile is discussing A potential A-share offering with advisers to seek new sources of financing to develop its 5G network. The discussions are at an early stage and no decision has been made on the size and timing of the offering.

In January, the New York Stock Exchange delisted the deposited-trust securities of China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom in accordance with an executive order signed by former U.S. President Donald Trump banning investments in Chinese military-related companies. In March 9, China Telecom announced the “return to A” after, there are shareholders in the stock bar comment: “China Mobile back to A is imperative!”

According to the data released by China Mobile, since the establishment of China Mobile in 2000, its assets have increased from 320 billion yuan to 2 trillion yuan, and its annual operating income has increased from 120 billion yuan to more than 770 billion yuan. By the end of 2020, the number of users of China Mobile’s 5G plans has reached 165 million.

On March 15, China Mobile announced that it would report its annual results on March 25. In 2020, the net profit of the company is expected to reach 105.151 billion yuan to 112.492 billion yuan, and the annual operating income is expected to reach 743.942 billion yuan to 775.014 billion yuan, according to the forecast of 16 securities brokerages.

According to data released by China Mobile in January this year, it has opened more than 390,000 5G base stations, developed more than 165 million 5G service customers, and built the world’s largest 5G network. Brokers expect China Mobile to invest cautiously in 5G base stations this year, while its operating guidance, capital expenditure on 5G investment, network resource sharing and cooperation with China Radio and Television will be the focus of attention.

Compared with China Telecom, China Mobile is relatively abundant in capital and does not have A strong demand for financing. However, some analysts believe that after delisting in the United States, China Mobile will still have the impetus to return to A-share market. 5G construction and business growth dividend period is coming, return to A-shares can obtain more funds, 5G construction, product development and strategic transformation to provide more help.

In addition, Fu Liang believes that returning to A-shares can also increase the frequency of information exposure of China Mobile, which is more conducive to the partners and users of China Mobile’s supply chain and industrial chain to understand the development of the company and share the development dividend of China Mobile together. Correspondingly, the three major operators gathered in A shares, will also promote the further benign development of the Chinese stock market.

Such a northwest man deserves the honor of the comrades

On the left is our hero’s colonel Qi Fabao, who should have been the commander of the frontier battalion when this picture was taken.

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On the right, we see the famous Qin Terracotta Warriors and Horses, typical of the Great Qin warriors in the underground army formation more than 2,000 years ago.

The same Angle, the same outline, the same posture, different military uniforms, but can not hide the spirit, through thousands of years.

A lot of friends after watching said: like, too like!Qi fabao is the head of gansu wuwei people, as expected are the northwest tough man!

He was supposed to be our top commander on the scene.

When he sees a friend, he says:

One of the sources of combat strength of our army is that the commander always shouts “follow me” instead of “charge me” in battle.The only people in the world who can do this universally is our people’s army.

Behind Qi Fabao, the head of the regiment, there were two characters of “China” on the mountain wall.

What is a hero?

That is to face the chest to the siege, the back left to the motherland, a soldier is a monument.

Such a northwest man deserves the honor of the comrades who fought and died side by side with him and the honor of “the hero commander of the defense of the country and the frontier”.

In the struggle in the Galawan Valley, four of our officers and men died, and Colonel Qi Fabao was seriously wounded.The PLA Daily also recorded this detail:

Han Ziwei, a military doctor, remembered that after Qi was rescued, his left frontal bone was broken and there was a gouge ten centimeters long.As he dressed the wound, “he pulled the bandages off his head, thought to rush forward as his last strength, and then fainted”.

Yesterday (February 21), I am glad to see some media reports that experts from the Affiliated Hospital of PLA Military Medical University have carefully treated Qi and he has recovered before the Spring Festival.

Just yesterday morning, local leaders from Wuwei made a special trip to Xinjiang to visit Qi and his family.

Photos show that Qi Fabao, who still has short military hair, has a lot of white skin and a good mental state.

Mobile phone shipments growth against the trend

The US crackdown on Xiaomi and other companies has also attracted the attention of the Chinese government. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian responded at the time that the Trump administration has “distorted the concept of national security, abused state power and repeatedly cracked down on Chinese companies for no reason, which China firmly opposes.”

