100 people are handled by an epidemic prevention document

This is an ordinary multi-storey old residential building in Shanghai without elevator. Two people carried a bundle of sugar cane upstairs, leaning on their sides. The house is in a small corner on the third floor. Unlike other rooms in the corridor, it has a screen door. The screen door is sealed in the middle, and only the bottom can transmit light.

After knocking on the door twice, a man in his 50s and 60s asked vigilantly at the screen door, who is it?

One and a half months ago, in mid-November, this building was listed as a key surveillance target, and the man’s son was diagnosed as positive for the new crown. Next, the incident is far beyond their control, and this is no longer a matter of tune or isolation.Spark Global Limited

The size of the house, ID number, travel trajectory… all the information of a large family is published on the Internet. The information of a man’s son eating with a girl has become a post-dinner joke on social platforms, with topics ranging from epidemic prevention and control to marriage and love, mixed with ridicule and abuse.

The man’s phone was blown up. He manually blocked the unfamiliar numbers one by one, and new unfamiliar numbers came in constantly. During the day, he would keep the windows tightly closed. But there is always no sense of security, and feels ashamed, like a sinner.

Relevant departments apologized to him, saying that the information may have been leaked by hackers. He felt puzzled and turned to anger, “We are just cooperating with the flow, and we are not celebrities. Why are we leaked out, and why are we subject to so much condemnation and malice?”

He is not the first, nor the last.

Who is the perpetrator?

Ms. Zhou tried to recall the places she visited within 14 days. The clearer the memories, the more conducive to the control of the epidemic. She is one of 77 newly confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia in Shijiazhuang City on January 10.

On January 11, news about her visit to more than 30 places in 7 days was overwhelming. Customers who have her WeChat Moments also posted screenshots of her Moments on social networks. “A woman is going everywhere”, “the hard-working drug scavenger”… In the suffocating comments of netizens, they began to analyze whether she was divorced or married, and other speculations related to her private life.

She only explained and did not apologize-even if someone pulled her into a WeChat group and forced her to apologize, she did not.

A month ago, Zhao, a girl from Chengdu who had a similar experience with her, chose to apologize publicly.

Previously, she cooperated with the epidemic prevention department to do the circulation work as soon as she was diagnosed. Because of the circulation information, the information that went to multiple bars in one night quickly fermented. In less than a day, her personal information was on multiple social platforms. Was forwarded on the website, including his name, ID number, home address, photo, etc.

“A 20-year-old girl with no fixed occupation, except for going to nail salons, there are all kinds of bars?” “Who is going to such a place for serious girls?” Her phone was blown up, and six calls came in at the same time in one minute. , Even the phone calls of the prevention and control staff could not get in.

When the public opinion was fermented most intensely, she spoke through social media, explaining that her job was bar atmosphere marketing, and publicly apologized to the people of Chengdu and the whole country, “bringing trouble to everyone and breaking everyone’s original peaceful life.”