Spring Festival nucleic acid detection detonates this plate

This morning, a shares jump high open high go, continue to attack strong. The Shanghai Composite Index rose to 3600 again, reaching a new high in more than five years. The growth enterprise market index rose 2.24%, reaching a new high in more than five and a half years.


On the disk, rare earth permanent magnet, warehousing and logistics, health care, gene and other sectors were among the top losers, while catering and hotel, tourism, aquatic products, insurance and other sectors were among the top losers.


The net inflow of northward capital exceeded 4 billion yuan, including 2.119 billion yuan from Shanghai Stock connect and 1.912 billion yuan from Shenzhen Stock connect.


New crown detection plate soars

Spring Festival nucleic acid detection detonates this plate

The new crown detection plate rose sharply in the early morning, driving the index of health care plate to go higher in large volume. At one time, it soared more than 3% during the day, reaching a new record. Kaipu biology and Dean diagnostics rose by more than 10%, Jinyu medicine, Mingde biology and Xilong science rose by the limit, while Mike biology, shuoshi biology, Huada gene and Daan gene rose collectively.


Novel coronavirus novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control mechanism and the Central Rural Work Leading Group Office formulated the “new winter crown prevention and control plan for the new rural areas in rural areas”. It is pointed out that the villagers who return to the countryside need to have 7 days’ effective new crown virus nucleic acid test negative results to return home, and 14 days after returning home. During the period of home health monitoring, there was no aggregation or mobility, and nucleic acid detection was carried out every 7 days. Each township (street) and administrative village (neighborhood committee) shall implement the responsibility system, implement grid management for returning personnel, and do a good job in registration, health monitoring and abnormal situation disposal.


In addition, the scope of “should be inspected as much as possible” has been expanded. The newly hospitalized patients and caregivers in county hospitals and township hospitals, the staff of medical institutions (including county hospitals, township hospitals, village clinics, and individual clinics), and the personnel in need of investigation and assistance in rural areas were included in the scope of “should be examined as soon as possible”, and nucleic acid testing was carried out weekly.


According to the data of the transportation service department of the Ministry of transport, it is estimated that 1.7 billion passengers will be sent during the Spring Festival transportation in 2021, with an average of 40 million passengers per day, an increase of more than 10% over 2020. In 2020, a total of 300 million nucleic acid tests will be carried out nationwide. Considering that the policy encourages local Chinese New Year celebrations and that sending passengers do not need to repeat nucleic acid tests, it is conservatively estimated that 170 million nucleic acid tests will be carried out during the Spring Festival.

Spring Festival nucleic acid detection detonates this plate

At present, the price of nucleic acid detection reagents is about 15 yuan, and only during the Spring Festival, the corresponding new reagent market scale is 2.55 billion yuan. If the penetration rate of ICL detection is calculated as 50%, and the single price of ICL is 70 yuan (75 yuan for Guangdong, 120 yuan for Shanghai and other regions), it is estimated that the new third-party nucleic acid detection revenue will be 6 billion yuan.


Recently, novel coronavirus pneumonia related companies have also released 2020 annual performance announcement. The net profit of Wan Tai bio is increased by 215% – 244% in 2020. The reason for the growth is that the new product is sold on the two price cervical cancer vaccine, and the new crown pneumonia detection reagent is introduced. Previously, Kaipu biological, Mingde biological, Mike biological, Wanfu biological and other companies have announced the increase in advance. The reasons include the increasing demand for new crown detection products in domestic and foreign markets.


The performance wave has reached a climax


Nanguo real estate is expected to turn a year-on-year loss in 2020. After six trading limits, Asia Pacific pharmaceutical also has six consecutive trading limits due to notice to turn a loss, which makes the annual report advance market enter a climax. Donghu high tech announced yesterday evening that it is expected to achieve a net profit of 598 million yuan to 688 million yuan in 2020, a year-on-year increase of 227% – 276%. This is mainly due to the year-on-year increase in operating performance and the investment loss of Jiaxing zizhuo equity investment fund partnership (limited partnership) invested by the company in 2019. Donghu Hi Tech Co., Ltd. rose the limit today to 5.8 yuan, a one month high with a total market value of 4.614 billion yuan.


