The Biden team received a notification!

On the 23rd local time, CNN reported that the US General Services Administration had notified the Biden team to officially start the government transition process. Since then, the media confirmed that various departments of the US federal government also received emails that evening confirming that Biden was elected president.
In this email to the contacts of various departments of the federal government, it was written: “According to the revised Presidential Transition Act of 1963, today, on November 23, 2020, the Director of the General Services Administration has confirmed that Biden and Congressman Kamala Harris was elected to the positions of president and vice president.”
Subsequently, Trump posted on social media: “Our lawsuit is still going on, and we will continue to work tirelessly. I believe we will win!” But he then said that although the legal case is “continuing”, he Tell Murphy, the director of the General Services Administration, “to do something about the initial agreement.”
Johannes Abraham, Executive Director of Biden’s Transition Team, welcomed the General Services Administration’s decision, saying that it was “a necessary step to start responding to the challenges facing the country so that the epidemic can be controlled and the economy back on track. This final decision is A formal administrative action aimed at formally starting the transition process of federal agencies. In the coming days, officials of the transition team will begin to meet with officials of the federal departments to discuss measures to respond to the epidemic.”

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  1. Estelle says:

    CNN reported that the General Services Administration has notified Biden’s team to formally begin the transition process. Media outlets have since confirmed that an email confirming Biden’s election was sent to various U.S. federal agencies that night.

  2. papias says:

    Joe Biden really deserved the election

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