Companies, sanctions, the economy, exports

Inverse historical trend, “the us relevant ACTS contrary to the principle of consistent brand of market competition and international economic and trade rules, interfere with the normal economic, trade and investment cooperation between China and the United States, against foreign companies in the United States investment confidence, will also hurt U.S. businesses and the interests of investors, this is some people in the United States another example of the dog in the manger.”Zhao Lijian said.

Stock price firm mobile phone shipments growth against the trend

Xiaomi’s Hong Kong share price fell 10 per cent the day after the sanctions were imposed, though the company’s shares quickly rebounded.Xiaomi’s Hong Kong shares closed at HK $29.20 on Jan. 29.

The good results have supported Xiaomi’s share price.According to a research report released by market research firm Canalys, in 2020, the smartphone market shipments in the Chinese mainland fell 11 percent year-on-year to 330 million units.

In terms of branch companies, the top five manufacturers in the Chinese mainland smartphone market in terms of shipment volume in 2020 are: Huawei, OPPO, Vivo, Xiaomi and Apple.Xiaomi and Apple are the only companies with positive shipments growth in two years.

Among them, Huawei (including Honor) shipped more than 123 million units in the Chinese mainland smartphone market in 2020, down 13% year on year, and ranked first with a market share of 37%.Xiaomi shipped 39.8 million units in the Chinese mainland smartphone market in 2020, up 3% year on year, ranking fourth with a market share of 12%.Apple ranked fifth in the Chinese mainland’s smartphone market in 2020, with shipments of 34.4 million units, up 14% year on year and a market share of 10%.

The Kwai is in the trillions. Two founders worth more than 100 billion

Relying on the old fellow, -W, a short video player, made a miracle. The market value of the dark market closed yesterday reached HK $1 trillion and 380 billion, and the Kwai hang and laugh were worth over HK $100 billion.


Kwai tiktok tiktok is a new wealth feast. The Internet dividend is still being released. Since the sharp hands of the buffet are able to give such valuations, people have reason to look at the jitter.

The Kwai is in the trillions. Two founders worth more than 100 billion

HK $1.38 trillion


In February 4th, the HKEx announcement showed that the Kwai Kong Hongkong IPO was priced at HK $115 per share, and the company estimated that the net proceeds would be about HK $41 billion 276 million, which means that the market value of the Kwai IPO will reach HK $472 billion 400 million, which is equivalent to over sixty billion US dollars.


However, this is only the starting price, and soon began to fly fast, Kwai Fu secretly rose 193%, the total market value of nearly HK $1 trillion and 380 billion, after the intraday rose to 266.08%, the stock price reached HK $421, and soon stopped trading in Huiri secretly, Huali secretly access to many Hongkong coupons, but limited technical support, too many orders and sales.


Kwai Chi securities closed the price at 325 Hong Kong dollars, up 182.61%; Huali securities closed the Kwai lap price of HK $310.60, up 170.09%; OTC closing price was HK $266, up 131.3%.


This Kwai Chung can earn 20 thousand Hong Kong dollars, but hitting new shares is not easy. The rate of signing of individual investors is only 4%.


As a result of oversubscription, the number of shares issued for retail investors increased from 9.13 million to 21.9 million under the call back mechanism. The number of shares issued to institutional investors decreased from 356.1 million to 343.3 million, and institutional shares were over subscribed about 39 times.


According to the calculation of futu’s dark market, the institutional investors will have a floating profit of HK $78 billion just for this new share.


This subscription obviously focuses on institutional investors and is not friendly to individual investors. The number of individual subscribers exceeds that of ant financial services, which is the largest in history, but the number of equity that institutional investors get is more than 10 times that of individual investors.


The price range of the Kwai Fu was HK $105 per share -115 Hong Kong dollar before, and the price of the stock price was too low from the stock price increase.


The market is approaching a crazy moment. Kwai has been equivalent to 1/5 of Tencent’s market value, ranking seventh in all A share listed companies, ranking eighth in Hong Kong stock, and over the old China Mobile, agricultural bank, Jingdong and other companies.


