Musk: preliminary human trials of brain computer interface may start later this year

On February 2, Elon Musk, founder of Tesla and SpaceX, said that neuralink, his brain computer interface technology startup, is in close communication with the US Food and drug administration. “If things go well, we may have a preliminary human trial later this year,” Musk said


On February 1, musk revealed on the audio social app clubhouse that neuralink has successfully implanted a brain computer interface device into the brain of a monkey. Now, this monkey can play video games with its brain. Musk said they would release the video in about a month.

Musk: preliminary human trials of brain computer interface may start later this year

Musk also explained the main goals of brain connectivity technology: to solve brain and spinal injuries, and to make up for people’s lost abilities through implanted chips.


Since 2019, neurolink, the brain computer interface company of musk, has repeatedly set off a wave of public opinion.


On July 17, 2019, neuralink announced its first achievement, a brain computer interface system. The principle is to use a robot that looks like a sewing machine to implant ultra-fine flexible electrodes into the brain to monitor neuronal activity. The system consists of more than 3000 electrodes connected to flexible filaments thinner than hair. Neuralink has also customized a tiny chip that can transmit data through a wired connection via usb-c. At that time, neuralink planned to seek approval from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to start clinical trials in humans as early as 2020.


Matthew McDougall, director of Neurosurgery at neuralink, said at that time that the company’s first clinical trial would be aimed at people who were completely paralyzed due to upper spinal cord injury. Through the brain computer interface, the brain signal would be transmitted to a small device implanted behind the ear, and then the data would be transmitted to the computer.


At the end of August 2020, neuralink held a press conference to demonstrate the practical brain computer interface chip and automatic implantation operation equipment with “three piglets”. One of the pigs had been implanted with a brain computer interface device for two months and was alive, the other had implanted electrodes and was removed, and the last one had no device. Musk claimed in the live broadcast that the ultimate potential of neuralink is almost unlimited. For example, it can use telepathy to summon a self driving Tesla. It can solve blindness, paralysis and hearing.