Here comes the big plan

Beijing, February 1, Xinhua (reporter Li Jinlei) to promote registered residence access to urban areas, mutual recognition, personal bankruptcy system reform, strengthen and improve the law enforcement of anti monopoly and anti unfair competition, establish a normalization delisting mechanism, encourage the city to add a number of departure tax rebate stores……


On January 31, the “action plan for building a high standard market system” issued by the general office of the CPC Central Committee and the general office of the State Council was announced to the public, and a series of heavy policies were issued, which are related to your household registration, wallet, consumption and stock speculation

Here comes the big plan! Involving your account, wallet, consumption and stock speculation

Promoting registered residence access and urban mutual recognition


The plan proposes that, except for large and mega cities, the metropolitan area or city group with conditions should explore the implementation of household registration access and city mutual recognition, and try to register the registered residence system with regular residence, and guide the population to settle down in an orderly way. Improve the national unified social insurance public service platform, and promote the transfer and continuation of social security. Accelerate the construction of medical security information system, build a national unified, multi-level interconnected data sharing and exchange system, and promote cross regional, cross level, and cross department business cooperation.


This means that registered residence reform will go further. According to the data released recently by the national development and Reform Commission, the restrictions on the settlement of urban residents with a permanent population of less than 3 million have been basically abolished, and more than 100 million agricultural migrants have settled in cities and towns.


Pilot reform of personal bankruptcy system


The plan is put forward to promote the convenience of enterprise cancellation. We will implement a simple cancellation procedure for unlisted enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households that have not started business or have no creditor’s rights or debts. Improve the online service platform of enterprise cancellation and optimize the cancellation process. The simplified trial mode of enterprise bankruptcy cases should be established, and simple bankruptcy procedures should be implemented for enterprises with small amount of assets and limited operation area. We will carry out pilot reform of the personal bankruptcy system.


The reporter noted that Shenzhen has become the first region to have a taste of the personal bankruptcy system. The personal bankruptcy regulations of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone will come into force on March 1, 2021.

Here comes the big plan! Involving your account, wallet, consumption and stock speculation

Strengthen and improve the law enforcement of anti monopoly and anti unfair competition


It is proposed to resolutely oppose monopoly and unfair competition. Formulate anti-monopoly guidelines and applicable guidelines for exemption system in special fields such as API, and issue compliance guidelines for enterprises to implement overseas anti-monopoly. We will promote and improve the legal norms of platform enterprise monopoly identification, data collection and use management, and consumer protection.


In particular, it is mentioned in the plan to strengthen anti-monopoly and anti unfair competition regulations in the fields of platform economy, sharing economy and other new formats.


In the eyes of the outside world, the central government has recently successively issued anti-monopoly policies and repeatedly strengthened its anti-monopoly stance, which indicates that the era of “strong supervision” of anti-monopoly has come.


Preventing external capital from embezzling and illegally controlling collective assets


The plan proposes to improve the rural collective property rights system. The pilot reform of the rural collective property right system will be carried out in an all-round way, the system for confirming and protecting the rural collective property right will be improved, and the system for checking, registering, keeping, using and disposing of collective assets and the system for financial management and supervision will be established and improved by category. We should regulate the transfer of property rights in rural areas, effectively prevent a few people in collective economic organizations from encroaching on and illegally disposing of collective assets, and prevent external capital from encroaching on and illegally controlling collective assets.


Steadily promote the reform of the registration system for stock issuance


According to the plan, we should stick to the orientation of science and technology innovation board, highlight the characteristics of “hard technology”, evaluate and improve the pilot arrangement of registration system, and deepen the reform of stock issuance registration system with information disclosure as the core. We should improve the investor protection system, establish an investor suitability system that matches the risk characteristics of market segments and products, and encourage and standardize the cash dividends of listed companies. Strengthen the supervision of capital market, enhance the comprehensiveness, consistency, scientificity and effectiveness of supervision, and improve the transparency and legalization of supervision.


“Financial reform measures with inadequate supervision should not be launched rashly. We will persist in zero tolerance for violations of laws and regulations and ensure the stability of financial reform. ” The plan says.


Those who touch the delisting criteria will be delisted


The plan is clear, and a normalized delisting mechanism is established. Further improve the delisting standards, simplify the delisting procedures, smooth diversified exit channels. We should strictly implement the delisting system, resolutely delist those who touch the delisting standards, and severely crack down on those who maliciously evade the delisting standards.


Improve the policy to guide the return of overseas consumption


The plan proposes to encourage key cities to set up a number of departure tax rebate stores, and promote the “buy and return” business in qualified departure tax rebate stores on the premise of ensuring effective supervision and controllable risk. Increase duty-free cities and stores in Hainan Islands.


Explore the establishment of consumer class action system


In the aspect of strengthening the protection of consumers’ rights and interests, the plan is proposed to strengthen the construction of consumer rights protection system. To formulate regulations for the implementation of the law on the protection of consumers’ rights and interests. We should improve the consumer public interest litigation system, explore the establishment of consumer class action system, and strengthen the judicial protection of consumers in the aspects of litigation procedure, trial process and burden of proof. We should support consumer associations to exercise the right of public interest litigation.


In addition, simplify the consumer dispute processing procedures. We should make clear the amount of small consumer disputes as soon as possible, improve the judicial procedure of small consumer disputes, and encourage small consumer disputes to be handled quickly by entering the small litigation procedure. We should improve the online settlement mechanism of consumer disputes, smooth the complaint reporting channels, and explore the establishment of consumer feedback evaluation mechanism for the results of rights protection.


Fully implement the management mode of “one national list”


The plan is clear, and it is strictly forbidden for all regions and departments to issue negative lists with the nature of market access. We will improve the dynamic adjustment mechanism for the negative list of market access. It is necessary to establish a standing book covering the province, city and county levels of hidden barriers to market access, and smooth the feedback channels and response mechanism of market subjects to hidden barriers.


In addition, special measures for relaxing market access were formulated and promulgated, including Hainan free trade port, Shenzhen leading demonstration zone for building socialism with Chinese characteristics, Hengqin Guangdong Macao deep cooperation zone. We should select qualified regions to carry out pilot projects of relaxing market access.


Implement high level market opening


The plan is clear and the market opening of financial service industry will be expanded in an orderly way. We will support social capital to enter banking, securities, asset management, bond markets and other financial services in accordance with the law. It is allowed to set up joint venture banks, securities companies and asset management companies wholly or jointly owned by foreign investors in China.


We will open up the market for social services in an orderly manner. Focusing on medical treatment, education, sports, kindergarten, environmental protection, municipal administration and other fields, the restrictions on market access should be reduced, and unreasonable restrictions on license processing and equipment purchase of for-profit medical and educational institutions should be removed.

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