Over the past 10 years, the fastest player has been based on short video core positions, with nearly 500 million monthly activity scale and an average daily live user reaching 85.3 minutes. Kwai is the head game player in the short video track.


Kwai has developed three core businesses: live broadcasting, online marketing and online business. Kwai’s revenue was 40 billion 677 million yuan in the first three quarters of 2020.


100 billion rich


Prospectus shows that before IPO, the founder of fast hand, chairman and CEO Su Hua, the fastest co founder and chief product officer Cheng Yi laughed, and the management share of silver Xin and Yang Yuanxi reached 25.093%, of which 12.648% were Kwai Kwai holdings and 10.023% were Cheng Yi Xiao.


Suhua and Cheng Yixiao hold 427 million shares and 339 million class A shares respectively


Yesterday, Kwai Fu’s quick closing price was HK $336.6, which calculated the value of Kwai Wah and Cheng Yi laugh respectively to HK $143 billion 700 million and HK $114 billion 100 million, and the rapid listing of the company increased two billion billionaire.


Institutional investors, Tencent holds 21.567%, Kwai Chung’s largest shareholder. Wuyuan capital held 16.657% of the shares, while other investors held 34.614% of the shares.


According to public reports, Tencent joined Kwai Kwai C, and every quick financing of the company quickly found Tencent. In March 2017, the fast hand announced that it won the Tencent $350 million war. In August 2019, Tencent again hit $1 billion 250 million, and Kwai Kwai estimated its value after the investment was $25 billion. In December 2019, Kwai completed the F round of about $3 billion in financing, which was invested by Tencent, Bo Yu capital, Yunfeng fund, Temasek and Sequoia. Tencent invested about 2 billion dollars, and Kwai Kwai’s valuation was over 28 billion yuan. Tencent’s rapid rise in the share market was once again promoted.


Prospectus shows that the six month of June 30, 2020, the average daily active users and average monthly active users of China’s application and small programs were Kwai 302 million and 776 million respectively.


Kwai Kwai’s application nearly 8 billion users were concerned about each other in the six months ended June 30, 2020. The active users of the Kwai Yong used more than 85 minutes a day, and the average daily visits exceeded 10 times. The content developers of fast app accounted for about 26% of the average monthly active users.

WSB concept stocks counterattack US retail investors’ suspected manipulation

Local time on February 3, WSB concept stock collective rebound, Gauss electronics rose nearly 28%.


The collapse of WSB concept stocks on the previous trading day did not scare off US retail investors. There are many retail investors who firmly hold and chant “we don’t sell” on WSB forum. However, some retail investors have said that they have lost $25000 due to high buying.

Not for sale! WSB concept stocks counterattack US stock retail investors suspected of manipulation? SEC investigation

It is worth noting that, according to foreign media reports, the US Securities Regulatory Commission is searching posts on social media and message boards, and reviewing transaction data to assess whether these posts are manipulation.


On February 3 local time, WSB concept stocks rebounded collectively.


According to wind data, the intraday trend of WSB concept stocks was volatile, with game station rising as high as 26% and Gauss electronics once rising by 50%. As of the close, Gauss electronics, AMC entertainment holdings, game station and blackberry rose by 27.95%, 13.94%, 3.08% and 3.98% respectively.


Zhongzhengjun noticed that when the WSB concept stocks plummeted the previous trading day, some retail investors posted on the WSB forum calling for bottom hunting. Mwybert, a netizen on the WSB forum, said, “only when we unite can we succeed. All of us should do that. ”


Last night, the rebound of WSB concept stocks strengthened the confidence of retail investors in US stocks. Netizen rocket10117 forwarded a news about the game station and added: “we don’t sell it!” Netizen webacerob said, “it’s not over yet! The New York Times has just confirmed that large hedge funds are still at great risk, and we are taking the opportunity to expand our advantage. ”


The SEC has launched an investigation


It’s worth noting that the securities and Exchange Commission of the United States has begun to investigate the social posts that push up the stock prices of game stations and other stocks, according to Peng Bo.