Zhongfu information also expects net profit of 225 million-255 million yuan in 2020, with a year-on-year growth of 80.14% – 104.16%. During the reporting period, the company adhered to the established strategic planning, continued to increase R & D investment, and constantly expanded the market. Driven by the rapid growth of security products and network security supervision business based on domestic platform, the company achieved an operating revenue of about 980 million yuan, a year-on-year growth of about 63%. Zhongfu information was up nearly 19% in early trading.

Spring Festival nucleic acid detection detonates this plate

There is a performance increase announced immediately after the limit, but also before the announcement on the “race.”. Shaanxi black cat has been trading for four consecutive days. Yesterday evening, it revealed the answer. It is estimated that the net profit in 2020 will increase by 223 million to 253 million yuan compared with the same period last year, with a year-on-year increase of 823% – 933%. The main reason is that in 2020, the gross profit rate of coke, the company’s main product, increased by about 5% year on year, and the net profit increased. In 2020, the company’s investment income will increase by about 90 million yuan year on year. Today, Shaanxi black cat once again raised its limit, closing 5 boards in a row, setting a new high price since June 2018, with a total market value of 9.78 billion yuan..


At the same time, Shaanxi black cat issued the stock price fluctuation risk warning, the recent coke product market price has increased greatly, and there is uncertainty whether the future coke product market price can maintain a high level.


Xiamen tungsten industry, Lante optics, Jingxin pharmaceutical, and * ST Yonglin, which have increased their performance or turned losses in advance, have also entered the market and become stronger. While Adil, Jiayuan technology, Wutong holding and Huadong Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. declined sharply.


Institutions: A shares continue to rise in mid February


Dongfang Securities said that the A-share market fluctuated greatly this week, and continued to maintain the view that the main board rose to mid February 2021 in the short term. The daily K-line of Shanghai composite index slightly deviates from the support of the conversion line and the benchmark line, and there may be a correction in the short term, but it will not become a short-term inflection point, and it will continue to rise after consolidating the short-term bottom.


Chuancai Securities believes that high-level group stocks continue to differentiate, and some group heavyweight stocks have a large decline, while the Hong Kong stock market has performed better. Since this year, the accumulated inflow of southward funds has reached HK $185293 million, which is on the one hand caused by the premium of a shares and H shares On the other hand, as far as the Hong Kong stock itself is concerned, there are many technological innovation enterprises such as Internet and innovative drugs, and such scarce resources are sought after by funds. In the future, we are currently in the pre disclosure period of the annual report. We should pay attention to the sectors with reasonable valuation and small increase in the previous period, and we should be alert to the high-ranking stocks in the market,


Shanghai Securities said that overall, from a good start, after 10 consecutive trading days of trillions of trading volume, the operating speed of a shares needs to be moderately adjusted, and moderate convergence style in order to fight again. The basic rhythm of this month will be followed: attack in the first ten days, consolidation in the middle of the month, slow rise in the second ten days, and the market in spring will be continued. Market opportunities are mainly concentrated in Hong Kong stocks, A-shares of the new track mining, at the same time to guard against the annual report quarter of goodwill, financial risk lower than expected. The market as a whole will switch to high cost-effective varieties. We are optimistic about four directions: first, optional consumption, automobile and household appliances; second, service industry, tourism, hotel, aviation and big finance; third, cyclical, nonferrous metals and chemical industry; fourth, long-term strategic direction, chip and military industry.


Guosheng Securities pointed out that the recent market index is shrinking every time it goes up, while every time it goes down, it goes up at a large amount. Shrinking means that when it rebounds, the capital is not willing to catch up with the high, and how many people are willing to go to the bottom every time it goes down. Although it can still cause partial profit-making effect at present, the market will change qualitatively sooner or later. Therefore, in terms of operation, we should maintain the previous strategy of embracing core varieties, at the same time, we should be alert to the short-term negative impact of the continued active core assets of Hong Kong stocks on the capital diversion and the price comparison effect of a shares, and focus on the strong varieties such as lithium battery, photovoltaic, military industry, and institutional cluster varieties in CXO (pharmaceutical research and development), chemical industry, and chemical fiber.