According to reports, the SEC also reviewed the trading data to assess whether the posts were manipulation to push up the stock price. According to people familiar with the matter, the SEC is also investigating how brokerages deal with the increase in trading volume, deciding to restrict trading during the surge in trading volume, and whether these companies have complied with the rules in restricting trading and are consistent in fully disclosing information to customers.

Not for sale! WSB concept stocks counterattack US stock retail investors suspected of manipulation? SEC investigation

It is understood that the SEC said in a statement at the end of January that it is closely monitoring the extreme market volatility in the near future. Will be committed to protecting investors to maintain the principle of fairness in the market.


U.S. Treasury Secretary John Yellen will call a meeting of top financial regulators this week to discuss the market volatility caused by retail investors’ trading in stocks such as game stations, the Treasury Department said in a statement. Heads of the SEC, the Federal Reserve and the commodity futures trading commission will all attend.


Maneesh Deshpande, head of equity derivatives strategy at Barclays, said: “concerns about the possible spread of the retail squeeze have temporarily eased. In spite of the relatively strong blowout of some popular stocks, on the whole, the short-term forced short trading stocks affected are still only a small fraction of the US stock market. ”


According to media reports, online brokerage Robin Hood, known as the “headquarters of retail investors in the United States”, has been sued by 30 parties in at least 10 states. The reason is that they were unable to buy and sell shares during the freeze, resulting in losses of millions of dollars, and accused the company of choosing to “manipulate the market” to help other financial institutions.


In addition, with the spread of the enthusiasm of retail investors, recently, South Korea, Singapore and other multinational retail investors have also launched a declaration of war against bears. According to Yonhap news agency on February 3, South Korea’s regulators said on the same day that South Korea will extend the ban on short selling of shares to May 2. The ban will be partially lifted from May 3. The monetary authority of Singapore and the Singapore Exchange Regulatory Authority recently jointly issued a document, suggesting that investors should be vigilant and pay attention to the risks related to securities trading instigated by online forums and social media chat groups.


The market value of Google’s parent company soared over 600 billion yuan overnight


Although the aftermath of the “century war” between US retail investors and Wall Street short companies is still in the air, it is worth noting that during the US stock earnings season, stocks with better performance than expected are bringing obvious benefits to investors.


According to wind data, on February 3 local time, American Internet giant Google’s parent company alphabet opened sharply, and then fluctuated at a high level; as of the close, Google’s parent company alphabet rose 7.28% to $2058.88, with the latest total market value of $1.39 trillion.


According to calculation, the total market value of Google’s parent company alphabet has increased by 93.403 billion US dollars overnight, which is about 603.2 billion yuan at the latest US dollar to RMB exchange rate.


On the news side, the latest quarterly financial report released by alphabet, Google’s parent company, showed that in the fourth quarter of last year, its revenue was US $56.898 billion, a year-on-year increase of 23%; its net profit was US $15.227 billion, a year-on-year increase of 42.7%.


After the financial report was released, a number of institutions gathered to raise their target prices.


Jeffrey analyst Brent thill raised Google’s parent company alpha’s target price to $2400 from $2150 and reiterated his “buy” rating on the stock. Thill thinks the valuation of the stock is attractive and calls it the first choice for 2021. Brian Nowak, an analyst at Morgan Stanley, raised the target price of Google’s parent company alphabet from $2050 to $2200 and maintained its “outperform” rating. Youssef squali, an analyst at truist, raised the target price of alpha, Google’s parent company, from $2100 to $2250 and maintained its “buy” rating.


New development of domestic vaccines

According to the white paper recently released by international logistics giants DHL and McKinsey, after the advent of the new crown vaccine, the global orders will exceed 10 billion doses, and the price of syringes will rise more than two times compared with that before the epidemic.


After Sinopharm vaccine, the conditional listing application of Kexing Xinguan vaccine was accepted by the State Food and drug administration. In February 3rd, Kexing Zhongwei announced that the New Coronavirus inactivated vaccine, which was developed by Kerr, formally submitted the conditional listing application to the State Food and Drug Administration on the same day, and was accepted. According to the industry’s prediction, if the approval speed of Sinopharm Beijing Xinguan vaccine is followed, the Kelaifu vaccine submitted for listing yesterday will be approved as soon as before the Spring Festival. Before the vaccine was officially launched, the company was urgently recruiting personnel for vaccine production on a large scale.

New development of domestic vaccines

Production capacity of new crown vaccine increased significantly


Syringe prices more than doubled


In addition to the shortage of vaccine production personnel, vaccine syringes also encountered similar problems. Recently, Chinese syringe manufacturers warned that the global new crown vaccination program has brought unprecedented pressure on their production. At present, all manufacturers are greatly increasing their production capacity, but it is expected that it will not be until May this year to gradually meet the orders. It is understood that China and India are the world’s largest producers of medical syringes, accounting for more than 70% of the world’s production capacity.


At present, the annual vaccine production capacity of Kexing in 2021 has been increased to 1 billion doses. With the production capacity of more than 1 billion doses of new coronavirus inactivated vaccine of Sinopharm, the annual production capacity of the two new coronavirus vaccines has exceeded 2 billion doses. According to the white paper recently released by international logistics giants DHL and McKinsey, after the advent of the new crown vaccine, global orders will exceed 10 billion doses, which will require about 200000 pallets, 15 million cooling boxes and 15000 full load Boeing 747 freighters. However, the world’s vaccine production capacity is limited, so we want to produce so many vaccines Miao, it’s hard to do it in a short time.


Guo Chun, general manager of Zhejiang Kangkang medical device Co., Ltd., said that as a result of the overseas vaccination program, the company has received export contracts for 10 million to 20 million syringes each since December, compared with about 5 million syringes per contract before the outbreak.


Guo Chun said that the price of syringes has more than tripled from 0.1 yuan per syringe before the outbreak to more than 0.3 yuan. A manager of Qiaosen, a supplier of Becton Dickinson in Zibo, Shandong, said that orders received by the factory this month must wait until May or June to be completed. Before the outbreak, more than 90% of Qiaosen’s orders came from China, but now foreign orders are also increasing.


Net profit of 5 concept stocks is expected to double


Data treasure rough statistics show that there are 14 companies in the A-share market layout of syringe related business. In December last year, wanbond said that the first phase of the new plant of its health technology China Africa Industrial Park has passed the completion acceptance, and the intelligent automation expansion project of medical devices has entered the final equipment installation stage. The planned design capacity has reached 1 billion syringes, 2 billion injection and puncture needles, and 250 million infusion sets. Small volume syringes of 1ml and below produced by sun Kangkang medical company can be used for vaccine injection.


Kant Lai has a complete medical puncture equipment industry chain. The company said on the interactive platform on February 4 that the small-size syringes produced by Kant Lai have cooperation with European and American customers in the field of Ophthalmology. At present, there are sufficient orders. In 2019, the company’s output of syringes will reach 1.515 billion.

New development of domestic vaccines

Sanxin medical injection products are mainly used for clinical vaccination, intramuscular injection and subcutaneous injection. The company said on the interactive platform on January 11 that the production capacity of vaccine syringes and other related products is sufficient. The above products have obtained the domestic medical device registration certificate, EU CE certification and us fda510 (k) marketing license, and can normally accept orders at home and abroad.


Secondary market performance point of view, the concept stock overall bright spot is not much. Only Kant Lai and Tianhua super net shares rose by more than 10%. Kant Lai’s cumulative increase of 19.95% ranked the first. The stock was trading at a limit on Thursday, and the turnover of the day was enlarged to 460 million yuan.


New development of domestic vaccines! Syringe prices have risen more than 2 times, concept stocks exposed

According to the performance data, there are eight concept stocks with an expected net profit increase of more than 20% in 2020, among which Yangpu medical, Tianhua ultra clean, dongfulong, truking technology, Huaren pharmaceutical, etc. are expected to double. The net profit of Yangpu medical is expected to increase by the highest margin. It is estimated that the net profit last year will be 160 million yuan to 180 million yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 514.81% to 591.66%. From the perspective of valuation level, the rolling P / E ratio of the five syringe concept stocks is less than 30 times, which are Yangpu medical, Xinhua medical, Med medical, Weier pharmaceutical and dongfulong respectively.

Spring Festival nucleic acid detection detonates this plate

This morning, a shares jump high open high go, continue to attack strong. The Shanghai Composite Index rose to 3600 again, reaching a new high in more than five years. The growth enterprise market index rose 2.24%, reaching a new high in more than five and a half years.


On the disk, rare earth permanent magnet, warehousing and logistics, health care, gene and other sectors were among the top losers, while catering and hotel, tourism, aquatic products, insurance and other sectors were among the top losers.


The net inflow of northward capital exceeded 4 billion yuan, including 2.119 billion yuan from Shanghai Stock connect and 1.912 billion yuan from Shenzhen Stock connect.


New crown detection plate soars

Spring Festival nucleic acid detection detonates this plate

The new crown detection plate rose sharply in the early morning, driving the index of health care plate to go higher in large volume. At one time, it soared more than 3% during the day, reaching a new record. Kaipu biology and Dean diagnostics rose by more than 10%, Jinyu medicine, Mingde biology and Xilong science rose by the limit, while Mike biology, shuoshi biology, Huada gene and Daan gene rose collectively.


Novel coronavirus novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control mechanism and the Central Rural Work Leading Group Office formulated the “new winter crown prevention and control plan for the new rural areas in rural areas”. It is pointed out that the villagers who return to the countryside need to have 7 days’ effective new crown virus nucleic acid test negative results to return home, and 14 days after returning home. During the period of home health monitoring, there was no aggregation or mobility, and nucleic acid detection was carried out every 7 days. Each township (street) and administrative village (neighborhood committee) shall implement the responsibility system, implement grid management for returning personnel, and do a good job in registration, health monitoring and abnormal situation disposal.


In addition, the scope of “should be inspected as much as possible” has been expanded. The newly hospitalized patients and caregivers in county hospitals and township hospitals, the staff of medical institutions (including county hospitals, township hospitals, village clinics, and individual clinics), and the personnel in need of investigation and assistance in rural areas were included in the scope of “should be examined as soon as possible”, and nucleic acid testing was carried out weekly.


According to the data of the transportation service department of the Ministry of transport, it is estimated that 1.7 billion passengers will be sent during the Spring Festival transportation in 2021, with an average of 40 million passengers per day, an increase of more than 10% over 2020. In 2020, a total of 300 million nucleic acid tests will be carried out nationwide. Considering that the policy encourages local Chinese New Year celebrations and that sending passengers do not need to repeat nucleic acid tests, it is conservatively estimated that 170 million nucleic acid tests will be carried out during the Spring Festival.

Spring Festival nucleic acid detection detonates this plate

At present, the price of nucleic acid detection reagents is about 15 yuan, and only during the Spring Festival, the corresponding new reagent market scale is 2.55 billion yuan. If the penetration rate of ICL detection is calculated as 50%, and the single price of ICL is 70 yuan (75 yuan for Guangdong, 120 yuan for Shanghai and other regions), it is estimated that the new third-party nucleic acid detection revenue will be 6 billion yuan.


Recently, novel coronavirus pneumonia related companies have also released 2020 annual performance announcement. The net profit of Wan Tai bio is increased by 215% – 244% in 2020. The reason for the growth is that the new product is sold on the two price cervical cancer vaccine, and the new crown pneumonia detection reagent is introduced. Previously, Kaipu biological, Mingde biological, Mike biological, Wanfu biological and other companies have announced the increase in advance. The reasons include the increasing demand for new crown detection products in domestic and foreign markets.


The performance wave has reached a climax


Nanguo real estate is expected to turn a year-on-year loss in 2020. After six trading limits, Asia Pacific pharmaceutical also has six consecutive trading limits due to notice to turn a loss, which makes the annual report advance market enter a climax. Donghu high tech announced yesterday evening that it is expected to achieve a net profit of 598 million yuan to 688 million yuan in 2020, a year-on-year increase of 227% – 276%. This is mainly due to the year-on-year increase in operating performance and the investment loss of Jiaxing zizhuo equity investment fund partnership (limited partnership) invested by the company in 2019. Donghu Hi Tech Co., Ltd. rose the limit today to 5.8 yuan, a one month high with a total market value of 4.614 billion yuan.


Zhongfu information also expects net profit of 225 million-255 million yuan in 2020, with a year-on-year growth of 80.14% – 104.16%. During the reporting period, the company adhered to the established strategic planning, continued to increase R & D investment, and constantly expanded the market. Driven by the rapid growth of security products and network security supervision business based on domestic platform, the company achieved an operating revenue of about 980 million yuan, a year-on-year growth of about 63%. Zhongfu information was up nearly 19% in early trading.

Spring Festival nucleic acid detection detonates this plate

There is a performance increase announced immediately after the limit, but also before the announcement on the “race.”. Shaanxi black cat has been trading for four consecutive days. Yesterday evening, it revealed the answer. It is estimated that the net profit in 2020 will increase by 223 million to 253 million yuan compared with the same period last year, with a year-on-year increase of 823% – 933%. The main reason is that in 2020, the gross profit rate of coke, the company’s main product, increased by about 5% year on year, and the net profit increased. In 2020, the company’s investment income will increase by about 90 million yuan year on year. Today, Shaanxi black cat once again raised its limit, closing 5 boards in a row, setting a new high price since June 2018, with a total market value of 9.78 billion yuan..


At the same time, Shaanxi black cat issued the stock price fluctuation risk warning, the recent coke product market price has increased greatly, and there is uncertainty whether the future coke product market price can maintain a high level.


Xiamen tungsten industry, Lante optics, Jingxin pharmaceutical, and * ST Yonglin, which have increased their performance or turned losses in advance, have also entered the market and become stronger. While Adil, Jiayuan technology, Wutong holding and Huadong Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. declined sharply.


Institutions: A shares continue to rise in mid February


Dongfang Securities said that the A-share market fluctuated greatly this week, and continued to maintain the view that the main board rose to mid February 2021 in the short term. The daily K-line of Shanghai composite index slightly deviates from the support of the conversion line and the benchmark line, and there may be a correction in the short term, but it will not become a short-term inflection point, and it will continue to rise after consolidating the short-term bottom.


Chuancai Securities believes that high-level group stocks continue to differentiate, and some group heavyweight stocks have a large decline, while the Hong Kong stock market has performed better. Since this year, the accumulated inflow of southward funds has reached HK $185293 million, which is on the one hand caused by the premium of a shares and H shares On the other hand, as far as the Hong Kong stock itself is concerned, there are many technological innovation enterprises such as Internet and innovative drugs, and such scarce resources are sought after by funds. In the future, we are currently in the pre disclosure period of the annual report. We should pay attention to the sectors with reasonable valuation and small increase in the previous period, and we should be alert to the high-ranking stocks in the market,


Shanghai Securities said that overall, from a good start, after 10 consecutive trading days of trillions of trading volume, the operating speed of a shares needs to be moderately adjusted, and moderate convergence style in order to fight again. The basic rhythm of this month will be followed: attack in the first ten days, consolidation in the middle of the month, slow rise in the second ten days, and the market in spring will be continued. Market opportunities are mainly concentrated in Hong Kong stocks, A-shares of the new track mining, at the same time to guard against the annual report quarter of goodwill, financial risk lower than expected. The market as a whole will switch to high cost-effective varieties. We are optimistic about four directions: first, optional consumption, automobile and household appliances; second, service industry, tourism, hotel, aviation and big finance; third, cyclical, nonferrous metals and chemical industry; fourth, long-term strategic direction, chip and military industry.


Guosheng Securities pointed out that the recent market index is shrinking every time it goes up, while every time it goes down, it goes up at a large amount. Shrinking means that when it rebounds, the capital is not willing to catch up with the high, and how many people are willing to go to the bottom every time it goes down. Although it can still cause partial profit-making effect at present, the market will change qualitatively sooner or later. Therefore, in terms of operation, we should maintain the previous strategy of embracing core varieties, at the same time, we should be alert to the short-term negative impact of the continued active core assets of Hong Kong stocks on the capital diversion and the price comparison effect of a shares, and focus on the strong varieties such as lithium battery, photovoltaic, military industry, and institutional cluster varieties in CXO (pharmaceutical research and development), chemical industry, and chemical fiber.